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Lords Hansard for 23 June 1998 (Volume 591)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 2.54pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id ca57718c-f471-4cc3-9bba-81977fd3f3d1)
Digital Broadcasting: Decoder Boxes (item number 2) (id 2043506a-d3ab-4348-a07d-fddffb5a38dc)
Red Squirrel Conservation (item number 3) (id 495d3d6c-da85-4850-b99f-5c7f5c174d32)
Tuberculosis In The United Kingdom (item number 4) (id fb835161-a62f-49f3-a035-0130d05cc716)
Electronic Vehicle Identification (item number 5) (id efe5840e-ba06-4f9c-90d3-1798cd4f5dd8)
Building Regulations (Energy Rating Information) (Amendment) Bill Hl (item number 6) (id 398ab131-eef8-4df2-9952-1f7ebb4b1d4e)
Teaching And Higher Education Bill Hl (item number 7) (id 1d249417-977b-42b2-ae58-8b17bd95530a)
Commons Amendments (item number 8) (id 777d284f-8ea3-4e4e-ac7a-92eca7957813)
Commons Amendment (item number 9) (id 5d0ceb67-b4af-4a77-b5f0-48dfa03389f3)
Commons Amendment (item number 10) (id 022a15b6-1185-48ba-a8bf-4161296bc889)
Commons Amendments (item number 11) (id 221ad211-07d2-4f06-aab8-f0213eb3dea7)
Commons Amendment (item number 12) (id e86046a0-a85a-4266-8f25-a60505434407)
Commons Amendment (item number 13) (id 201586fe-4193-4425-896d-a6d5bc8e877c)
Commons Amendments (item number 14) (id 0d51b4cb-63fe-4b9a-a84b-e3e07c4db678)
Commons Amendment (item number 15) (id cfdfbde4-6477-4ecc-841f-fa2e212aada2)
Commons Amendment (item number 16) (id 34877ae4-91a4-40c4-bf94-06da4d0afc39)
Commons Amendment (item number 17) (id 32c77438-b587-427b-997e-8a1321cd7838)
Commons Amendment (item number 18) (id 4bd214ed-89d0-44c0-929b-c80392719d68)
Commons Amendment (item number 19) (id 8d52dff7-12b1-41d5-9fbc-2723c0d48021)
Commons Amendments (item number 20) (id b668d2aa-a2bb-4b2c-a9dc-b720923b402b)
Commons Amendment (item number 21) (id a63e42e5-5526-43ca-8fa1-222a11396c6b)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 64 (item number 22) (id c7c5ca2d-dc8e-4a2b-8417-c7a37eb2f799)
Commons Amendment (item number 23) (id 65d38bdb-c1f3-48ad-a1b7-c4dd2c53e942)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 64 (item number 24) (id c4befa32-c5ef-4353-9c32-3a83bd102b8c)
Commons Amendments (item number 25) (id 3c7c1a6e-f6f3-452a-958b-38c3c6fb17ae)
Commons Amendment (item number 26) (id ba95dbe1-35d5-4bab-a70e-c2dad98ef2d4)
Commons Amendments (item number 27) (id 3bc88d9d-a97c-4ebb-8269-4ec572926aec)
Commons Amendments (item number 28) (id ac42deb8-4a38-4c24-bfda-bf9c0436c08d)
Commons Amendment (item number 29) (id 1651680b-bc77-4fca-aad5-570a89db5b33)
Commons Amendment (item number 30) (id 46a17b21-dbbb-462c-a31e-031f8bef2158)
Commons Amendment (item number 31) (id 45aa9e8f-99eb-4c51-9635-8192fda70eae)
Commons Amendment (item number 32) (id d4eae511-d68a-4acf-8791-6459e5d57ebb)
Commons Amendment (item number 33) (id fcf0ad1f-5a4b-446b-b041-f283b1744966)
Commons Amendment (item number 34) (id 7ad08143-ca51-431f-a57b-71a41f18afb2)
Commons Amendment (item number 35) (id e2db43a5-0b18-4a71-97ff-80a957324df5)
Commons Amendment (item number 36) (id b1a0abf2-5ea1-45db-9e94-102286ef8ead)
Commons Amendment (item number 37) (id d1afe3be-e87c-423c-af16-35048ecc420b)
Commons Amendment (item number 38) (id b111e3c9-c636-42dc-99a2-49a88fad6400)
Commons Amendments (item number 39) (id c17678f0-f448-479d-a8f8-68d63c64a128)
Guardsmen Fisher And Wright (item number 40) (id fe79c8ba-bf4b-4301-94c0-0e818168b0a3)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 34de3e07-c4c3-46c6-8549-d55a22543bf2)
G8 Birmingham Summit: Cost (item number 2) (id 40faa16b-d138-4cef-a47b-eef914f3ae9a)
Commonwealth Institute: Funding (item number 3) (id a8c3b3b4-c0e0-420c-afc4-877e09ae7714)
Foreign And Commonwealth Office: Cost Limits (item number 4) (id d457f810-35a3-4379-a3a7-c920ad942f96)
Oakwood Integrated Primary School: Free School Meals (item number 5) (id 2b44ac0c-ee86-4461-8c84-2639eb4d5d42)
Oakwood Integrated School: Sen Provision (item number 6) (id 4e714abb-4bfe-473c-863e-2850c96b9b1d)
Northern Ireland Office: Leaks (item number 7) (id c88d15c1-80fd-4aa9-9a83-4a25ef26e176)
Loans To Young Persons (item number 8) (id 282acd61-38e5-462e-9546-9c695c8fbadc)
Vat: Refunds On Purchases In Eu (item number 9) (id 9d987faf-7a0f-4811-9e83-8d65be7c4f64)
United Kingdom Population: Grandparents Born Abroad (item number 10) (id 274d1a8b-b14c-4fab-b574-0f1196bcfb26)
English Heritage Monuments At Risk Survey (item number 11) (id c698862c-a9dd-41bd-847d-52abe4c16d4f)
Berlin Airlift: Commemorative Stamps (item number 12) (id 242314a7-f6e0-47b4-bb84-89082782dc6f)
Home Office Presenting Officers (item number 13) (id ba862b98-1c9c-4895-a83d-05b66978fc5f)
Independent Commission On The Voting System (item number 14) (id a3ea790b-a3e6-4186-9d3d-38283f5220a4)
Schools: Definition (item number 15) (id e1ae8884-62dd-4ed0-a67a-3a942aa472d1)
Agenda 2000: Tenant Farmers (item number 16) (id 07065f44-220b-43e2-b6da-cde6a348caae)
Quarantine: Advisory Group Report (item number 17) (id 8fd17c10-92cc-481d-af6f-faa5a41f8670)
Advisory Board On Family Law: Annual Report (item number 18) (id 2c70c931-169f-41c8-a0f1-3bed2822cefe)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.