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Lords Hansard for 27 November 2000 (Volume 619)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 9.05pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 3b983e32-3366-434c-b2d0-3cf98f03f642)
Legislation: Parliamentary Scrutiny (item number 2) (id a43e7818-cffc-45b2-9e94-3d3c2427eb3e)
Asylum Seekers: Health Needs (item number 3) (id 6b742795-0b94-4679-88aa-e08df5fb4008)
Military Museums (item number 4) (id 0f77cd2f-ba47-4f4c-a8fa-f78bfceeaa88)
Criticism Of The Eu (item number 5) (id 0cc16b35-ef34-4627-bbe6-5df77b0d8394)
Business Of The House: Standing Order 40 (item number 6) (id 949235bd-791a-49ec-8323-8798bd272ea7)

Race Relations (Amendment) Bill Hl

View all Race Relations (Amendment) Bill Hl
Commons Amendments (item number 1) (id 02d9dd2a-cb44-4a59-b72a-875feabd1ae7)
Commons Amendment (item number 1) (id 47545202-66fd-41b3-8672-63953ef2098e)
As An Amendment To Commons Amendment No 6 (item number 1) (id a1da3ead-349d-40e0-a121-876e07180dd3)
Commons Amendments (item number 1) (id 9526dfe6-6b11-45b4-8997-a19faf8574f4)
Commons Amendment (item number 1) (id ea6e12a5-018b-40df-b271-d5160ecbbb60)
Commons Amendments (item number 1) (id dab810a7-a30d-4b1d-b1dc-2fbf4684e448)
Commons Amendments (item number 1) (id 8a5ea7dd-e569-41a0-b671-b4143eeaa12f)
("Schedule Bodies And Other Persons Subject To General Statutory Duty (item number 1) (id aaa6fbe3-433f-46fd-9366-097a7df6ba47)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 184c2409-4ba9-44cb-a335-659ada9395e9)
Zimbabwean Land Redistribution Programme (item number 2) (id 473c5780-4e4d-4228-ae22-e581f7abf2a2)
International Development Targets: Monitoring (item number 3) (id 30be65db-783d-41f4-b897-653f14a44411)
Bse And Variant Cjd: Epidemiological Research (item number 4) (id c9cbc96a-36ff-4427-9f27-9c1c0dbb3d3d)
Newly Laid Rail: Faults (item number 5) (id 623dfc78-ec2f-4040-8edb-9300070cc710)
Rail Operating Companies: Efficiency Comparisons (item number 6) (id b7c82309-2895-4932-9c3b-d1a507e3a803)
Children's Fund (item number 7) (id 71b17495-b229-49b7-bb6a-034f8d787d51)
Television Licence Concession Scheme (item number 8) (id 08223581-2716-4004-8207-f8083978eb16)
Pension Investment Comparisons (item number 9) (id be100f93-f041-45aa-abcb-e7c30cc2d39a)
Second State Pension Contracted-Out Ni Contributions (item number 10) (id 80f92cbf-9c8f-4d28-b7a1-5aeee86aed03)
Minimum Income Guarantee (item number 11) (id 3b6a420f-d7fb-4a1d-8d60-850aeb5dd6ed)
Pension Credit (item number 12) (id 7d27fbb6-d75a-40a1-afcf-bc9f8287c4c0)
Uk Citizens Abroad: Retirement Pension Uplift Proposal (item number 13) (id e0a04a4c-aa2e-4324-8eeb-84046f4ed481)
Uk/National Assembly For Wales Primary Legislation Procedure (item number 14) (id e125c4e8-0b7e-4d79-8f76-42ca30a67c0b)
Meat Processing: Local Authority Enforcement Responsibility (item number 15) (id 8d8fb3fb-d3d5-48dd-b24b-ab9cc88a9cfd)
Lord Mayor Treloar Hospital, Alton (item number 16) (id 3bc278e7-7d4c-49c5-9513-45cfbe575d7f)
Autism And Mmr Vaccination (item number 17) (id 461b55a8-5add-4763-92c2-83b5c631cb35)
Parkinson's Disease (item number 18) (id fe82ad9e-5078-4799-9d24-fbc79bb7d979)
The Third Way: Policy Announcements (item number 19) (id 802ab4b1-c60e-40df-b76c-d9faec8d8aca)
Strategic Communications Unit: Website (item number 20) (id e3c2312c-90a2-49d7-a6ca-1ef01224fbd3)
Mrs Rosemary Nelson: Murder Investigation (item number 21) (id 79f5c84b-7877-4fd3-8327-8af2a8d1c972)
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (item number 22) (id 1676c937-1054-4960-b282-118590fc10d0)
Police (Northern Ireland) Bill: Guardian Article (item number 23) (id 72dd8fe5-c24a-45aa-b724-261dd1c962ff)
Departmental Cars (item number 24) (id 2035946e-dcce-4a76-868e-d3913a0dca68)
Northern Ireland Policing Board: Appointment (item number 25) (id e6c6ac0f-0f2b-414a-ae21-771e9ec26e4a)
Government Achievements: Gics Guidance (item number 26) (id 72bec0cf-3ef3-499d-871c-6b3d5ce28d35)
Mr T Constantine, Oversight Commissioner, Northern Ireland (item number 27) (id 146c16b5-dc24-4f04-8a9e-ca4bc6a64d87)
Devonshire And Dorset Regiment: Remembrance Day, Bessbrook, Co Armagh (item number 28) (id 078e8778-4d8c-4cd3-85ce-1a60cb3f6a9a)
Ramc Site, Millbank (item number 29) (id 71b9cb10-0055-4592-8cf6-97f6daad2566)
Meteorological Office: New Headquarters (item number 30) (id 8e129b4e-70aa-4eef-a448-c2d457b67b0f)
European Charter Of Human Rights (item number 31) (id 6807f0d2-cf6c-433b-82ba-a7a04b7ed109)
Us National Missile Defence System And China (item number 32) (id 0aa0c9bd-1be7-486f-9a6e-219d2ac1a141)
Unamsil (item number 33) (id 454dcbc8-1c20-4d9e-be94-c855fca39aa0)
Turkey: Echr Judgments (item number 34) (id eb5f0c65-18b2-4a5e-b1da-c9c5dc9a2890)
Cayman Islands: Cpa Visit (item number 35) (id 4e21a517-5777-4a61-9f66-cd26e7c128bc)
Yugoslavia: Lifting Of Eu Sanctions (item number 36) (id 208bf7e4-024f-4401-9db2-11d5a1f6baf3)
"Airwave" Police Radio Service (item number 37) (id 3c4379a7-3a53-496a-968d-f00e3ec2d743)
Warrant Enforcement: Police Funding (item number 38) (id b3738f7a-6fd3-40b0-a72b-51dedce23ab5)
Firearms Act 1997: Delayed Compensation (item number 39) (id e095a498-bd87-46e5-9263-10c78728d6a8)
Electronically Monitored Curfew Orders (item number 40) (id c6bf94a0-753a-4728-b8c3-3f1a392d71ab)
Mandatory Sentences (item number 41) (id 06647f75-9536-47d6-ba51-6aae6485c2a3)
Remands To Custody, 15–16 Year-Olds (item number 42) (id 69cc3b57-048a-4a31-9a16-288e7d94722f)
Police Grant Allocations (item number 43) (id d20dbb1b-c809-435b-b89e-a2f470e27833)
Policing Objectives (item number 44) (id 69409488-ee16-4681-a616-cae6402b4d89)
Rural Policing (item number 45) (id b4548c8c-999b-4261-93c1-812df69ecdfe)
Police Recruitment Funding (item number 46) (id 5cd7751a-61cf-444b-97f2-bb7de5691ec4)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.