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Lords Hansard for 30 November 2000 (Volume 619)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 9.08pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id f4dd3820-0c7b-4fb1-a701-827c680db071)
Detention Centre Rules (item number 2) (id 7fce825a-ea6c-4b84-b198-fa838289f7aa)
Firearms Register: Implementation (item number 3) (id cb147778-3b61-4d32-8e76-9ac3f2e84ddd)
Sierra Leone: Aid Policy (item number 4) (id ecc56b44-4adf-4632-8322-ee8b75e4ce36)
Climate Conference, The Hague: Outcome (item number 5) (id 861e86f2-1678-4961-a9dc-cdeff14c7abd)
Protection Of Animals (Amendment) Bill (item number 6) (id 0fdd2d03-acb5-4ac9-b51b-a72503d97fd8)
Message From The Commons (item number 8) (id e051d5d7-f3e5-422e-ab3d-f33ec8109a43)
Disqualifications Bill (item number 9) (id 614a3df2-0f71-43c3-94ae-e0465389e73a)
Commons Reason For Disagreeing To A Lords Amendment And Manuscript Motion To Be Moved On Consideration Of Commons Reason (item number 10) (id 494336f4-4c7e-46ab-8248-358306136ce6)
Lords Amendment (item number 11) (id a3b48ed1-9405-4d5d-9717-01c4984a35c5)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Reason No 1A (item number 12) (id 9252b42c-1ac7-4d99-86cc-9a8b651dae1c)
Criminal Justice And Court Services Bill (item number 13) (id 3c5a38c9-a795-4861-be16-0bb22c1f7b5e)
Royal Commission (item number 14) (id fd9c05d6-b9d2-44a3-b94f-dba234cb0f65)
Royal Assent (item number 15) (id 8c866128-f610-445e-91c0-b58715d94a4a)
Prorogation: Her Majesty's Speech (item number 16) (id b847d1b7-36c2-4086-9577-a2758a7a4131)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 00877683-abad-4454-8bd2-b310302a6a27)
Nmec: Solvency (item number 2) (id 1d09833f-59d1-477b-b2ad-c739ed1b104e)
Millennium Dome Site: Sale (item number 3) (id 43bb3901-8e4c-4ca1-be6a-d78e05a93602)
Nmec: Indebtedness (item number 4) (id 67261215-2cba-4829-9cd9-be464705c7b7)
Northern Ireland: Bill Of Rights (item number 5) (id 6d1d729d-bc89-410a-850d-f61b386d5a76)
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (item number 6) (id aee9953b-bbdc-4518-bd8b-5e1e385a46ab)
Disqualifications Bill (item number 7) (id a9c38d8f-dd22-4c1e-9481-765ab3fa88bf)
Northern Ireland: Appointments (item number 8) (id 6dfacdd6-cb6f-4b7e-92ac-8144001c419c)
The Queen's Speech: Disclosure (item number 9) (id c53971d8-0322-4ca2-9ddb-8f89635e97c4)
Cabinet Office Website Search Engine (item number 10) (id 31269b64-0c3e-496d-9ac8-b3e8c992869c)
Minister For E-Commerce (item number 11) (id 1edd02c0-797d-41a6-950b-be9367a4dbec)
E-Envoy: Responsibilities (item number 12) (id d9013c32-84d9-4814-aed1-fd5432ca1e1a)
European Union Committee Scrutiny (item number 13) (id 27263af6-3a45-4207-bd5a-bd6386fbba80)
Game Meat From Usa And Canada: Import Controls (item number 14) (id bee6a48b-b483-4a6a-9014-50ca44d5015c)
Farm Incomes (item number 15) (id ddbafbd3-10ee-4c88-8830-96f80cba80da)
Maff Site, Tolworth: Disposal (item number 16) (id fafc022b-0891-4b80-bd70-e1b48a595ea7)
European Union Sugar Regime (item number 17) (id 331d6553-20f4-4cc5-b89d-1cc75f9100cf)
Zimbabwe: Government Funding (item number 18) (id becdf606-2d85-44d9-b5cb-b4e5723f747e)
Albania: Un Weapons Collection Programme (item number 19) (id 70ce9b85-596f-400c-8640-8ce0f7adcf1b)
Trafficking And Sexual Exploitation Of Women (item number 20) (id 79785dda-6b26-43b2-9ccc-f1405b83a557)
European Union Development Policy (item number 21) (id 07bea22a-5afc-43a5-ace5-95866c9fa75a)
European Development Assistance (item number 22) (id 0b8ef70b-3a55-47b5-84ff-376f5d10b289)
Bailiff Law (item number 23) (id 1a7909df-cea8-4bd8-a44a-fd2c3e3c0315)
Takeovers Directive: European Parliament Reaction (item number 24) (id 658679dd-3780-4a5b-8e27-bfe2f9ceebf2)
Miners' Compensation (item number 25) (id 4f4f11a3-ceb9-4c35-81c0-d1d2e550f8a7)
Late Payments: Research Findings (item number 26) (id d5485191-881d-44f5-bec3-86353b88a3cf)
European Security And Defence: Access To Nato Assets (item number 27) (id 19ef1ebc-bcca-46e0-b7b0-08bbe0253f44)
Armed Forces: Strategic Sea-Lift Capability (item number 28) (id d9ebfdf2-0b0f-4bfd-8ab5-da304fd71e17)
Pension Credit (item number 29) (id 2b61f335-8fba-4a84-ad72-3062c790119d)
Winter Fuel Payments (item number 30) (id efc369da-89fc-4a46-b81b-0f7380044575)
Fire Safety Legislation (item number 31) (id 9a6fd329-841a-40f4-aad3-b2bc903bd10a)
Fire Safety Inspections (item number 32) (id 9d47723e-e4ec-463e-8bb7-1812f27b85b0)
Burglary: Repeat Offences (item number 33) (id b8550810-2099-4fd3-a7da-87bd6e6853e9)
Tamil Asylum Seekers: Medical Foundation Report (item number 34) (id 120dd334-e388-4754-b3fa-83a6bfdc09c7)
Interception Warrants (item number 35) (id f9e14c29-e25c-41f8-8b49-a137f965910d)
Asylum Seekers: Appeal Procedure (item number 36) (id b67d6973-4727-42e4-9760-28974120475d)
Council Of Europe Member Countries: Prisoners' Voting Rights (item number 37) (id fd12c122-909a-4cd4-84bd-b3e2244b1b36)
Israeli/Palestinian Peace Negotiations (item number 38) (id 6fd57058-2efc-4ac3-be22-d98cefeb1ca2)
Kuwaiti Prisoners Of War In Iraq (item number 39) (id 7dcaa289-6244-4f20-8bc6-679a3c4ace25)
Democratic Republic Of Congo: Atrocities (item number 40) (id 21f19215-dfc0-4e83-b4e1-0148ead32c13)
Sudan: Human Rights (item number 41) (id 108f2a93-9eba-44f4-9545-0e37a352b882)
River Danube: Clearance (item number 42) (id c64066a5-7f25-4f53-9053-a3adc8d38942)
Human Rights: Measurement Criteria (item number 43) (id ae17bd94-b2ab-4ad8-b56b-e99255c3d6b7)
Un/China Technical Co-Operation Agreement: Human Rights (item number 44) (id eb97285b-e926-4877-98cb-bffdeb49fda6)
Uk Veto And The European Commission (item number 45) (id 0a31dc77-020b-4872-88a4-4b1cb36a0a80)
Eu Single Market Issues: Use Of Veto (item number 46) (id 9e49e5d4-a626-4285-a345-a724ff4a997d)
Specified Risk Materials (Amendment) Regulations 2000 (item number 47) (id 31109ca1-9111-4bd9-9242-29eebbb47ea3)
Nhs Powered Wheelchairs And Vouchers (item number 48) (id 0b9d93f2-3d24-402c-ab68-0e572046b6dd)
Infertility Treatment: Provision Variations (item number 49) (id 6aede140-77d2-45f2-81dd-b58edb6b09be)
Employment And Social Policy Council,/ 27–28 November (item number 50) (id da20f3bd-9bd3-4af9-8e6c-fa706d941793)
Joint Committee On Human Rights (item number 51) (id 6533efab-3a8f-4185-97e4-2a7d2498eafb)
Looted Art (item number 52) (id 4fe1e972-1b93-4ca1-8f23-7ba9dc6062be)
Commonwealth Games 2002: Shooting Event Arrangements (item number 53) (id bf1c9137-721c-4edc-9ffa-ba423dfcb0ae)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.