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Lords Hansard for 29 November 2000 (Volume 619)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 9.07pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 90ef57b3-9f43-4bab-a617-1be370a994d2)
Supermarkets: Competition Commission Report (item number 2) (id 9ba55f9b-f8f1-44b2-b30f-2a73a4613c92)
Nhs And The Euro (item number 3) (id 49c333c4-29fb-4968-9267-82589f6a5380)
Community Law (item number 4) (id 8a67c693-e354-43a2-9ac7-f89f156129dc)
Asylum Seekers (item number 5) (id 8325d850-8aa7-4627-a8b0-f479c6571dc8)
Business (item number 6) (id dfbee066-b8c4-4045-9a57-446a9c050d79)
Commons Amendment (item number 9) (id e95286d7-f6e0-4f97-a738-90e577765c32)
Commons Amendment (item number 10) (id 3b015618-db68-41ff-9277-f9e304ce379e)
Commons Amendment (item number 11) (id d100316c-ae01-4a80-8359-4cdafb18918f)
Commons Amendments (item number 12) (id 3cfd6186-b5bb-4356-9e70-bea5cf4dae9e)
Commons Amendment (item number 13) (id 81531ed0-0337-4954-b1e2-ac7ab0d08990)
Commons Amendments (item number 14) (id 676e4435-1038-4dae-906e-05cab1da7eee)
Commons Amendment (item number 15) (id be2e44bc-c198-4d44-9d16-089bac9c2f83)
Commons Amendments (item number 16) (id fc49acc1-340b-4b55-8fa6-1d4512b957bd)
Inherited Serps (item number 17) (id 2d4da371-5f18-4f80-9f84-af59dcb0a781)
Millennium Dome (item number 18) (id 87586f63-eccf-4a9f-b1e8-395aee35d660)
Countryside And Rights Of Way Bill (item number 19) (id f55a42c7-d937-4849-a357-5b18338d20bc)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 77dde9b9-1f8d-4234-8655-d619afffcc90)
Army Pay (item number 2) (id c123bdc1-068e-433f-9463-9082ae3f6d8a)
Sierra Leone: Uk Troops' Rules Of Engagement (item number 3) (id 57b08a57-b986-4591-adfb-780177ec7c30)
The South East: New Housing (item number 4) (id 898e6997-bc36-418d-adb2-cb55379da6b7)
Special Areas Of Conservation (item number 5) (id ffd428cf-0fb8-47ee-9af1-485bb8016bfb)
Disclosure Of Information In Criminal Proceedings: Guidelines (item number 6) (id dc33b713-884c-401d-9f97-f2b3d2f21982)
Late Payment Of Commercial Debt: Implementation Of Directive (item number 7) (id bfa38220-fab1-4e03-9b5d-6153e8f9eafd)
Coal Mines And Miners (item number 8) (id 4396d506-b358-4f74-a333-b3acb2ce76c0)
Coal Industry: Operating Aid (item number 9) (id 9ad34e7a-a2ed-4809-a513-908f529b41e2)
Broadband Services In Rural Areas (item number 10) (id 7f883bed-0ee7-411f-ade5-83d4ffeeb3dc)
Internet Participation By Developing Countries (item number 11) (id 2636fa5e-2639-4c00-b2e3-10f106c0e908)
Broadband Radio Spectrum Licence Awards (item number 12) (id 3569079f-f73a-4608-bca5-5776717c31ff)
Medeva Polio Vaccine: Foetal Calf Serum History (item number 13) (id 395e654d-8ca2-4170-b80e-ceff2ab22ea8)
Nhs Estates Agency (item number 14) (id 38af396e-fbcb-4623-ba42-a0c77aae81f5)
Disability Information: Funding (item number 15) (id bf69f5d9-b786-4155-aa78-ac920a57b6e6)
Indonesia: Lasker Jihad Islamic Forces (item number 16) (id ba3a37ca-fb2f-4441-a133-d300cbbb16b5)
Israel: Beit Sahour Shelling (item number 17) (id fedcd2c3-7c5b-4ee5-bf4a-66a781707e8d)
European Rapid Reaction Force (item number 18) (id ff2b7cea-9fde-4e36-b394-dc2bbcd8429c)
European Court Of Human Rights: Costs (item number 19) (id bc2180d0-fa38-427c-af3e-c1dd1fa69437)
Eu-Israel Association Agreement: Possible Infringement (item number 20) (id d1490443-b31c-4ab3-9810-523201dc0bb3)
Ethiopia/Eritrea Conflict: Displaced Persons (item number 21) (id e66cb1c1-3a67-4fc2-974a-ceb83a8015bf)
European Charter Of Fundamental Rights (item number 22) (id 4d5f2cb2-2a56-473f-aa05-afdfcc2cbe4b)
Un Information And Communications Advisory Group (item number 23) (id 0785d03c-a41a-4ab6-bbfb-cebd4ef5f574)
Strategic Communications Unit And The European News Grid (item number 24) (id 1b948cc7-7503-434d-aa1e-c5aa6ad9e484)
Treaty Compliance (item number 25) (id ab222eab-947f-43f2-93eb-053c87c328da)
The Irish Republic And The Commonwealth (item number 26) (id bc7878e7-f32b-4704-a7e2-a8352b796133)
Kosovo (item number 27) (id 33d14100-6e66-4528-bd90-fb88afbbf080)
Us National Missile Defence System: Uk Facilities (item number 28) (id 47957072-b5a4-4798-8fe5-73c7772b9750)
Diamonds And Conflict (item number 29) (id dda538b9-3b8d-4807-83c4-f601e6d06bd2)
Conflict Prevention And Resolution (item number 30) (id 9b94ad13-7cc5-4f55-8c08-17b808c4a451)
European Defence Co-Operation (item number 31) (id 0b020cfb-348c-4a76-9b7c-7f9d95fa9a36)
South Eastern Europe Stability Pact (item number 32) (id 3f2588e1-72cf-48d5-bb91-01d60506a422)
Us National Missile Defence System (item number 33) (id 8bde49f6-e480-4222-8734-143c26f340d7)
Stamp Duty Exemption Areas (item number 34) (id 7e50f196-138a-4e2c-a4a4-74771ec1ba93)
Uk Tourism Industry And The Euro (item number 35) (id a344cb3d-270c-4e88-83a0-c734a70e0304)
Share Dealing Costs (item number 36) (id 592dc878-52e7-47c3-ab9b-9818825e37cd)
Ec Vat System (item number 37) (id 69cfaf3a-7bc9-468d-a953-7c4e293a5a7b)
European Movement: Ec Financial Support (item number 38) (id b998a3d0-15ad-43cb-b54c-29d6f8b6c6dc)
Personal Incomes: Top Rate Of Direct Tax (item number 39) (id ea0da6bf-ab46-49a5-83c1-447ec038a415)
British Museum: Trustees (item number 40) (id 728e0055-0fba-49b6-819b-f4b59dc60404)
Horseracing: Levy Board Abolition And Sale Of Tote (item number 41) (id 98f8582b-4135-487f-a4ca-90f606118c14)
Police Information Technology Organisation: Chairman (item number 42) (id 9adb14d6-2354-40ce-9683-94d8e66f4e69)
Police Authority Costs (item number 43) (id ccd05737-cc61-413b-9d0a-d656129f1235)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.