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Commons Hansard for 22 April 1975 (Volume 890)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 1.06am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id b7b8eaf3-70db-4d83-a903-4b6da78a3810)
Prayers (item number 2) (id ef4b3d33-de77-424a-9901-7b0d701dde6b)
Local Government (Enabling) (item number 6) (id 8b414d85-1def-4774-b667-ebe43ad61deb)
Local Government (Enabling) (item number 7) (id 0310fad7-a104-4c4e-b9bc-776e0c5f35a5)
Business Of The House (item number 10) (id 273b48b9-b43c-4262-8d69-887e990a40d3)
Referendum Bill (item number 11) (id 18b7d382-faea-4d1a-99c8-e5cfa690893c)
Adjournment (item number 12) (id bb5ff1bb-9898-403a-b4be-5b73f31690b1)
Prestwick Airport (Policing) (item number 13) (id 5856a635-e0bb-4ab2-b4bd-5dc1d3eee14e)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 0300bc01-fb97-489b-a2db-407a6b806b43)
Open Government (item number 2) (id 92f3810f-078b-4acf-8826-10a5a7169526)
Trades Union Congress (item number 3) (id 8ce89335-1f91-4648-ba36-b20fc35d37a5)
Ministerial Broadcasts (item number 4) (id 3203f1c5-5e92-46a7-abcf-c23db858df26)
Government Departments (Location) (item number 5) (id 27a2931a-955a-468b-b653-f32d81920ab5)
Social Contract (Ministers' Speeches) (item number 6) (id 4b16a25d-d4e8-4e55-abfb-9368a989ae73)
Prime Minister (Visits) (item number 7) (id 0e108df5-f328-4512-8993-129903d3d118)
Nato (item number 8) (id 826a52d0-3aba-4dd7-b85c-2c976462f9da)
European Community Membership (item number 9) (id c1d68f3f-f61e-404d-9eb8-f50761f534f5)
European Community (Minister's Speech) (item number 10) (id ecee1a03-ebab-46ee-ae0a-563bfa5e60f4)
Regional Policies (item number 11) (id cb09ee47-9c8b-4e32-9aaa-bc5297871c8a)
Middle East (item number 12) (id 45e2dbe7-508b-498d-803b-866ce2337018)
Steel Works (Wales) (item number 14) (id 1a7e4139-8e29-4dee-a3c2-ef545ee1101a)
Wales (item number 15) (id f5c04c4d-f22e-47cb-a95e-acc32b5aca5b)
Investment (item number 16) (id f53ef6e3-8958-410f-a516-c264f5d2f6d1)
Mineral Rights (item number 17) (id db979a15-9d2c-4973-a336-8744d278a709)
Employment (West Midlands) (item number 19) (id 712a70ae-3273-49ff-95d1-f8cfd1968018)
Expenditure (Reductions) (item number 20) (id 2a1b2f3d-9a41-4a38-8ddc-c2cbecc69b56)
Forces Personnel (Secondment) (item number 21) (id b963ecbf-86d8-41b9-b3ea-20d5916c58c3)
Referendum Campaign (item number 23) (id ccb69bff-4d34-4899-9895-573dcb7c4648)
Social Wage (item number 25) (id 90e9403e-3ea4-47f2-a423-3f19098d45a4)
Stock Appreciation Tax (item number 26) (id 4bf119db-1c6c-4d01-8cc4-f5c2e293ba6e)
Agriculture (World Fund) (item number 28) (id 66684e14-b2da-44c9-91f4-2a321c57dbc4)
Unemployed Persons (item number 30) (id 3eb3e20d-d153-4e29-b737-95d239d91bd9)
Birmingham (item number 31) (id 1759ae5e-0bb7-4433-aa9d-e1f489aee806)
Social Contract (item number 32) (id 9d60236d-f5a0-4908-a7cc-0dd9e3152dff)
Parliamentary Questions (item number 33) (id 1b387ead-2a2c-4865-91a6-fe9bab80448b)
Business Executives (Fringe Benefits) (item number 34) (id 587b7b58-e230-4904-a7e9-3be4fdb446ba)
Demand Management (item number 35) (id a1731503-d285-4dc1-99f5-6f7982d8b3da)
Low-Paid Workers (item number 36) (id c05ec5bb-cdae-480f-a196-57ca4a6a0972)
European Social Fund (item number 37) (id df60aa72-5441-4c90-902b-283266f5a7e4)
Employee Participation (item number 38) (id cccde68f-a336-4194-86b1-11d96cde2adc)
Training Grants (item number 39) (id 3a3af108-eb0a-477f-9a1e-a2d35f2db438)
Textile Industry (Scotland) (item number 40) (id 30574086-aaf3-4d81-9117-abb70fe5b437)
Health And Safety (item number 41) (id 8262d333-51c4-4a57-a33f-479482c75054)
Industrial Appreciation Courses (Allowances) (item number 42) (id c1ffe494-5441-464f-a8f3-ce0a4461e5a9)
Training (item number 43) (id 62b1ea70-f1b3-4f07-9fc3-1db3518486ca)
Trainees (Blaydon) (item number 44) (id 316859b9-d46f-4e9f-b855-a933b46668af)
North-East Region (item number 45) (id 43ee9631-88c6-4662-8a9f-b1f905a2ac9a)
Redundancies (Scotland) (item number 46) (id 08b42f86-514d-4cf1-ba12-986a6eedfa08)
Industrial Earnings (item number 47) (id d144f42e-819f-46b1-98bb-555dc38e153a)
Historic Buildings (item number 49) (id 9a06399f-5a90-47ee-857c-ba4fe30a0985)
Building And Civil Engineering (Scotland) (item number 50) (id b22ff51c-2908-4a7f-ad4b-0e559f5f1bbd)
Derelict Land (Northumbria) (item number 51) (id cf088409-9a0c-4dc3-9c56-55db32b39c74)
Planning Appeals (item number 52) (id 7d56847b-ea15-4773-8c15-5e4631636d06)
Greater London Development Plan (item number 53) (id 16ccc363-7f64-43fd-9b23-01c82e967761)
Local Government Staffs (item number 54) (id 96299287-3dee-4e0d-b084-de6518bf9382)
Small Industries Council (Scotland) (item number 55) (id 289f1a97-cad3-4360-a128-17a33f783147)
Sewers (Rats) (item number 56) (id ae1e2a8f-e1b4-4e58-bf99-74987085db09)
Housing (Liverpool) (item number 57) (id 2fa27eb8-da60-45f4-ad66-8289ddf9c34b)
Tower Of London (item number 58) (id edf04b3f-1ca9-4fc5-8850-7b420c43ef4c)
Housing (Inner City Areas) (item number 59) (id 33a6292f-123f-47bc-87cf-711ef90882bb)
Ancient Monuments (item number 60) (id 99d53312-b60a-41ec-b9e5-b9a68962d7c7)
Pollution Control (item number 61) (id 9c06bbf4-24bb-4b05-a58a-5e584c34d801)
Redbourn (Toxic Waste Plant Proposal) (item number 62) (id f99b9fcf-ef09-4315-9622-08e94031edea)
Water Supply (Hill Farms) (item number 64) (id 8ae411ef-f49d-4fb5-9413-dc07d4db5917)
Food Prices (item number 65) (id 35f7e94e-689e-4260-8ed0-517dba4c3cbd)
French Eggs (item number 66) (id 7f2d3bc4-e70d-4057-a6a0-8e0694c3c95b)
Foot-And-Mouth Disease (item number 67) (id fc7e0ec6-213a-4fc1-a370-a9147b71b8cb)
Wheat (item number 68) (id 7b69f59a-feec-45f4-ab65-6d87849e9826)
Grain Stocks (item number 69) (id f048784c-7248-4f40-902e-db156fa7c8cd)
Poultry Sector (item number 70) (id e87944ee-cc15-4bf7-b0b7-5adaa3193d0a)
European Community (Regional Policies) (item number 72) (id 6270b318-cd8e-41ad-b971-62b772640680)
European Community Countries (Company Ownership) (item number 73) (id 5a469990-7cbf-483d-bdf0-3ba7b8ffc9cc)
European Community (Foreign Ministers' Meeting) (item number 74) (id c135538b-d9c8-4af9-8e68-9bc92e2a6d8d)
Steel Industry (European Community Powers) (item number 75) (id d17725c8-4568-43d4-b15f-b926e63136e0)
Self-Employed Persons (Bury St Edmunds) (item number 77) (id 48c9b6d8-594f-4f22-a12b-9ed0ce28b777)
European Community Nationals (item number 78) (id dd419dd3-f6dd-4210-89cd-c99cd60ee606)
Psychiatric Patients (Coventry) (item number 79) (id c1ce02a1-6dd2-46cf-81aa-0731f068d9b0)
National Insurance Contributions (item number 80) (id 5de225e8-0154-480d-b78a-8d83428d61a1)
Attendance Allowance (item number 81) (id 25459c9e-ed08-44b7-ac16-ff7c4f90dc33)
One-Parent Families (item number 82) (id d681ef04-2843-45f1-b3d3-050e5b863208)
Departmental Telephone Calls (item number 83) (id 0a0053a6-0e5c-43e2-94d4-080b1792810e)
Spina Bifida (item number 84) (id 6fe85b38-cb0a-45d4-90d9-2dd3718c6f29)
Supplementary Benefit (item number 85) (id 855c83f4-4188-4204-a708-491210a5719a)
Separated Wives (item number 86) (id caf79070-1a17-438c-9064-c98df0e29b4e)
Factor Viii (item number 87) (id 6603a4c2-76df-4158-8e2c-1ed4360bfc9f)
Hospitals (Expenses) (item number 88) (id b2e02e47-aea9-438f-b6a6-e54d9f274644)
Earnings Rule (Widows) (item number 89) (id e1175aea-06bd-41b8-8525-dbcf653eba04)
Disabled Persons (Vehicles) (item number 90) (id dfb369a1-f984-4234-a93a-1b26d3d701e9)
Day Nurseries (Essex) (item number 91) (id f307bbf5-7424-4bc9-b861-1b750f4c223a)
Oral Contraceptives (item number 92) (id e87fbd67-524e-4794-a15b-ad30f0415448)
Needy Persons (item number 93) (id d33d9dae-33a3-4ad6-bf45-54c6f6bd5304)
National Development Group For The Mentally Handicapped (item number 94) (id f3053904-bff5-46d8-a0c9-780cf3becb61)
Housing Executive Tenants (House Purchase) (item number 96) (id 03fe23c5-2d9a-411d-b36f-9ec30cc0cbcf)
Payments For Debt (Costs Of Collection) Order (item number 97) (id 5ea0cc15-46ce-4c4b-82f2-73c59740bed9)
Housing Executive (item number 98) (id 999e1848-39dc-4c7e-b47a-d6fed207f39b)
European Community (item number 99) (id 4872bf2c-1707-46b4-988d-93ef48d6128c)
Bus Services (Concessionary Fares) (item number 100) (id 02bc2927-7a94-458d-b4fb-810fb1cffc54)
Student Grants (Parental Contributions) (item number 101) (id 6ff4fecf-a4f9-4d78-92cf-ecc27a133051)
Alcoholism (item number 102) (id 42c497f5-b2f6-4fae-b4fe-417744324f1c)
Oil Refinery Project (Thames Estuary) (item number 104) (id 4ec1d90b-d9d4-4917-a04c-60ebab88cfe1)
Oil Refining (item number 105) (id 6fc51dfb-f0f0-4aeb-aee8-abded4ef308b)
Nuclear Power Stations (item number 106) (id cc214eba-52fc-43df-aa0b-6b6a19e7bbd4)
Power Stations (item number 107) (id e9570a91-ad50-46d3-976e-c10bd21e31cb)
Nuclear Reactors (item number 108) (id 5def59cb-ac01-4ec6-a26e-5671721c19e8)
Radioactive Waste (Storage) (item number 109) (id 74d9830b-b037-4a35-bb81-2d6dd2d04974)
Nuclear Energy (item number 110) (id 7ec0aae9-cd7c-4bfa-8b18-04b0e867a360)
Fossil Fuel (Exploration) (item number 111) (id 72115691-0011-413f-8c2a-bce4fdc2cf5a)
Universities (Building Programmes) (item number 114) (id 0d4167e5-ecd9-4bdc-a80b-4b81500c72eb)
University Teachers (Pay) (item number 115) (id dd1eb846-110d-4459-a5c4-26f3458f97a7)
Tied Cottages (item number 117) (id 36f89e95-bc39-4980-b060-8280d33c87bc)
Community Land (Management) (item number 118) (id c9503f2b-0179-44a5-9e87-15a4842ec5a3)
Rates (item number 119) (id c5ab9160-f00f-40d6-9f21-9cb536b96d82)
Spina Bifida (item number 120) (id 7a590c2a-dcdb-4783-8cf7-b320ba41e561)
Local Government Finance (item number 122) (id dbbfbf56-dd1c-44c6-807e-938a3f2f36ac)
Agriculture (item number 123) (id 55e4ae62-a184-4bad-a662-570c971785d5)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.