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Commons Hansard for 1 May 1975 (Volume 891)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 1.20am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 3a28aedd-964e-476e-9845-cb7e21474fb6)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 9e0343e0-e8a2-45b7-b681-8cb7688ea966)
Business Of The House (item number 4) (id 8f3b9e89-fd9f-4558-b45a-fc428b2d9e55)
Agriculture (Eec Ministers' Meeting) (item number 5) (id 0e27599d-933a-43b3-b6c9-acf834dfcd4c)
Ballot For Notices Of Motions For Monday 19Th May (item number 6) (id 069fc630-08de-4001-82d4-fffc23a1a685)
Bill Presented (item number 7) (id 91b425df-3d70-4617-bf25-40749b2d527f)
Statutory Corporations (Financial Provisions) Bill (item number 8) (id 7033449c-4776-4f0a-9d09-78c3586a77f9)
Orders Of The Day (item number 9) (id fa58bde5-9ee3-40d6-b7bb-494e03ec42d6)
Supply (item number 10) (id e60f4e01-d89b-4518-9dc5-d34da83c469c)
Transport (Expenditure) (item number 11) (id 5e0ca953-1526-4c74-a520-2e51674a06a9)
Statutory Instruments (item number 12) (id 26b337ba-390b-4bc2-b06a-1844bb830dda)
Value Added Tax (item number 13) (id c90ff9c7-07e2-42f4-858a-0e5b81d4a32f)
Income Tax (item number 14) (id f20d616a-4849-47c8-8556-999d722428da)
Adjournment (item number 15) (id f704e342-03f2-4d05-928b-648bd198e1d9)
Hospital Services (Colchester) (item number 16) (id 5966ddc0-6cc8-4fbb-a78e-f67848a9c07a)
Greater London Council (Money) Bill (By Order) (item number 17) (id b5c083f3-b41f-466c-9399-3408d6f7946e)
Adjournment (item number 18) (id 51dde76a-7b0a-4a0d-8e8b-ecf0f99d7a40)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Untitled Debate (item number 1) (id 48dba5f0-3392-4077-b2cc-397393e737c8)
Government Work (Transfer To Scotland) (item number 3) (id 49ad26af-9875-401e-9aa7-2a0e69b2b381)
Football (Hooliganism) (item number 6) (id f55078be-f15f-45c3-b6b5-32ae9290410b)
Homeless Persons (item number 7) (id e71b451b-53e6-467f-bdfc-2e720ec8e088)
Housing Associations (item number 8) (id 21fc6aae-dd2f-495f-988c-22b0044ca962)
Road Accidents (item number 9) (id a53dbf71-6a62-43c4-a4c3-5d0b67784d8c)
Sewerage Charges (Charities) (item number 10) (id dff2fe13-1496-4807-950c-cfe1e47ea764)
Local Authority Mortgages (item number 11) (id 080aba7f-e93f-4952-b6d9-7f55c4ef1690)
Driving Test (item number 12) (id db5b2fce-3e6b-4426-b43b-0ea723d4f455)
Tied Cottages (item number 13) (id 37c96c83-0111-48fa-849f-a0a65221a247)
High Alumina Cement (item number 14) (id 3d4846fd-e0a6-4063-ab1c-a4670f51aa21)
Departmental Correspondence (item number 15) (id 44c67574-7614-49ae-aa71-422fa7aa1811)
Security (item number 16) (id 16d3897d-8054-4915-a69f-82df1ba16e83)
Prime Minister (Visits) (item number 17) (id 720f4c70-4ea6-45cc-9535-58e63e59ac08)
Iran (item number 18) (id 3c16fd79-a3d8-4fd7-8530-67fd5a8be03e)
European Community (item number 19) (id 382efb60-8baf-4e29-b15a-52ba5b1514c4)
Cbi And Tuc (item number 20) (id a072c83f-1931-49ba-890c-89b0eda218cb)
Prime Minister (Engagements) (item number 21) (id 2b2cc7a3-c88f-4be4-8a2c-ddeb740c6d16)
Government Ministers (item number 22) (id ce9926fb-e501-419e-8e03-31b080c41904)
Economic Affairs (Ministerial Broadcast) (item number 23) (id 0f039914-4ce0-4d42-a6de-97cf9c973314)
Referendum (item number 24) (id 6891ad5f-9673-45fd-800a-19ab3a4619b5)
Commonwealth Heads Of Government (Meeting) (item number 25) (id 6017f294-54f1-412b-b699-39722cd52935)
Ministers' Transport (item number 26) (id 2865be52-1919-4677-aebf-a84cf927d4d3)
Community Halls And Centres (item number 28) (id 9b91d187-8b65-49e6-9422-a84b0df33092)
Teachers Of The Deaf (item number 29) (id 25e5f68e-d90f-4034-b5b0-fc468891ee5d)
Law Of The Sea Conference (item number 31) (id 6fe5cb9c-d11d-4e9e-b7d7-ece356e858e8)
Middle East (item number 32) (id 15e98966-cda0-4abd-afdb-9fba0415d995)
European Community (Industrial Policies) (item number 33) (id ffeb23f6-39fc-4e07-a660-22636df352ef)
Asian Commonwealth Countries (item number 34) (id 202c50b8-c2f6-4b47-b979-f1830beb4927)
Fishing Limits (item number 36) (id 1ce3bc9c-fa82-4a49-9937-26b70d808ccf)
Sheep Rearing (item number 37) (id 8626dd22-3744-4311-8f21-1fa94d249bd1)
Agriculture (item number 38) (id 12e91adf-dbf6-42af-b963-062807e02336)
Scottish Assembly (item number 39) (id d43fb687-ccc4-4963-b714-0c80849ad822)
Mentally Handicapped Persons (item number 40) (id 0db25332-ed36-40bf-a717-0e8d0d397bcd)
Schools (Part-Time Working) (item number 41) (id aa158716-19e0-4a67-9e6c-813290126890)
Wester Hailes Secondary School (item number 42) (id e4f535f5-0c5b-4c51-819d-6f6f17d16cf3)
Overspending (item number 44) (id 72aa9fd5-86dc-4b4c-b17c-a4e6d4c91aba)
European Community Membership (item number 45) (id 6ae26bbb-e2fb-49e6-9e2b-9724ef010744)
Value Added Tax (item number 46) (id 790257c5-ce3a-42e0-9037-4b9b1331ed53)
Budget Proposals (item number 47) (id c0758d70-c86f-4184-b72f-4d52e793b465)
Balance Of Payments (Non-Oil Deficit) (item number 48) (id b9cf0718-00bc-4bfd-a8e4-fdf61e83eb77)
Inflation (item number 49) (id 6770f030-da3e-46ed-a993-5995e87e0381)
Tax Evasion (Prosecutions) (item number 50) (id e7fb2df7-d017-4627-9953-77ebb079edd5)
Vehicle Taxation (item number 51) (id 656e312a-48c3-4256-b63c-9099c51a5808)
Public Expenditure (item number 52) (id 4af09ebb-3633-4774-b067-acbb0bd57961)
Scottish Budget (item number 53) (id 5d4ddf53-ba11-4412-8f1b-72630753e16c)
Nationalised Industries (item number 54) (id d8e17611-2551-40ee-bd5d-9705da12d437)
Whisky (item number 55) (id 0c09a852-08c0-4c9d-be31-a43879397284)
War Widows' Pensions (item number 56) (id ec9be7e0-89cb-43de-a7bd-3bac077e8039)
Consumer Expenditure (item number 57) (id cdfc1ae9-cf5e-47b2-a94b-96cf2ccfedd2)
Income Tax (item number 58) (id d85647b5-3465-4136-b2d3-862083513953)
£ Sterling (Value) (item number 59) (id 55fcc2cd-9199-439e-bbf8-bc9abfab0c66)
Post Office (item number 60) (id 984b2466-55b7-4989-8115-0fc788323f0b)
Homeless Single Persons (item number 62) (id 7cf55aed-6484-4219-98f1-fac3838f24b7)
Voluntary Organisations (Aid) (item number 63) (id ca51e592-9155-49fe-b624-a443feeb8fb7)
Doctors (item number 64) (id f9016f5b-8155-4168-b9f9-fd08c6b673b7)
Telephone Charges (Pensioners) (item number 65) (id 5913be87-2ff1-4592-8b5d-f9a52f89f2d3)
Benefits (Appeals) (item number 66) (id e6319684-043e-42ff-a67c-b84ffec22939)
Thanet (item number 67) (id a5e48472-4922-4116-8a63-ac5601587c98)
Supplementary Benefits (item number 68) (id 9e6915da-afec-498e-aa8b-204973836077)
Attendance Allowance (item number 69) (id 048ed37d-b2f0-4eb7-953f-6401ef7ed04e)
Nurses (item number 70) (id f5c4d009-6588-4307-afa5-36c6679d1644)
Invalid Vehicles (item number 71) (id 12a507f1-f547-40ab-8351-579ee0552da4)
Hospital Ward Closures (Kent) (item number 72) (id 1e373277-5375-439e-ae6c-3e82f3a6edb5)
Bone Marrow Donors (item number 73) (id 9e093262-145c-4f6c-94b4-39f1a7152963)
Departmental Publications (item number 74) (id 017c8321-daac-4399-97d5-a6a3e8500dbd)
War Widows' Pensions (item number 75) (id 09bd0afa-22b8-4d63-be8d-883a39c248a8)
Widows' Allowance (item number 76) (id 1a25c283-b638-478a-921a-5c4d55bcf827)
Sickness Benefits (item number 77) (id 1f6e09b6-c6e6-4428-be53-1d87f4e4d365)
Unemployment Benefit (item number 78) (id d278c341-a10c-4d5e-8560-8ea4694c10bf)
Abortion (item number 79) (id c9d044f6-83c2-4e3a-a379-1e72a431f41e)
Norton Community School For Boys (item number 80) (id 54376f3a-b387-4b4c-b567-76936d5f4045)
Hostels (item number 81) (id 8f445599-d82c-4046-aaaf-6ba0bec97d11)
Sterile Water (item number 82) (id b386bcc8-9b4f-4cf7-a6ba-e40882de9fec)
Beef Imports (item number 84) (id aaede501-3ef1-4bbe-a39d-11af8637428d)
Benefits (Recipients) (item number 85) (id cf10848f-3401-4b4c-a646-9d15c86d9996)
Butter And Cheese (New Zealand) (item number 86) (id d14c8611-a92b-4c84-9ac5-55aa01ac2a9a)
Food Prices (item number 87) (id 0f1823d5-d683-40ed-84b6-05c435e0efc0)
Beef Stocks (item number 88) (id ca930b07-a4a0-41ba-8354-92dc9f44c957)
Food Import Negotiations (item number 89) (id d5151d17-c6db-4ff3-a933-d34252161d9b)
Agricultural Land (item number 90) (id a48ff4cc-7217-434b-9d7c-7dea068f080a)
Farming Costs (item number 91) (id d635519b-ed6f-457e-b415-ebca152a1019)
European Community Grants (South-West England) (item number 92) (id 68c9fbe9-da7a-498a-9d82-ea931a233848)
Land Charges Index (Searches) (item number 93) (id 5d6e90f8-7f01-4bbb-90a8-74274caf18ac)
Clothing (item number 95) (id 020a4e00-91e4-49fc-a4e4-c8fb6d3f0aaf)
Post Office (item number 96) (id e251c5aa-d5e6-480d-8a09-a509db30042d)
European Community Grants And Loans (item number 97) (id d519a36e-9e07-43ea-8a7a-6f5129d5cca4)
Transnational Corporations (item number 98) (id 35e316da-4cc0-45ce-ad1b-027e4d5da1d6)
Equipment And Works Programmes (item number 100) (id bc54dba1-e555-4789-b823-fecb8cc46cba)
West Germany (item number 101) (id 2f42b2d3-3a8a-4a8e-8de3-8e9bdc2584c5)
Expenditure (Scotland) (item number 102) (id 1665383d-269a-49c3-a04b-8b011097265c)
Army Manpower (item number 103) (id 32bf5e9b-ac79-4937-be0a-57f0594605de)
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (item number 104) (id 459ab02f-90ba-4008-8731-279005b8f930)
Guided Missile Destroyer Programme (item number 105) (id db23a429-3000-4ad5-a0a6-06bcd03cf8eb)
Harrier Aircraft (item number 106) (id 328c8788-6b10-46ee-9eaf-d1e42633cbb0)
Electricity Boards (item number 108) (id e2d7796f-c821-4c75-9c19-06184463154a)
Institute Of Fuel (item number 109) (id 10df318f-82ab-4264-bc60-c3dc9dcd00c4)
Conservation Projects (Harwell) (item number 110) (id aa236b2a-07fd-448d-906f-6cd802ed4231)
Heat And Power Schemes (Private Industry) (item number 111) (id a0a84cbf-f039-4ae6-87a0-bd8c6d88663f)
Heat And Power Production (item number 112) (id da6a46b5-aa15-46b5-ba33-180f7f6bbcc4)
Criminal Injuries Compensation (item number 114) (id ba1d00fe-48bf-41bd-95c3-c68032668455)
Crime Victims (item number 115) (id 0fd1b213-b07d-4e24-8ee7-f78acd297b65)
Community Service (item number 116) (id 688e1602-28b7-4078-8181-8fb83c7e7a29)
Prisoners (Divorce) (item number 117) (id 07f7c765-e43e-4ed3-94ae-856ef51033d2)
Departmental Publications (item number 118) (id 5fec1f19-2dea-4b1e-ad29-7f9ff2db2184)
Animals (Experiments) (item number 119) (id 416a749c-5c83-43b8-a719-b17bc9f8aeee)
Batley Community Development Project (item number 120) (id 4ec4bc9d-9ae0-4539-bccb-5a3d32aa2c7c)
Police (Convictions) (item number 121) (id 6e7e1bd6-214b-40ef-ad15-3f71c8c743be)
Police (Complaints) (item number 122) (id 10fa54a4-a9a0-4e20-b279-3da158495b5a)
Crimes Of Violence (item number 123) (id 3b6c7396-7ac3-4aae-9cf7-c1b075917714)
Marriage Guidance And Divorce (item number 124) (id 2c8b3d6a-2c13-4c4f-a720-6b44e64e7231)
Police Forces (item number 125) (id d2750ef9-7099-486f-ab29-7c9640784446)
Police (Retirement Housing) (item number 126) (id f2560962-0226-4095-b998-d636fab3d9dd)
Prevention Of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1974 (item number 127) (id bc1d074c-3702-477d-9461-095a65fdd8ab)
Scottish Assembly (item number 129) (id 25f61da9-952d-4069-8a91-b354507c69fb)
Employment (item number 131) (id 59925ba9-7edd-4009-9d0b-e91a7412b889)
Books (Schools And Libraries) (item number 132) (id 655f8822-05e4-4ffd-8c09-a60431557bf7)
Farms (Water Supply) (item number 133) (id b82dc6df-2710-4c78-a653-0ca96262c99a)
Treaties (item number 136) (id fa6e2e6e-fd74-4b87-af61-fadbddc74dec)
Sri Lanka (Tea Plantations) (item number 137) (id 6fd8e1ae-87cf-457b-806a-3137121a03ec)
Shipping (Pollution) (item number 138) (id 9e55d218-a925-497c-8a48-931f17b5431c)
Output (item number 140) (id 29aec1b1-81a6-4eab-9f10-7231f879f002)
Footwear (item number 141) (id ca14e336-dee2-45cb-beba-01fd98700fcf)
Wales (item number 142) (id a984582b-3e1f-43ed-a132-5e15663ef0d0)
Employees In Employment In Wales From June 1969 To June 1973 (item number 143) (id 2584887e-e8df-4691-b26d-7600c2bc2308)
Wirral (item number 144) (id e6d39c62-0684-417c-b75e-639a4ddaca06)
Departmental Publications (item number 145) (id febebca9-7516-4bac-bee2-c6bb345e5727)
Social Contract (item number 146) (id 095fb51e-faa8-47d4-8d68-bfff1746524f)
Meat Marketing (item number 148) (id 5bddb53d-741e-4bb2-b34f-99ecab6f4118)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.