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Commons Hansard for 17 April 1975 (Volume 890)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 1.04am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 12756b38-8a00-442a-a41f-f4152620fba1)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 57ecfc1c-eb4d-4888-9904-25afb01f11e4)
Phnom Penh (British Subjects) (item number 5) (id 643943a7-38ca-4175-8eb4-9090eb0d78f1)
Survey Vessel "Compass Rose Iii" (Loss) (item number 6) (id 29a19e27-7c50-465b-9674-2094154f288c)
Business Of The House (item number 7) (id 6e40a44b-db10-4a5e-825c-cfbad1dda094)
Finance Bills (Enabling Motions) (item number 9) (id b2180b57-7131-4132-8c06-18fd4777a8dd)
Amendment Of The Law (item number 11) (id 1582bebf-765a-419a-b822-03138e72f7c7)
Budget Resolutions And Economic Situation (item number 12) (id 99c0c604-8a61-4015-a78e-6dd62bd709f4)
Business Of The House (item number 13) (id 58a1508c-f2ae-4af7-b0a5-49c8c438ae97)
Eec (Energy Research And Development) (item number 14) (id 666b2ba4-95c8-4884-8933-f58e187f50d0)
Industrial And Provident Societies Bill (item number 15) (id 5e4bfca5-e607-4a0d-9f1d-001ac0dc461d)
Statutory Instruments (item number 16) (id 381167c0-bcc5-4fc4-8dd5-8f0a64594ea0)
Agriculture (item number 17) (id 679fff16-4188-47a0-9a11-617a74486720)
Adjournment (item number 18) (id 696b5806-0c93-41a0-880a-5aa9a16bdc7f)
Sheep (Export To France) (item number 19) (id 7bb5dc53-9aae-4000-acb0-2370ebcae521)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id fce883f4-ca8c-44ba-8528-afb2503fe39d)
Fishing Industry (item number 3) (id a0088933-9a3a-44b2-90e9-1a522c8adbed)
Production (item number 4) (id 18989a44-12f1-48cc-a7af-fa9eb96c3214)
Rabies (item number 5) (id a91e8ab9-9943-4ada-aec8-f233e68f5c3d)
Poultry Feed And Eggs (item number 6) (id 5232e353-7748-40ed-b2f7-7d9319de8d53)
Horticulture (Fuel Costs) (item number 7) (id 1d955fdd-18d7-4cb6-88fd-0e51da7a036e)
Police Pensions (item number 9) (id 84297433-74dc-40d9-a100-16d86c75f0f7)
Fines (Non-Payment) (item number 10) (id 7fc0897a-e05c-4ac3-ab51-694f168ae97d)
Television Licences (item number 11) (id 655eee0f-8411-4afe-91aa-0e902bc78d7c)
Psychiatric Reports (Remanded Persons) (item number 12) (id 432fec53-44c5-4d58-954f-f785941fb48c)
Remanded Juveniles (item number 13) (id 6f91c844-0e23-4979-9fcf-da73a83a642a)
Trades Union Congress (item number 14) (id 2f35b90f-f818-4a58-9957-2b0f761d1379)
Land Nationalisation (Minister's Speech) (item number 15) (id 156d5ee9-a398-4443-bb27-180424af083f)
European Community Membership (item number 16) (id c028c7db-d98e-47e0-8cdb-91aaa9e125cf)
Prime Minister (Visits) (item number 17) (id 0e981c84-e969-4302-a660-717b5ffead2a)
Ministerial Broadcasts (item number 18) (id 98cfac5c-c5b4-436b-86a2-d90ce3a0d9d4)
Northern Ireland (Prime Minister's Visit) (item number 19) (id 81033b9a-e2a7-4110-a885-3d2f95e46419)
Nato (item number 20) (id 0b1d993f-4e04-4156-87a6-2e36d6eafd08)
European Community (Prime Minister's Speech) (item number 21) (id e0bc5adf-9a3b-443b-8f6e-19c8225f4f4a)
Social Contract (item number 22) (id 56ce77ff-1282-4645-96db-71bb63879f8e)
Self-Employed Persons (item number 23) (id 8ecbbe25-df8f-4832-87a5-064778f3798c)
Doctors' And Dentists' Pay (item number 24) (id d95a8921-2bd1-4109-bdbd-97995b32cee9)
Parliamentary Questions (item number 25) (id d635f5a7-7497-4011-b3f6-64bd141469bd)
Petrol Taxation (item number 28) (id 86fb14ab-7613-4a42-a8aa-3610e49b5077)
Employment (Public Sector) (item number 29) (id bf8b3638-c95d-4e56-89e5-66424c6d5b1c)
Income Tax (item number 30) (id ecf00579-f296-4573-98c4-5b44b46a69d6)
European Investment Bank Loans (item number 31) (id 1b8cd5a0-3561-4593-8efb-09984f83db9c)
Value Added Tax (item number 32) (id 27c756ab-72c2-4e42-9e0c-7de56365bf0a)
Housing Executive Rents (item number 34) (id 3f408f15-2f2b-4ce8-a16c-d5130ba3d45c)
Harland And Wolff Ltd (item number 35) (id 638260ab-2a78-4d40-863c-2b327f7bbea4)
Contract And Tort (item number 36) (id a3601fca-aefe-4b58-a798-c4475db2e39c)
Remanded Juveniles (item number 37) (id 9a8ef6b7-f8f0-486d-9498-354ea639d7d4)
University Students (item number 39) (id 88ceef26-4899-44e0-a439-d7604be44562)
Nursery Schools (Lancashire) (item number 40) (id 8b76ed83-0beb-4c36-92e8-8465f8f89829)
Public Lending Right (item number 41) (id e08ca076-da31-4077-8019-492fe53dec16)
Buses And Trains (item number 43) (id 3206a34d-bf39-4143-a744-5945a9b9f838)
Rochester (Oil Refinery) (item number 44) (id c9eceaf8-9885-49b4-85e3-38b62afb026f)
Local Authorities (Establishment Levels) (item number 45) (id cfdaa6d9-c5ec-40ec-b5f8-076af58b9bb4)
Road Haulage Permits (Italy) (item number 46) (id 2b4abb5b-4431-42e8-9120-a9910f54594e)
Caravan Sites (item number 47) (id 929842bc-32d0-4300-a1c8-99ee80cf04ad)
Rates (item number 48) (id efddc257-80ba-494f-ac7e-c089d65bc1a7)
Bus Services (Countryside) (item number 49) (id 537592c1-6b35-4b44-9aff-00235eaa2962)
Toxic Wastes (item number 50) (id 4d80d2ed-8262-432c-956d-5a836bded9c0)
Speed Limits (item number 51) (id 5e1ece5f-cd42-480d-9a41-9eb04960ceb3)
Planning Application (Winchester) (item number 52) (id 4c8e1f77-56c0-4d85-9b2a-a556a26b6fe4)
Personnel Exchanges (item number 54) (id ef38803d-317b-4849-af53-c1f1c77caa06)
British Military Cemetery, Baghdad (item number 55) (id 05710281-1f3c-4d57-83fc-464e12d2a02c)
Berwick-Upon-Tweed (Service Property) (item number 56) (id 2e84d45c-6fa6-45e5-91a0-251c3ba514a6)
Pensions (item number 57) (id 76f729d5-c22a-4602-8bdc-290b9ae0cb54)
Health And Safety (item number 59) (id 15d61d20-b1fd-4030-8adc-970595712836)
European Community Regulations (item number 61) (id 9d6193c4-77cc-4390-8a0a-c5422eb2afac)
North Sea Oil Installations (Russian Vessels) (item number 63) (id fb97b105-5a98-4fcf-8ffb-1eb012213515)
Passport Holders (Immigration) (item number 64) (id 89dc6007-5f60-4e68-b8c8-1eef52a7ba4e)
Nationalised Companies (Boards Of Management) (item number 66) (id d8e5e8c2-a288-43bc-9497-ff85df931884)
Companies (Government Shareholdings) (item number 67) (id 1626dbce-f907-4732-98f6-0bf5e3d58d09)
European Coal And Steel Fund Loans (item number 68) (id f2da497d-cb6d-4114-9ffc-4c7cd8dfca23)
Powell Duffryn Works, Barnham (item number 69) (id cd468ee1-9047-42a5-bef7-9ce9b36ab480)
Steel (item number 70) (id 43ef29f9-7f42-48dd-8a06-580e40810ffc)
Shipbuilding And Aerospace (item number 71) (id 82d3ba04-9049-4511-91e3-e8c5a258ba8f)
Workers' Co-Operatives (item number 72) (id 6990d81c-7e21-4397-b9e5-b49c64f665f9)
European Community Membership (Referendum) (item number 73) (id c1697cf4-2b9a-4c30-9e03-18e70573f84f)
Pensioners (item number 77) (id 4387594f-fb43-4461-ada4-b2da1203c7c4)
Attendance Allowance (item number 78) (id 754b6405-68ca-4ec8-9e2f-ff3217595076)
Invalidity And Industrial Injuries Benefit (item number 79) (id 6d45462c-ba2a-4223-9d71-7d3bac245106)
Staff (item number 80) (id 1f0e53cc-6033-4ddc-b76d-a486dd09e1ea)
Medicine Sales Promotion (item number 81) (id a87562a0-7111-44d2-be1b-9749be984f40)
Kidney Patients (Travel Costs) (item number 82) (id 04a1a335-dfc7-4fd9-889f-4455a96423e4)
Kidney Machines (item number 83) (id 74522ae2-aedd-494e-ac89-935433dece2a)
Community Homes (item number 84) (id 62e51cf4-5cba-4cd2-9216-0239ec986a5c)
Doctors And Consultants (item number 85) (id 42d53e9b-22e6-47ff-bcd2-2f6fce4bf07f)
Strikers (Benefits) (item number 86) (id 768bef6a-eb3c-4b16-b869-b285e0d52d7c)
Day Nurseries (North-West England) (item number 87) (id 2acf8400-88b4-4b40-bec7-73a66478e2ce)
Stansted Airport (item number 89) (id 2ebe6fee-5c4e-476c-a52c-672a0822e963)
Roads (Building Programme) (item number 91) (id 3067c6fc-1067-4c7d-b0e5-6901b35533e9)
Dual Carriageways (item number 92) (id 39f105c8-44db-4701-a75c-8beac1057de0)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.