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Commons Hansard for 14 April 1975 (Volume 890)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 13 May 2018 at 1.04am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id b65a609a-d4e0-4881-bcd7-37662cf87c4a)
Prayers (item number 2) (id f821e562-c093-49e3-a669-2b3957172357)
Northern Ireland (Goc's Speech) (item number 4) (id f71f3d73-e343-4609-a268-e3d75fd4e159)
International Energy Agreement (item number 5) (id 15ee252b-c744-45cb-9d5d-b6a94eaadc45)
Standing Committee Proceedings (item number 6) (id bcabb91a-a3b0-45a0-9c8d-223e762fac94)
Northern Ireland (Goc's Speech) (item number 7) (id 2e087a4d-1fe1-4bb8-b29e-c79f91ce377c)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 703cfd74-0cde-4fe9-bc3d-336d4cdf352d)
Petrol Prices (Charitable Organisations) (item number 3) (id 3be1f61d-a786-46ca-b3a7-93fa1ac7864b)
Oil And Gas Resources (item number 4) (id 59be2a15-ede2-4ffc-918e-81ad30407c5b)
Man-Made Fibres (item number 5) (id 4ef586bb-8e3f-45ae-b9b9-e1cd3d49a447)
Higher Leaving Certificate (item number 7) (id 689cd8f4-01b9-4702-8f76-34ef68de6a07)
Doctors (Pay) (item number 8) (id 5cba9a3b-fa4b-46f9-82ad-eaf6f042dd14)
Economic Policy (item number 9) (id 5a03bec1-9b85-420d-b614-f1b4d7052652)
Mr Shelepin (Visit) (item number 10) (id 7d7f3c23-613e-46e7-aece-b6f4ce60797d)
Mentally Handicapped Children (item number 11) (id 68940a4e-a05b-4ed3-b43d-01126ffd6ecb)
Air Services (Highlands And Islands) (item number 12) (id 52d41a23-e733-480b-819c-a1451d459be0)
Devolution (item number 13) (id c7d5a0be-cb7f-4300-9971-39f362661d21)
Members Of Parliament (Pay) (item number 14) (id 29f30406-5ce1-4127-aca2-b72b75ed4dc0)
European Community Membership (Referendum) (item number 16) (id 70bb4bbd-e731-4cac-bd4a-4754dbc639a2)
Doctors' And Dentists' Pay (item number 17) (id ef714fbc-996d-4cde-b0fe-8bdfc0ce5029)
Government Ministers (item number 18) (id 5025398f-b826-4ae0-9e04-962b80468ac4)
Aircraft (item number 20) (id 7fc36a73-58c2-4966-a2e5-6253c41f43be)
Beira Patrol (item number 21) (id 46d4ca89-2332-4fa2-8ee6-891fd863ff66)
Raf Strike Command (item number 22) (id 1b70c3b7-61cf-4b0f-9e35-2bf468b1c9ee)
Missiles (item number 23) (id 905f3c86-b572-47c6-bc26-153915d79976)
Airborne Brigade Group (item number 24) (id f1db7f40-e9d7-4e2f-8caf-802ecd9c7555)
Nato (item number 25) (id 0d272c0c-5fae-4c01-adb5-bf6cfb00b59b)
Parachute Regiment (item number 26) (id 5b24746e-6498-4b31-95e9-624e1850492b)
Pilots (item number 27) (id 2cb75814-7637-4060-8b99-f06428f60175)
Hong Kong (item number 28) (id bad394e3-4725-48dd-820a-e707deacbc6e)
Raf Cottesmore (item number 29) (id eae68ab7-e702-4585-9978-759e1ee07bbd)
Mr Shelepin (Visit) (item number 30) (id 1061f4f4-7a62-4dea-b4d7-15841368f13d)
Glasgow Refuse Clearance (item number 31) (id d462c98d-939f-49ed-8be0-46d171180554)
Disabled Persons (item number 33) (id ebe3a201-ba94-4177-a107-062aec763c66)
Roads (Expenditure) (item number 35) (id dcca3a39-ba5e-4dcd-8f3b-7fb4283116de)
Rates (Unused Shops) (item number 36) (id 3785dbf5-79ae-4876-a588-710e3c71023d)
Householders (Job Restrictions) (item number 37) (id b98776d3-074e-4edd-9fd7-91303b90dfa0)
Solar Heating (item number 38) (id 07e0e92b-4a75-4a50-af36-9d5f30ded78c)
Housing Modernisation (Tynedale) (item number 39) (id f5cf9b3d-65da-41dd-b3e0-aa791186f530)
Reservoirs (Angling) (item number 40) (id 6ba09433-375a-4889-a3b2-799149774baf)
Local Authority Housing Estates (item number 41) (id e1867aef-283a-490e-8f54-6b9bb098c163)
Compulsory Purchase Order (Haringey) (item number 42) (id eef76d89-322c-4905-9169-e09b3db96cd9)
Rate Increases (item number 43) (id fe610f37-9777-4369-8e86-70a343703e32)
Chief Inspectors (Promotion) (item number 45) (id 41269463-d7f8-4899-b288-cb678983fbc6)
Urban Aid Programme (Hampshire) (item number 46) (id fe141b21-4cac-493a-95e1-9cafadc8e0ac)
Immigration (item number 47) (id 801da9fb-cf6e-402a-8ed9-689806fcb436)
Prisoners (item number 48) (id 353245fc-674b-46da-b4ba-1f47e409d496)
Prisons (Deaths) (item number 49) (id 44cd6362-a6f2-4742-89f3-1e61a4a985dd)
Chileans And Vietnamese (item number 50) (id 0510d605-8b89-4d34-a4c4-be668f8cd250)
Taxi And Car Hire Trades (item number 51) (id 753103a8-5342-4023-8f6f-985e9c573173)
Migraine (item number 53) (id b18e9170-8906-43b5-a590-8137660e7029)
Devolution (item number 54) (id 48d23736-9c6b-4fdc-91a7-9c13b39db9d2)
Overseas Posts (Candidates) (item number 56) (id 81795757-f4b8-4953-8683-9064689fa2cb)
Sixth-Form Colleges (item number 58) (id 47644d39-699b-4cba-9c4c-5a2665fbc06b)
Comprehensive Schools (Bedfordshire) (item number 59) (id c000246e-8298-4dce-995a-dc312842705d)
School Governors (item number 60) (id 1b611cdf-cf10-4e70-966c-ad9c3887561d)
Opera And Ballet (item number 61) (id c089b4d7-a55b-4737-a5f0-2d2b964b8f4d)
National Theatre (item number 62) (id af0a8fac-0792-4086-be6b-20cbc686d66d)
Income Tax (item number 64) (id 00320cbe-f5ad-4fa5-a4a5-92d784b21d63)
Value Added Tax (item number 65) (id d4f879bf-6366-434e-8be4-690da0757b19)
Wages (Purchasing Power) (item number 66) (id dc5d6b5c-8cfc-426b-9857-034043876f84)
European Community Loans And Grants (item number 67) (id e97c947d-fd7b-4a15-8ce1-804f16d6b565)
Subsidies (item number 68) (id bf7b6649-6730-423b-bea2-444ece4bb3da)
Consolidated Fund (item number 69) (id a9187ec2-9cdc-4c48-a1ce-83e176fcad3f)
Public Expenditure (item number 70) (id a65bd5d2-70e2-4758-b4d8-cd8ccb16cc30)
National Debt (item number 71) (id 175be55b-5d42-4737-b909-93b7cb63dac6)
Public Service Employees (item number 72) (id 7d57a75d-0859-4190-bc17-f9cd0c84ab00)
Model 70 Invalid Tricycle (item number 74) (id 6e2f4ba1-8337-4ccd-a28d-4977684acb8d)
War Pensioners (item number 75) (id 0f272a86-a2a5-4d7b-913a-ae6a4ab2870c)
Abortion (item number 76) (id 181a9509-f42a-47d6-9a94-786af6fe01cf)
Hospital Beds (item number 77) (id 8b18b681-4a51-424f-8868-82d149d637e5)
Psychiatric In-Patients (item number 78) (id b5bc526a-4544-42ab-8622-5b8f7e4ac673)
Glasgow Dustmen (item number 79) (id c2a117c7-1105-490c-85f0-c78169df5c70)
School Dental Services (item number 80) (id 5bc59c27-cfe1-4beb-a183-466d707460aa)
Sugar Stocks (item number 83) (id baf0d215-9fb1-486c-a2b2-cf62d0221613)
European Community Grants (item number 84) (id 6d05d221-1e74-404d-9e6a-da5c6c1bb481)
Farm Incomes (item number 85) (id bce7964a-7d48-4966-be49-02546ac2a0a1)
Horticulture (Fuel Costs) (item number 86) (id 930def5d-ad98-42f5-ba6d-fe9d95b9b4eb)
Taxation (item number 87) (id afec5e93-5660-4dc5-9590-71f92eaa766b)
Postal Rates (item number 89) (id 024ea6e3-a1fc-43a6-80e5-6093e9d00fbe)
Industrial Development (item number 90) (id 85efeaa2-5575-4a6d-b0f4-36698c2d8f71)
Inner City Areas (item number 91) (id 06e81e35-aae7-420f-b12a-a8a8de711b66)
British Leyland (item number 92) (id 0c55338d-a0c1-41d0-bc8c-4d3be5d3db43)
Regional Aid And Development Areas (item number 93) (id f69a09b0-aa55-4b7a-bc73-67f7dca5ac53)
Legislative Proposals (item number 94) (id a05a2c1e-2db8-4939-820d-4c97672b905a)
Industry Bill (item number 95) (id 43959d89-38ed-49b7-92ef-62a267d959d5)
Footwear (item number 96) (id 8cdefd23-360d-4046-8f09-5c1e87af285b)
Paper Saving (item number 97) (id 4fd9c362-0eda-4907-9e5c-d1d7f6d5d015)
Insurance Companies (item number 100) (id 3b3c238c-64d5-45f5-bc0f-f75ba303deca)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.