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Commons Hansard for 27 June 1985 (Volume 81)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 6.47am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 3297fed1-1637-4c6e-8e17-0a219c17c1de)
Prayers (item number 2) (id c3319bb6-1fc8-4a14-8e68-759d97cfd37e)
Business Of The House (item number 5) (id 793db36e-617f-44fd-9a3f-f015a96b093d)
Rate Support Grant (Scotland) (item number 6) (id 113a0279-ef9e-4a9a-805b-2989fe3536a1)
Rate Capping (Lambeth) (item number 7) (id 50bf90eb-d66e-4482-a550-2bb54a507088)
Housing Benefit (item number 9) (id d4d0f8c6-ee46-40be-aea6-a486144fcf50)
Armed Forces (Discipline) (item number 10) (id 3d35b576-e37b-4998-8289-660375961464)
Education (item number 11) (id bf5299e5-a578-485a-bbfb-6d526e80a8f8)
Animals (item number 12) (id 6193cb33-5d82-492a-bc29-7c5cad73c582)
Fairground Safety (item number 13) (id c99fee1c-de6e-41d6-aaf2-f330165c3396)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id b8d30851-e982-4709-944d-12705831a964)

Social Services

National Finance

United States Economy (European Community Action) (item number 1) (id 76c1d0b1-4526-417d-bd18-4ce6f62984aa)
Charities (item number 1) (id ce9d2d22-707b-4a7c-8ccb-05f31844a879)
Economic Policy (Pay Levels) (item number 1) (id c818409a-7cfc-4c31-9c91-0524093509ba)
Exchange Rate (item number 1) (id d044f953-420e-40c1-83dc-dad3b9fe86e8)
Inflation (item number 1) (id c4ae7723-f431-4306-b427-73214d924621)
Value Added Tax (item number 1) (id ac453181-bbb1-40f9-bf28-04ef4da3eb50)
Exports (Economic Activity) (item number 1) (id 3f0d5883-1231-4256-8082-896be70f572b)
Johnson Matthey Bankers (item number 1) (id fb9e08eb-d570-4e25-8e4a-e20cec80cf61)
Sterling M3 (item number 1) (id d8fd1816-9f86-4656-bfd7-46b0319ca525)
State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme (item number 1) (id 6b34cec5-6977-4034-8772-f96cfd8bd256)
Share Ownership (item number 1) (id f382e632-d874-4fd0-9fe8-86a6bdff3c1e)
Manufacturing Output (item number 1) (id c2f39293-6616-4908-bb7d-8b85e483ffd3)
Economic Growth (item number 1) (id 912bf09e-0792-4079-9ad2-62006a07568d)
Capital Projects (Public Sector Spending) (item number 1) (id 5027c2ff-f645-42e8-bc55-b62adbc18a37)
Social Security Reform (item number 1) (id 326f2bdc-68a1-471e-9f71-ad553728751f)
Economic Policy (Unemployment Rates) (item number 1) (id 5864e335-7db5-4c9e-b5bb-d8b0d972120a)
Government Expenditure (item number 1) (id 1663cb1f-5584-4eef-aece-8f568a0ca3cf)
Interest Rates (item number 1) (id b246702f-7917-458a-bf6a-615103f4a7f0)
Tax Yields (Petrol And Diesel) (item number 1) (id 92b2f3ad-3dd0-41ab-99ea-66df348d8434)
North Sea Oil (item number 1) (id ae2d5de7-5c8b-455d-a32c-160aec934f5a)
Public Sector Pay (item number 1) (id 88f988da-49e6-479e-ab34-6408689b326b)
Manufacturing Industry (item number 1) (id 5e82c1e2-173a-4ea4-9a86-d063ca476baf)
Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (item number 1) (id 0e6b7f2c-0b0e-43a4-abe6-f8171af58987)
Domestic Rates (item number 1) (id d1dfd059-6f3a-4e95-a6e7-98100d1a6245)
Oil Revenues (item number 1) (id 7a31aa32-30b4-482e-92ca-28011431b255)
Economic Progress (item number 1) (id 504d64a2-50c2-4c13-b178-6f29ec4c9492)
Communion Wine (item number 1) (id 6e5b244d-33a6-4280-9d47-e2b0842ce393)
Share Option Schemes (item number 1) (id d776d173-9d4b-43f0-9f7d-377dd291c5d1)
Unemployment (Scotland) (item number 1) (id 01970490-4942-4ffa-a5bd-67748921c2a8)
Personal Earnings (item number 1) (id 4a605454-9339-4152-891b-f474fa677ec3)
Value Added Tax (Double Glazing) (item number 1) (id ca895d71-590a-45ab-99fa-2b858423d977)
Stamp Duty (item number 1) (id f7c16d43-52b6-4dfd-bd04-dcc8a54dce2d)
Banks (Auditors) (item number 1) (id ffedfbe0-5348-4357-a5ea-aec90bf28ee3)
Taxation And Benefits (Integration) (item number 1) (id 327d5563-defc-4095-b972-e489b20de850)
Single Transferable Tax Allowance (item number 1) (id 81545b3e-6448-4239-9db2-6bcc7e5ab1ee)
Association Of Former Trainees Of The European Communities (item number 1) (id fbe568e8-c80b-450e-8c87-b62754acb38a)
Ec (Own Resources) (item number 1) (id d7093967-15bb-486c-ae86-c2b7d4d62af0)
"Official Report" (item number 1) (id a6ff0277-52d3-4643-b819-b3fab22ef026)
Exchange Rate And Oil Price Assumptions (item number 1) (id abc0d981-d00a-4729-be42-7214ca704ac8)
Money Supply (item number 1) (id 7880d72d-e700-4790-9b39-c3ee46bb8b0e)
Income Tax (item number 1) (id 8923ad97-11ad-4942-a0de-e6e0b2aa5994)
Johnson Matthey Bankers (item number 1) (id 3097407f-71ca-422f-8d93-248dd012e69a)
Lloyd's Syndicates (Reinsurance) (item number 1) (id 75f7f400-839e-4a6c-95b9-ad67b415ba92)
Yen (International Currency) (item number 1) (id 677cf1a7-0354-46cc-91cc-dfdc1a3cba5e)
Manufacturing Investment (item number 1) (id ebe6cb73-c0bd-4752-8cd9-b283da53e603)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.