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Commons Hansard for 15 November 1977 (Volume 939)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 3.38am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 112b0e1c-fa8f-4bd0-935c-1f666cd43387)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 87e0a159-101c-43c4-8231-b48561420c49)
Fire Service (Dispute) (item number 7) (id 7ec5728e-2a68-4b00-a27d-8f08700728f4)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id bbd4829c-e587-4914-8789-6e0f924bdfce)

Overseas Development

Devolution (item number 3) (id 0766d8c0-989a-4dab-be82-206a4d4a1c31)
Waste Recycling (item number 6) (id fb9e07fe-a995-4208-b938-d83e7aff473a)
Pay Settlements (item number 7) (id 1b98605e-58e4-4aa2-87df-f429662c47d9)
Society Of Civil And Public Servants (item number 8) (id 42f8f993-bfbf-4d33-a3b3-bab1ec641527)
Post Office Board (item number 9) (id 1b12a874-eb89-4ecd-acdf-fecb7a44f7eb)
Shipbuilding (item number 10) (id 7df23670-fbe9-4fb3-80f5-4078e2c79cbf)
British Steel Corporation (item number 11) (id 93c4f484-2e03-478a-8c83-38dbed81fcb1)
National Enterprise Board (item number 12) (id a2e7ba4e-25f2-49d2-97e8-8bc78c7b9ba9)
British Leyland (item number 13) (id c24ea488-5b02-4470-a4a2-8e31c6b36f2f)
Government Chemist (Laboratory) (item number 14) (id f392c7ad-df18-4ab3-9255-06d663bfff79)
Chrysler United Kingdom Ltd (item number 15) (id 8618594f-6656-4688-affc-3261a95d07d1)
Methodology Of Industrial Sector Energy Requirements (item number 16) (id 939bb5a3-80e5-4e93-bfe4-00c3398cda7e)
Fuses (item number 18) (id 99bc256a-b838-4ddc-8132-b47263d727f7)
Vandalism (Compensation) (item number 20) (id 96d052a9-23dc-41b5-afd5-1d8787f9b34f)
Unemployed Persons (item number 22) (id b819de1c-414b-4916-81dc-52897733133f)
District Nurses (item number 23) (id 0878544e-44df-41ff-8cb4-8826ec9d87b3)
Halton General Hospital (item number 24) (id c56bafcb-992c-4a89-84e0-ff3b0003bbf6)
Invalidity Pension (item number 25) (id 0115b553-6b42-4133-bb08-031b1cb7bd15)
Family Planning (item number 26) (id a891ee9c-bb0c-44a2-aa02-aee86f84fa4d)
Telephones (item number 27) (id 7fb1cf1c-9e99-478b-8db1-2ee6444ce897)
Family Incomes (item number 28) (id 7bf5a144-22cf-4797-8bae-35ee7558388a)
Disabled Persons (item number 29) (id f9c40003-665c-4b88-a688-29cc873adabc)
National Insurance (Registration) (item number 30) (id a668a7a8-a946-4726-a67f-26bd956b4c58)
Ear Piercing (item number 31) (id 5485481d-bb36-4188-a427-e696c90f8f2c)
Medicines Commission (item number 32) (id 8a9fcdd9-d86c-4d89-93b8-ebc7a93f667c)
St Nicholas Hospital, Plumstead (item number 33) (id e987cc5c-3cd5-48df-b796-d26a67e3b8ab)
Hospital Beds (item number 34) (id 0dbb30f7-9b56-4cbc-9543-fe5e2792087b)
Pay Beds (Debts) (item number 35) (id 9ed6815a-4d0d-4aa2-bc2d-07ce4a538987)
Community Homes (Secure Places) (item number 36) (id 90609639-9934-467b-8389-82e8cfc66135)
Leaflets (Costs) (item number 37) (id dc55ceef-4b77-4837-9dfc-6c4fdebef792)
Family Allowances (item number 38) (id 61713dc3-ffe7-48fa-a199-4e1d3befa167)
Disabled Persons (Vehicles) (item number 39) (id 97780a1c-b453-4437-b07b-0119911fad19)
Children In Care (Deaths) (item number 40) (id 1b1400dd-50b0-4a63-a95f-d86a677de0a6)
Vaccination (Brain Damage) (item number 41) (id 15263ce2-dbc5-4011-9ee7-36c8f8c98fe7)
Tuberculin-Positive Children (item number 42) (id afbc0924-9be5-4272-b138-e9de0c65caa5)
Rubella Vaccination (item number 43) (id 00b7e1f8-bddb-4315-8316-d9fa9712c2e1)
National Development Team For The Mentally Handicapped (item number 44) (id cdf43e34-9217-430b-add0-9d7957fee7f2)
Pensions Recipients (Canada) (item number 45) (id 65f42ae2-8fa7-4e07-a830-d21dd70efeff)
Pensions Reciprocity (Canada) (item number 46) (id 74302ee5-412e-4dbd-a390-49d9f7ba31c2)
Immunisation Campaign (United States Of America) (item number 47) (id 5648e7b2-e82f-488b-8b67-d83167537386)
Disabled Persons (Netherlands) (item number 48) (id 92a84c8e-4e4f-4810-b90e-be53f3d9346e)
Mrs L M Maccutchan (Child Benefit Claim) (item number 49) (id 987dae5a-a2c3-41b9-8039-6172e730c795)
Children's Spectacles (item number 50) (id 109bfcd0-9a0f-45e6-8554-e2cdc169d28d)
Child Benefit Claims (item number 51) (id e626f70c-a45c-483a-a526-6b1425bb2b8c)
Doctors (item number 52) (id eeb7b348-b421-41d1-ad35-c38c00dd17ec)
Conservation (Committee Of Ministers) (item number 54) (id dd85524d-2009-412c-b398-211d77da9504)
Plutonium (item number 55) (id 9a13415e-4ed3-45fc-8a5b-f1686a836bac)
Departmental Staff (item number 56) (id b06c774a-404a-42c9-9cc9-bf3837722081)
Coal Mining (item number 57) (id ffdb6acd-5cba-40f5-9780-81d87b5a88d7)
Selby Coalfield (item number 58) (id 85d460c9-d3c0-4f14-82d5-8bd1c2b92d65)
Ministry Of Defence Police (item number 60) (id fd8874c3-84b1-45e7-9244-bda6133cf08b)
Intervention Stocks (item number 62) (id d4e14b45-08a5-4347-bcdf-1346df381ccd)
Food Prices (item number 63) (id 6b97729c-040a-48f9-a532-fc6c8dbea4e5)
Animals (Welfare) (item number 64) (id 549b750f-4403-431c-a39d-9389c05e88e0)
Food And Drugs Laws (item number 65) (id ccd37413-ac3b-40f3-ac97-dd6f72c849e7)
Tourism (item number 67) (id 1d6e5a5f-c349-434b-940c-a8edbfcc5ee6)
Exports And Imports (item number 68) (id 8ba9eff1-6ac3-47c9-afd8-e32d5144692a)
Respiratory Health (Survey) (item number 70) (id 2f0a01bf-6804-48f8-8974-f1de73369be7)
Gce Examinations (item number 72) (id bedb2322-69a2-438b-85bc-69a74bf48c73)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 73) (id 25def2d4-2bbe-40a1-9f50-daed20d0a35e)
Sheep (item number 74) (id 0b6ddfb1-183d-46a6-847b-b54a89ad6ad6)
Loan Charges (item number 75) (id 4f05a9a2-e657-47ff-b5e1-7b0ec58163f1)
Government Press Centre (item number 77) (id ef3c0c71-4d8f-4e62-88e5-ac4b18680faf)
Footpaths And Bridleways (item number 78) (id 034b1eb6-13bb-42a5-a7aa-9aac89297e15)
Yorkshire (item number 79) (id 66a0b9ea-1427-4ada-8ea9-0d8a8fceeb88)
Housing (Mentally Handicapped Persons) (item number 80) (id 552ae157-94b1-4eb8-a8e7-313b69e89e5d)
Driver And Vehicle Licensing Centre (item number 82) (id e0ce11c9-d8ad-4a83-b277-d6589ef7067a)
Roads (Channel Ports Routes) (item number 83) (id 3c704ac1-fde7-4a0e-9423-b8f99a30e9ab)
Freights (item number 84) (id d442f654-9883-4a7c-9d50-0cd3ac506218)
London Outer Orbital Road (Hertfordshire) (item number 85) (id 4ffea89b-334a-40ac-9778-7f1b8ffd4114)
Road Projects (Regional Fund Grants) (item number 86) (id 5e87ecfc-31cf-4f36-940b-dd6936a3be63)
School Meals (item number 88) (id de1764c9-d345-472d-aa07-802ad957ea65)
School Reports (item number 89) (id 207c9f9e-071d-4be0-92bc-ca80d848272d)
University Teachers (item number 90) (id edca6e65-1a0d-49b2-b62b-86547b447243)
University College, Buckingham (item number 91) (id febff5b1-be06-48b9-ab3d-88ce0332cff2)
Departmental Correspondence (item number 92) (id 469a0b47-960e-4eb0-a729-184c5314cc22)
Police (Hours Of Duty) (item number 94) (id cdda7a16-213d-43d3-b351-8b4fbc7d65d0)
Prisons (Costs) (item number 95) (id 3be990dc-a2e8-4875-bc97-74fd4029a917)
Police (Cheshire) (item number 96) (id 6bb9641c-60f0-42b7-b1c0-aa4baf7804df)
Sexual Offences (item number 97) (id 04bb6393-6ffe-431f-a002-4bfea2689ce4)
Mr Sun Myung Moon (item number 98) (id 9bf8e851-3999-4904-9e4a-3f75b34db7bf)
Unification Church (item number 99) (id 5c20c2e2-b310-40d5-952a-a39e44c959ee)
Broadcasting (item number 100) (id 7b39dbb9-7038-4c5a-84ae-fe093aabcd24)
Tourists (item number 101) (id 76609b8e-4213-4b75-9f6c-49369d4d20c6)
Public Services (Pay) (item number 102) (id 1bb44679-10a0-4107-8626-d518325e134f)
Sunday Trading (item number 103) (id fa3c64fc-12bb-441c-968b-8b81cffb5e3b)
Fair Play For Children Campaign (item number 104) (id 7802782d-b95b-461b-a9c1-f312b9626c8e)
Scientology (item number 105) (id 2855b2ee-5521-48e8-b533-334cbcbc4912)
Animals (Experiments) (item number 106) (id 461f9712-095d-4141-8202-46530260692e)
Community Service (item number 107) (id 28af709c-d82d-46a9-a1d2-741fdbdd1c50)
Metropolitan Police (item number 108) (id 6f03c6f0-b0ee-4a88-8f78-51ad374f62ab)
Docks (item number 110) (id e44f2da2-3a5c-4c60-b10c-8e2d0af70dd3)
School Leavers (item number 111) (id b562dc08-e3fe-4947-b5d1-0e7c6f8e6d1c)
Unemployed Persons (item number 112) (id 188121a3-d625-40f5-a27f-ad71805559d3)
Employment Protection Act (item number 113) (id 0423489b-c14c-43e3-bdf1-9979571c6144)
Homeworkers (item number 114) (id de181ce9-b96b-4023-98f0-3fcc359c5a1e)
Dismissals (item number 115) (id d182b0e9-99e7-4496-b1ff-f8e3ec1f7061)
May Day (item number 116) (id 43563370-317e-4968-b00e-40cada502c46)
Bromley (item number 117) (id 0d31a2c5-335b-4aa5-ba40-c6adf2f9a068)
Job Creation (item number 118) (id 067ab2ee-0d67-4a1c-8fb3-aa3875f32038)
Pay Settlements (item number 119) (id d83b1dd8-c233-427e-b5e5-5134a74a82d1)
Trade Union Membership (item number 120) (id 25abc7a1-c990-4181-b481-5a2c17b70b86)
Advisory, Conciliation And Arbitration Service (item number 121) (id 7a6d7412-7f29-4bb3-bc2f-c8627306aa89)
Manpower Services Commission (item number 122) (id c401cc87-7eb6-40d2-bf1e-679be2d32572)
Cornwall (item number 123) (id ee0dba56-ccb1-4fd5-91a1-f8ddf5447aca)
Jobcentres (item number 124) (id ade3bed3-2349-4dd6-a996-4cf635d20964)
Disabled Persons (item number 125) (id 7c2ed24a-fa41-4f7c-bdba-e8afd589e110)
Preston (Employment Service Agency Office) (item number 126) (id 5bcbb96a-14be-4f21-854b-cb13cee4f1b3)
Small Businesses (item number 127) (id ec18b931-49b3-4c41-bfd5-567445fb7d43)
East Midlands (item number 128) (id 2f6e78e4-4502-4cb0-b4f6-cfb0dc30bdb1)
Berwick-Upon-Tweed (item number 129) (id ae572ce0-9a02-4d0f-8d01-7c90b1b999dc)
Industrial Tribunals (item number 130) (id ba0fd5d5-07b8-4fab-937c-cae6007eeb03)
Training Services Agency (item number 131) (id 2ca136e2-542d-4f97-87ec-a43fa25de783)
Central Arbitration Committee (item number 132) (id 69ee60d7-7ea2-4263-8a32-b939208ac66d)
Health And Safety Commission (item number 133) (id afdc7a07-a32e-42f0-9dac-27a14aab1ada)
Dyestuffs (Health And Safety) (item number 134) (id d83e49a1-743d-4efc-9bf1-f9ac1cc74269)
Family Allowances (item number 136) (id 23998022-bf54-4aab-a861-72ce98dce3ae)
Mortgage Interest Rates (item number 137) (id 4effd100-9d87-47b1-ada6-343771102c0c)
£ Sterling (item number 138) (id 883d4688-d770-4753-adcc-21d13c918c85)
Tax Deferred (item number 139) (id 5cfe919b-758c-4b10-b185-944ff1bd50b4)
Income Tax (item number 140) (id 0e01ba64-091e-42fa-9726-15db043a1847)
Treasury Staff (item number 141) (id 1d740be9-70aa-4a77-9417-c996416c514d)
Oil Revenue (item number 142) (id 77cd247c-bef0-4d8f-96aa-607fb7d25883)
Local Government Finance (item number 143) (id 7913a405-8326-48c5-b266-5907b2b7acec)
Royal Jubilee Appeal Fund (item number 144) (id 9bd7d8a9-9858-4c24-9641-39997f487f29)
Finance Houses And Fringe Banks (item number 145) (id b196a407-eb5b-4691-ab31-d85ebc9967a1)
Exchange Control (item number 146) (id 4b32bec8-5d3c-4a41-9c5e-43cf9f93b8f0)
Civil List (item number 147) (id 4e66e247-790d-446a-ac11-7e486a0162c4)
Social Wage (item number 148) (id 0d0916b9-ffe5-4165-ab6d-01ea9f5b9233)
Personal Incomes (item number 149) (id 5c1686c7-e182-4476-9f83-48b3c7575245)
Land Acquisition (Compensation) (item number 150) (id 48bcbfcf-0569-4287-b269-3fab329616f6)
Pay As You Earn (item number 151) (id a446e73f-9c6c-4dd3-891b-b8d751c5ea5c)
Capital Movements (item number 152) (id b58fecd2-4f1d-4b7c-a94e-f7e0fed5f881)
Development Land Tax (item number 153) (id 9dd9c087-c16d-4867-93bf-4a1fb6316c48)
Phantom Aircraft (item number 155) (id 6874cbf8-a619-4d9e-beeb-ae6719ed434c)
Allowances And Charges (item number 156) (id ce852170-000e-412c-9c7d-58462be657f9)
Munitions (Sales) (item number 157) (id c0f39d08-ce35-4d50-b932-b4c84ff3891f)
Hawk Aircraft (item number 158) (id 78f5b0a0-fa10-458f-a882-b86b4a7e5a1e)
Airfields (Central Europe) (item number 159) (id 0e3474ee-d97c-4d60-af16-52e23fb447a5)
Sky Flash (item number 160) (id 4de868a9-e739-42d1-b6c4-1f69cf571dc8)
Sea Wolf Missile (item number 161) (id b0a8bc98-3533-4ed3-8644-00ecd2bf2e3a)
Nato (Expenditure) (item number 162) (id acd3057c-4caf-46f3-8962-cbc4bce4b3ec)
Pay (item number 163) (id 3859eadd-8862-40ec-ba71-675dfa3c2870)
Pensions (item number 164) (id 98393dea-b000-4134-a691-0f187b1e50f4)
Meals Services (item number 166) (id 3c434057-9a62-46e5-a339-6e89f5f3747c)
Criminal Injury Compensation (item number 167) (id 2fba6fd2-0650-4fae-9166-d4d0c0e996b7)
Disabled Persons (item number 168) (id 9d1f4962-13c7-49f0-8553-cdc1da6ca298)
Home Helps (item number 169) (id 8b1cf072-f2b0-4d82-a09c-a207e0afe083)
Chronically Sick Persons (item number 170) (id 9393a49c-e39e-44d8-b3e9-9a13b4cae0c7)
Partially-Sighted Persons (item number 171) (id fb46a2f5-98df-4845-9edb-3ff67031bd31)
Deaf Persons (item number 172) (id b5798e80-de96-4b57-ac23-9c735c444fd2)
Mater Hospital, Belfast (item number 173) (id a2cea4f6-97cb-4121-aaf3-2df1d1a69b97)
Firearms (item number 174) (id 9100a36b-c1aa-42b0-bbac-03e76490915f)
Murder And Homicide (item number 175) (id 6fc5f995-6a3b-40a7-919f-cdf243d0ebbb)
Kneecappings (item number 176) (id 53c27b6a-4b54-44af-ac91-85e8c2913371)
Ambulance Drivers (item number 177) (id 18e0f945-7f29-48ec-a0e7-d7d3e681cf07)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.