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Commons Hansard for 21 November 1977 (Volume 939)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 3.39am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id d8e86d6c-224c-4ade-881f-f94e7349f13c)
Prayers (item number 2) (id fc2edf7b-b5c1-43f2-ab4b-00764a407e96)

Oral Answers To Questions

View all Oral Answers To Questions
The Honourable Member For Bolsover (item number 1) (id 55839c4a-0583-4763-b40b-a4b03b195d1b)
Fire Service (Dispute) (item number 1) (id fbf46df9-ef59-4afe-aa1c-09ddae496f79)
Transport Policy (item number 5) (id 27140e72-3b64-4c14-9177-884d508cdc7b)
Price Code (item number 6) (id 762f6e1d-f880-47ee-b3fe-8bd48ad0ed62)
Road Construction (North Wales) (item number 7) (id ce108072-d34c-4ed5-966c-90b256b83d37)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 93578fad-cb80-4de6-88bf-92bc5d0a9aeb)
Small Businesses (item number 2) (id a8981655-86af-42ef-b20a-560599afbb44)
Chancellor Of The Duchy Of Lancaster (Appointments) (item number 3) (id 0544c4cc-2cfa-40d9-975c-4e52a907935d)
Chancellor Of The Duchy Of Lancaster (Responsibilities) (item number 4) (id 36e58c74-5bf1-472e-9782-79f43e801c5f)
Railway Fares (item number 6) (id 92fcbc39-0c99-48c3-863e-f068fe4fcb33)
Metals (item number 7) (id 017bd813-cbe0-4ce7-9a29-bd6ef86d5e11)
Consumer Advice Centres (item number 8) (id 8f187d76-ac8a-462b-9b01-b46145fc3803)
Engineers (item number 9) (id 1e198b33-cb21-4ee7-833b-4d9d91a192b0)
Mobility Allowance (item number 11) (id 6f4411c9-82dd-46f0-914d-28e6f7e5d88d)
Gynaecology (Berwick-Upon-Tweed) (item number 12) (id f4758f11-9c49-42d9-b454-21fd934402d5)
Vaccination Certificates (item number 13) (id c1205b0b-8762-45dd-aaea-5dbc7d121a89)
Expenditure (item number 14) (id b0ef2046-536e-4f22-9460-d0651b10726f)
Death Grant (item number 15) (id 90868c67-ec94-4d5e-b647-dbe3b867bec9)
Health Services (item number 16) (id fdc367e6-6c59-4db7-a058-a22c51ea5eef)
Postage-Paid Envelopes (item number 17) (id 4fe3ef22-b99b-4bd6-8e04-14c962704b79)
Burns (item number 18) (id f923938d-a294-4b94-a8b7-c345bf0fd968)
Doctors (Medical Notes) (item number 19) (id 079cf957-3096-4ff3-abc3-b8886aaef253)
National Health Service (Computers) (item number 20) (id db267753-3fe5-436a-a2d8-7711ac6704dc)
Fraudulent Claims (item number 21) (id 696add9e-71a7-40dc-a281-a9cc153ded88)
Benefits (item number 22) (id 0653c5bc-633e-497c-a86b-9a6bd3d5a0c0)
Mental Health Examinations (item number 23) (id 5da4cbee-1c40-4a78-aaa1-0e2581ba375f)
Family Income Supplement (item number 24) (id 389efe3e-5496-4f9f-a4f1-c60afb62adf3)
Hospital Beds (item number 25) (id 6be54ed1-3fdc-410f-aef8-adea50fa7361)
Departmental Correspondence (item number 26) (id 962033b3-3444-4906-b8b9-c7d73f62db16)
Disabled Persons (Vehicles) (item number 27) (id 5e55b59b-e650-4862-bf02-22f986ca409e)
Industrial Injury Benefit (Boiler Making Industry) (item number 28) (id 6f73d313-50f1-4454-81e9-8c5ea3c6d556)
Unemployment Benefit (item number 29) (id 51f4c12c-f007-4e67-bcef-45a13ae862fe)
Hospitals (Cumbria) (item number 30) (id d7a40307-b1ed-4c2e-9707-0976b398c013)
Pregnancy Tests (item number 31) (id 744e2dd3-c00d-43ad-9fac-80ee79b09b36)
Primodos (item number 32) (id daefed54-9efd-4d28-a1d6-13cb21747bb2)
Asbestosis (item number 33) (id 48bad496-1f69-428b-ac89-6194904aba69)
Mesothelioma (item number 34) (id df6f11b1-61c6-442a-9a74-2ff830827c96)
Pension Schemes (Trade Unions) (item number 35) (id d2c8c2fe-d9c9-4d86-a11d-b23cf773630e)
Hearing Aids (item number 36) (id 3621671c-6eaf-4776-aa14-5e4412f58997)
Re-Establishment Centres (item number 37) (id 53cb07d2-37e4-4ec7-bee9-019e1310de7a)
Christmas Bonus (item number 38) (id 126dc350-318d-4fa4-95f7-2bed6842a401)
Child Benefit (item number 39) (id ee57724d-59e2-4079-896b-de986449583d)
Disabled Persons (Vehicles) (item number 40) (id ddbd5cc1-cbb0-4e45-9d04-591997227684)
Benefits And Allowances (item number 41) (id 9bcf4f42-98f4-4b87-8183-eb4dfd748096)
Mrs L M Maccutchan (Child Benefit Claim) (item number 42) (id 3d4d3630-fba1-4e56-bbc1-e9016908700b)
Child Benefit Claims (item number 43) (id e0234e69-42e9-4203-9a76-5ef76e34f674)
Hotels And Restaurants (Service Charges) (item number 45) (id 6065a7f5-efe7-45b8-ba4a-f8c0399dc49b)
Palma Airport (Security) (item number 46) (id d8e2607a-cf60-4f82-b8ce-025f214b9eb5)
Oman, Abu Dhabi And Dubai (item number 47) (id 17d2a5af-02af-4a26-b78f-36239c640c32)
Food Imports (item number 48) (id 19131900-657f-4012-a76d-53fbcf308d76)
Ships (Radio Beacons) (item number 49) (id 88853f09-d575-4d7f-b441-f1151467e60c)
Hong Kong (item number 50) (id 889dd985-0bec-4464-bbbc-cd98685b4671)
Oil Imports (item number 51) (id 429b782e-2c8a-4de6-8e94-f797c616e154)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 52) (id f69dfbc2-05dd-4e73-9670-d82ca71a7597)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 53) (id 5bf27f0a-b436-4fd1-8e87-bb41472468b4)
Tourism (item number 54) (id b15225cd-b480-4118-abca-c41aac1c9250)
Science And Technology (item number 55) (id f0e42d00-610c-429b-8ba4-7a398af54f86)
Iron And Steel Scrap (item number 56) (id e2e130ec-94bb-4428-a1f8-5efd77036025)
Oil Rigs (Standby Vessels) (item number 57) (id 9af73871-106c-440f-8e66-11f71e380214)
Criminal Proceedings (item number 59) (id a79d782d-e5a5-4a64-8725-77c315358c1a)
Firemen (Pay) (item number 60) (id 8761cb6c-a8c3-47f0-8428-0e362bf97700)
Carlton Community Home, Bedford (item number 61) (id b34e772f-76c8-41ad-b9e0-99fa7a519ad5)
Police (item number 62) (id 66de70f3-2df9-427e-a31c-a5f4e4459928)
Nottingham Prison (item number 63) (id 9bb11e72-0027-46c9-b079-4562ab8aaede)
Taxis (item number 64) (id 8faff9c6-767c-4bc6-b72e-aa94becb546c)
Science And Technology (item number 65) (id bdad8b1e-c056-4b50-9dcd-341c08ec7cc6)
Civil Servants (item number 67) (id ca30afb4-3269-4df4-bca9-6e6e9405f36c)
Public Appointments (item number 68) (id 485d6154-413f-4977-8935-9fe04bc335d0)
Parliamentary Papers (item number 69) (id 1589976d-1c83-4881-96ab-b2a50b8e6c29)
Her Majesty's Stationery Office (item number 70) (id 7622d6bc-3c02-4cc3-8572-2a2ae2adda65)
Pensioners (item number 71) (id 1f2aaac0-fca7-4940-b3c6-cc38decb1698)
Pay Research Unit (item number 72) (id b2cd8267-df7e-48cf-b00f-fff188b9fc2c)
Lord President Of The Council (Appointments) (item number 73) (id 3b9ad5d4-b6ed-4f4d-8af9-af9904b420b5)
European Community Legislation (item number 75) (id 08b37e82-58c4-4817-87ed-7e510efa5c6f)
Agricultural Investment (item number 77) (id d8cf10ab-dbd4-428b-b4d8-29c0603f4db0)
Milk (item number 78) (id f69a3795-6412-4d5e-b514-7b177288393b)
Departmental Premises (Political Party Recruiting) (item number 80) (id 27b4edc9-a58c-41c5-a4ab-6096f1ab6dc2)
National Association For Freedom (item number 81) (id 03017c4c-b47b-4f26-a88f-2d49235c939f)
Government Communications Headquarters (item number 82) (id 306eaece-5b32-4f88-8fa6-72654526ac21)
Hong Kong (item number 83) (id 0fb08a56-1984-4567-a726-e69d7ec3ed2d)
Ghana (item number 84) (id 4ef3e311-fd6c-4188-8751-a74fc95463db)
Rhodesia (item number 85) (id f4b8a90e-9d5b-4926-a697-056eb12e9adb)
Commercially Important Projects (item number 87) (id 6317360a-afef-4750-b494-22b7ba16e3ca)
Science And Technology (item number 88) (id 88a7a421-a08b-4a8e-8659-ddd30e183a09)
Advisory Committee On Development Education (item number 89) (id 66dafcfd-4f21-4f48-98e6-d884d4f074f5)
Fuel Bills (Arrears) (item number 91) (id e37f92d3-8755-4dca-b26d-7c4437ad0d9d)
Shipbuilding (Apprentices) (item number 92) (id be1e9bff-993c-4060-ac69-28ebf19b0e8e)
Lorry Drivers (Working Hours) (item number 94) (id 7827227c-4ca0-45e6-8a51-e209405aa3c0)
Vehicle Registration (Cherished Numbers) (item number 95) (id bf0dfc6b-560f-4521-9b38-30abe1d6d544)
Road Warning Signs (item number 96) (id 126074c7-cdd1-49c2-8174-d448fa71dcfc)
Driving Instructors (item number 97) (id 0c832269-cb4a-4601-9699-34612475a88c)
Learner Drivers (item number 98) (id 79420a62-515d-4e07-85f0-3a6963bae5a7)
Seat Belts (item number 99) (id 047374b8-d999-45f3-8019-6483d5f0c1bb)
Motor Cyclists (item number 100) (id 37e4d481-f75e-4959-8fdc-67d6c95aadd6)
Froom And Others V Butcher (item number 101) (id 11dbd7f3-13e8-489e-af44-2f280b66cb54)
Car Tax (item number 102) (id e4c30ab0-7e49-4ee3-ac95-85e23ba681f9)
Sutton-In-Ashfield Bypass (item number 103) (id e0564f89-a746-4fc3-9e9f-f8bf92e85850)
A615/A38 (item number 104) (id 2b4cebe1-b4ae-4bac-9f27-b3436112ab99)
Rail Fares (item number 105) (id bfbcd3a4-d8de-4af6-9ed4-0f4dd455ff4b)
A13 (Traffic Signals) (item number 106) (id dedb01f4-56a5-4fb7-9974-a7b20b86bc6e)
A390 (Speed Limit) (item number 107) (id d0863455-a92b-4ee6-8ff8-4d98b74e3c7e)
Driving Tests (item number 108) (id 3831165c-f780-460c-ae89-f1ad004e014d)
Driving Licences (item number 109) (id 4243ed77-5864-4d34-99f2-27bbc74f338c)
Voluntary Organisations (item number 111) (id 2122699f-0fef-40a8-9438-3c34449f2f3a)
Languages (item number 112) (id c888b2f2-0582-427f-b692-d6cb9f86cc4d)
Schoolchildren (Data Storage) (item number 113) (id 15d1497c-dd82-41b5-b801-9453cfd8c9e8)
National Environmental Research Council (item number 114) (id fdc5d8e4-3aef-4855-9ddd-fc8f3f0b5c8b)
Schools (Rural Areas) (item number 115) (id 8daed0d0-acb8-472d-a6bb-7e74b60e2e39)
Tameside (item number 116) (id a5915812-da5e-426d-a3b5-fd7a1c2cebb0)
Gifted Children (item number 117) (id 1a04f92f-5881-4442-ae8c-a1a6864c0c75)
School Holidays (item number 118) (id 84ff175b-0f28-498c-a19e-1bb73bddacfb)
Science And Technology (item number 119) (id 47ebfb41-b537-4cea-bd65-bf9e50804c1b)
Student Grants (item number 120) (id 7b990f47-883a-4ef9-af20-a625fcd950a9)
University Teachers (item number 121) (id 88369b97-aa17-496c-9727-4fde3e4de4ac)
Building Allocations (item number 122) (id 9102a46f-504d-4844-9934-1003709a6fd0)
Palace Of Westminster (Staff) (item number 124) (id 6ed6fac4-9a8b-4225-9157-2cac7a7733ed)
Waste Recycling (item number 125) (id 074314e6-26f3-4123-b625-ecc224ad248f)
Waste Paper (item number 126) (id 2d4d08a2-ce37-4ffc-945a-6f792ee46154)
Snowdonia (Maps) (item number 127) (id 71518cba-039b-458e-b600-d02419ac7ced)
Building Regulations (item number 128) (id 29689519-34ec-4cf7-b3c3-0f226b3c7caf)
Construction Industry (Tax Certificates) (item number 129) (id 2cdbe242-0a1e-45a8-ad64-d8047bb45b17)
Community Land (item number 130) (id 4ca016c0-974c-4767-89d3-ec0cce1e586e)
Water Charges (item number 131) (id 5ff7e95b-05c6-498a-ad7a-ba92f3d51c4f)
Sand And Gravel (item number 132) (id 652493e0-b8fe-4761-ac6e-5ce7d9a4dfaa)
Manchester-Salford Partnership Committee (item number 133) (id cc723a5a-c4e5-48d0-b38f-15887ce270d7)
Disabled Persons (item number 134) (id c7f9e3e7-77c6-4efd-b668-e574393e0055)
New Towns (item number 135) (id b0b2890e-2e69-4873-a4b5-89d37ae45eae)
Rate Support Grant (item number 136) (id 4434a737-6ae7-496e-8874-963f59e57bfe)
Thermal Insulation (item number 137) (id da20625b-21f7-4bc4-a5c9-5363efd8d782)
National Dwelling And Housing Survey (item number 138) (id 495c0264-59a9-4648-aada-31fcf1163155)
Derelict Land (item number 139) (id dddb1edc-c7f2-47fb-9762-36b7a6c2c82e)
Science And Technology (item number 140) (id 1ad6f0fe-93fd-4ab0-9d95-1d25dd57d2cb)
Housing Associations (item number 141) (id d5c8cb65-20a0-45a9-adaf-9e779c2137d4)
Royalties (item number 142) (id 20154f4c-81ec-4eb1-b063-b916362a73d7)
Value Added Tax (item number 144) (id 727e30dc-95c9-47a8-b0e6-59d9087dab88)
Death Duties (item number 145) (id 43df48a5-2fdc-48c3-8bd3-0837baa14e33)
Coinage (item number 146) (id 08cad374-5fc7-4059-9ede-79c13f589407)
Public Sector Borrowing Requirement (item number 147) (id ea3e0e51-2ebe-451d-ac66-02b1bfe18e93)
Ministers And Civil Servants (Perquisites) (item number 148) (id df9b38bd-bb78-4aa7-ac34-d4187c6c0b8d)
Gross Domestic Product (item number 149) (id d694ca36-e912-4670-82fe-666a5691186a)
Mining And Quarrying (item number 150) (id b4cc43d5-89db-4417-9041-7f394c8d3eca)
Personal Incomes (item number 151) (id 756395e3-db97-4f55-be53-a0caa06d7f51)
Fares (item number 152) (id 27397dd7-55ba-43f0-9a85-c5ef9e7ec589)
Mortgage Interest Rates (item number 153) (id 902bce95-f021-4051-b033-90da10448ab8)
Treasury Abbreviations (item number 154) (id 0d0f7986-f2d2-47e8-9c22-84d6e14878de)
Abbreviations Most Commonly Used (item number 155) (id 1d6c9096-6b7c-486c-9951-470e1ec4a3d2)
Construction Industry (Tax Certificates) (item number 156) (id 8d143773-2327-4ada-9b0c-9dd4f0c6c8a7)
Prices (item number 157) (id c5bbb3e2-8379-4307-88d3-8bf03dfa31ef)
South Africa (item number 158) (id 0c765df8-050d-456d-9826-e4bd2f089c67)
Development Land Tax Office (item number 159) (id 620bdc10-5b4c-4407-8711-bba3dbc560b7)
Budgets (Structure) (item number 160) (id 765bfad0-c531-4ecc-809f-59fd03ef4ce3)
Income Tax (item number 161) (id 7f7361fa-5533-40cf-ac4b-d9a7c40aee6c)
Agricultural Investment (item number 162) (id 8c5d89f9-fff2-4c27-bdf3-44cf8c519360)
National Debt And Reserves (item number 163) (id 6b94a2f7-56d1-4aed-bd00-ec84db73bcd3)
Cigarettes (item number 164) (id df52b897-699d-4893-b6b3-0766c4b0af29)
Post Office (item number 166) (id 0d1de6c8-0bb6-454f-8a23-f5ca28afb73a)
Manufacturing (item number 167) (id ffa5cc78-88c1-458a-ba35-51c8d5eaf24d)
Steel (item number 168) (id 4f6b1ba6-7774-496a-b13b-40259856bccb)
Raw Materials (item number 169) (id 1539b9d8-3aa3-48ea-a183-fc736ca76529)
National Enterprise Board (item number 170) (id 5d4710be-87ec-4cb6-ae98-c17722718bd3)
Machine Tools (item number 171) (id ddd14ccc-639f-442f-b939-bfdf1d65694b)
Pricing Rules (item number 172) (id 1a1f9f8f-5818-44ce-ae9b-3121321fab93)
Regional Aid (item number 173) (id 50bcb9f4-e415-4377-baeb-fdf90faf1608)
Laboratory Equipment (item number 174) (id 16ce32fc-809a-49b7-b4b8-e46e073fbd39)
Sowerby (item number 175) (id 0a417d7d-3462-4bc1-8f19-ab85a375ed26)
Shipbuilding (item number 176) (id b1bd052c-9a84-4d26-8e1c-e20bf0d3fd90)
Calderdale (item number 177) (id 8f4f56e0-0db7-4593-b5f9-84d1c651fe70)
Liverpool (item number 178) (id 55042449-9adb-4116-9b49-feb086556b7b)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 179) (id 7f8c14ce-be0b-4dc3-b9b1-955bfed47daa)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 180) (id 6d8cd0d5-87a9-4d85-8019-6990cbb5de4a)
Science And Technology (item number 181) (id 5494d30d-31c9-469e-a1cf-fce804af7202)
Production (item number 183) (id 81b707c3-aeb8-4566-ab74-f1adca9e4d21)
Electricity (Discount Scheme) (item number 184) (id 61614b7c-69ff-4953-8e26-e15c57ce6dc0)
Science And Technology (item number 185) (id 75a3b875-ac0e-4816-98a0-b780507f60ee)
Thermal Insulation (item number 186) (id 5548110c-3d91-455e-b187-270f7e2db5d6)
Gas And Electricity Disconnections (item number 187) (id 0b2dbd44-f6aa-4d11-95a6-0166f3370f94)
Director Of Public Prosecutions (item number 188) (id b8528e2f-1b89-4587-b8f8-96c912e4b1e1)
Evictions (Bailiffs) (item number 189) (id 25ccd89d-1420-4cbc-b9c5-9b89cc926b4e)
Attorney-General (Appointments) (item number 190) (id c4801802-66e3-45f8-bc85-aa38304f8a9d)
Fire Brigades (Substitution) (item number 192) (id b9964604-c010-4ba1-a744-602b9e4a1511)
Nimrod Squadron (Mediterranean) (item number 193) (id 80805ca5-aa84-4607-ba7d-5493b2f18fc8)
Canberra Aircraft Accident (item number 194) (id 2d00f8d0-4246-4257-b8c9-e5eb977810e4)
Chemical Warfare (item number 195) (id f8e3810d-327a-4dee-b9d2-25ebd62b5768)
Water Supply (Grants) (item number 197) (id c72e1b3c-7da5-4f6e-a570-02bb6bd470f7)
Aberystwyth (item number 198) (id 464c3a65-6ef8-4ea0-95cb-0cb61aad5ecb)
Churches And Chapels (Repairs) (item number 199) (id 3e2420b5-3032-47dc-bc6c-c49ee1999696)
Bilingual Education (item number 200) (id f6c25d2c-8b7d-4a62-9756-0a565ee76c2e)
Conservation Areas (item number 201) (id aeba6612-3ef2-42c8-a20a-68bd1336cb5c)
Planning Inquiry Inspectors (item number 202) (id 0afee798-fa60-4572-bd18-292955e36559)
Planning Applications (item number 203) (id 93f54f21-7951-41b3-8f63-e7567dbc2edf)
Planning (Staffs) (item number 204) (id ba03499f-0d01-4254-ba40-7a4542541934)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 205) (id 7abfb18c-e21f-4d55-88bb-62c8675bf5bd)
Industrial Development (Cerrig-Y-Drudion) (item number 206) (id 9ec72af0-6891-4b0a-bda8-785d14417625)
Listed Buildings (item number 207) (id e640dce4-d363-4597-bdff-4f79f7ed9108)
Llyn Brenig (item number 208) (id 0c5d6a75-2af7-48d8-994b-99213d9565f1)
Building Industry (item number 209) (id 4622290e-d2e3-4a51-b840-09e6cbc21c5d)
Heads Of Government (Downing Street Meeting) (item number 210) (id e52c402a-87c1-4f90-8918-f8f7b58850d9)
Job Creation (item number 212) (id 1a31a1cd-f157-4ec2-b69e-af690be2fb81)
Luton Campaign Forhomosexual Equality (item number 213) (id 41e5a7c8-c2ca-4fc4-b9c9-d4691fd896d7)
National Training Survey (item number 214) (id c58e3b42-bf19-4152-a378-70876f58ba92)
Small Businesses (item number 215) (id b5ffc655-139e-4c3f-8b68-ac1c7141b25c)
Retail Prices (item number 216) (id b76d783a-fbe5-4ee0-9e6f-20a0a13e9e47)
Cornwall (item number 217) (id 3bbc1a1b-4daf-4872-a77e-09d93d2036d5)
Unemployed Persons (item number 218) (id 894b3e8f-4941-4d1f-b92f-2dd62efa34fb)
Strikes (item number 219) (id 692a8aae-6e21-4549-a4e8-023e7ff84ab9)
Nurses (item number 220) (id 944d7e13-713d-4398-b8a7-3a29d91642e8)
Prices (item number 221) (id f2fb831e-0715-4691-854a-4b05119f093b)
Disabled Persons (item number 222) (id 7aef2888-a904-4627-bdc7-f52823dc262b)
Sussex (item number 223) (id 12bbff00-e15f-483d-b96f-63c2b3cbe3fd)
Employed Persons (item number 224) (id ad7db313-eced-4af0-9fb1-215a3d191bf3)
Vacancies (item number 225) (id da8070c7-3810-4b0e-b551-01e1a469fe72)
European Council (Social Affairs) (item number 226) (id e40de172-b78a-45bf-b9f6-9cdbb72b4d67)
Hackney And Islington (item number 227) (id 3c5114b1-9df2-407a-86a8-5da36d1769fc)
Respiratory Ailments (item number 228) (id a2f3bc2d-dfa4-4c80-88c6-9336b2dacd09)
Cumbria (item number 229) (id 89c2c58b-18f5-493b-af02-e837f0b05d0c)
Asbestos (item number 230) (id fd03cb20-d20a-4708-98df-d67dad87297b)
Pay Settlements (item number 231) (id fd1f9abb-5277-490c-8685-affc3583931f)
Industrial Tribunals (item number 232) (id 8475c481-8b59-40a6-94e9-3a7431f95700)
Shipbuilding (Apprentices) (item number 233) (id 0f736dbc-1340-4293-b83a-1703fbd82f08)
Manchester (item number 234) (id c7f2123e-2d83-4512-882d-f314f64ce023)
Sowerby (item number 235) (id f27a2bdf-af6c-4c8d-ace1-ec90bbcec52b)
Scotsman Publications Ltd (item number 236) (id 02a26468-ad24-41e1-b464-94d520563918)
School Leavers (Aberdeen) (item number 237) (id 5afc0246-c734-43b9-a92d-451c96250165)
Ruskin College, Oxford (item number 238) (id 0df412f8-e7f6-4a5f-aa34-8d06b7dcaf10)
Teachers (Appointments Committees) (item number 240) (id dda5d5b0-d50d-4e79-b316-4a3d87128fee)
Schools Management Boards (Rathgael And Whiteabbey) (item number 241) (id 04707e95-22e3-404f-88f3-4cabe9f8cde5)
Home Helps (item number 242) (id cbc73ea8-9c86-4b6f-a158-df0da40d82fa)
Disabled Persons (item number 243) (id 948f06d9-6534-4ca0-adf4-66c2dd952413)
St Patrick's Training School, Belfast (item number 244) (id bfa2e2fa-800f-4be8-b722-c850366a4717)
Cattle Exports And Imports (item number 245) (id 5f1b9a76-beb3-4471-9c7c-b62b31346da8)
Rural Housing (item number 246) (id c701037a-d619-4c88-b1b3-4969c570ebf0)
Cattle (Slaughter) (item number 247) (id b269d96d-57b7-4ca4-a6fb-fd1af952e1f6)
Sheep And Lamb Exports (item number 248) (id c9f556a9-b241-46a7-8ddf-6cf946962e96)


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