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Commons Hansard for 22 November 1977 (Volume 939)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 3.40am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id e498a2ed-a327-4b1f-8035-3bc014854f6b)
Prayers (item number 2) (id 45f56627-5208-4937-b566-f591062c5916)
Mr Speaker's Conference On Electoral Law (item number 5) (id c691d12a-d068-4e3f-aff5-3b4954b4e8d8)
Statutory Instruments &C (item number 6) (id 71224abc-a43c-4662-a434-e139478abddd)
Scotland Bill (Business Committee) (item number 7) (id ecb613af-3af7-41a0-ad00-960325fbbfec)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 0ad337d5-7f41-424e-ab9e-88bd060fa1ee)
European Communities (President Of Commission) (item number 2) (id 64c7b287-d0ed-4e84-9d23-d34c9aa74dee)
Central Lancashire New Town (item number 3) (id 3d23c6e7-8538-488d-8f81-e7de4c27d48d)
Nationalised Industries (item number 4) (id 5b3f490a-6b80-4e82-8328-e460fa76c854)
Prime Minister (Engagements) (item number 5) (id fb126d34-b88c-4cfa-8b18-a825b81fb551)
Secretary Of State For Industry (item number 6) (id c4fb4bb3-f567-4847-878f-cb691edb00c1)
Tuc And Cbi (item number 7) (id 1b2cbb2c-3255-4b04-81df-7f3f932dc0e8)
Welwyn Garden City (item number 8) (id 6c44011b-c441-4439-99bc-c404945ba2e6)
Shetland Islands (item number 9) (id 1fb56e1d-1fad-42c2-92e6-96c660bb3bce)
Stechford (item number 10) (id f01c2551-a9c5-42dc-853e-33ec307bb79b)
Nato Heads Of Government (item number 11) (id 051c27a0-3ea1-4647-8096-0efedc1b85bf)
Pretoria (item number 12) (id 6e6f121e-f471-4499-ba6a-21db9784540f)
Archbishop Of Canterbury (item number 13) (id 2cdd0ce4-273e-46dd-a7b1-bf1ca7868b3c)
Newcastle Upon Tyne (item number 14) (id f2e49b6b-70cb-4861-8f48-0ed377825e41)
First Lord Of The Treasury (item number 15) (id 3e4b7744-ce3e-4c7a-8c3f-332ebcd854bf)
Questions To The Prime Minister (item number 16) (id e5c4680a-9bfa-499b-9b03-9518abbd6e8c)
Prime Minister (Broadcasts) (item number 17) (id 14e34cd4-ef8b-4c03-8703-4e5517ea2a15)
Tate Gallery Trustees (item number 18) (id 45e9a27f-4c34-4898-b108-820af3ff771b)
Merseyside (item number 19) (id 2809a414-21ad-4a0e-947e-13e9967cd06a)
China (Foreign Trade Minister) (item number 20) (id e258540c-bfc9-44e7-a699-484a0ef91f0d)
Questions To Ministers (item number 21) (id ed6033b5-2156-4f16-91ec-ac6fc00da11d)
Tuc (item number 22) (id 56770d58-90e7-4c3c-acb5-049816d3f9a1)
Devolution (item number 23) (id 732bffe9-84a4-4aa5-bb72-f238c63e4271)
Local Government (item number 24) (id 7a283e7a-7322-4189-a08f-33fa2506200d)
Listed Buildings (item number 26) (id 40c9b263-38d2-4d7b-ae2c-63efb506acfd)
Areas Of Natural Beauty (item number 27) (id 79d77cef-67ac-48fc-9842-d9e55929edb7)
Building Grants (item number 28) (id fbe48e0b-59e8-46ce-9254-dc337f0b4c56)
Planning (item number 29) (id ad6ef310-d642-4f8a-9bed-e796d7d031a9)
Housing (Modernisation) (item number 30) (id 986674ca-deef-430f-b276-1009383c36e2)
Barley (item number 31) (id 1a0fe528-44ef-4f88-8aff-1546104ffe27)
Fish Processing (item number 32) (id ebbf9f26-cd47-400c-b7da-07fa8420c644)
Western Sahara (item number 35) (id a4113ebe-bd2f-4058-95e1-9b17b0283a47)
Environmental Modification Techniques (Convention) (item number 36) (id 85bdbc5e-a5f7-4364-b3ef-bcc89bc40e1d)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 37) (id fbc2198d-0538-4090-9d78-9498194df9b5)
Morocco (item number 38) (id 1413e4e9-f7dd-43e6-b76d-03e5059c61c2)
Hong Kong (item number 39) (id 5ec55ba6-ad71-44bc-9d9e-20d41a09612f)
Mr Richard White (item number 40) (id 2b77f2ed-feeb-4a59-a809-daf86174e477)
European Security And Co-Operation (item number 41) (id cb3fd53d-2277-4a87-9fdf-a071a1f61378)
Cyprus (item number 42) (id dfdc09fd-433c-4d20-b056-532c9e997986)
Heathrow Airport (Route Dispersal) (item number 44) (id c0d90b0e-d434-4a5a-8ec0-ef4c7c6f802e)
Companies Registration Office (Postal Inquiry Service) (item number 45) (id 96110c59-3d39-49c9-9439-9dd802cf8e7a)
Civil Aviation (Security Measures) (item number 46) (id c37812b9-f755-4c14-9b98-f994919471f7)
Fishing Vessels (Surveys) (item number 47) (id bdc70d10-d2fa-44d6-b398-ac64cde9a0e4)
Prison Visitors (item number 49) (id d2757790-4db6-41ea-bdff-6286a7e6074d)
Acklington Prison (item number 50) (id b028c759-f8cd-427e-a1b7-14fd64e7e5e1)
Incitement To Disaffection Act (item number 51) (id 973ff96c-fdf5-4d5e-8b52-97b239b441ff)
Firemen (item number 52) (id c9e8ead4-5cf2-4726-a4fa-4949f8dd2697)
Television Licences (item number 53) (id 0ae1c031-e0cc-4b62-aa4d-149de907b318)
Prisoners (item number 54) (id 61275db4-0ea8-4a44-9ee8-791bd65356db)
Metropolitan Police (item number 55) (id 5ed4e7ba-cbdb-4edd-ae36-ea604313066b)
Police (Merseyside) (item number 56) (id 92aa0475-6255-4a52-b800-f266ee07663b)
Pay Settlements (item number 57) (id f914f172-281d-431e-b20d-630a047cee8c)
Butter Sales (item number 59) (id 0af9b075-699e-4d5a-920c-f34100fdf07c)
European Community Agricultural Council (item number 60) (id b5305f78-cf7a-47de-a3ac-15315d49a91e)
Conservation Committee (item number 62) (id 567a6bbd-be7a-4805-a93a-0fc4a2c61b86)
Merseyside (item number 63) (id 5f71d378-90ef-4d6e-8762-050545867f43)
Council For Education In World Citizenship (item number 65) (id e7f77c44-eea5-42c4-9290-39353fa22b96)
Courier Communications Service (item number 67) (id 17ab62b6-abd4-4e48-83c8-534e287c6358)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 68) (id 285f67f4-b40b-4b8a-9e12-da42d8321e78)
Meteorology (item number 69) (id bd51ee04-29e5-40d4-a92a-a292f54a9db4)
Meteorological Office (item number 70) (id 3ac41f37-48bf-48d9-b364-4a76678d2bd9)
Pay (item number 71) (id dfa6b327-cecd-4bab-afb5-6873221a97c9)
Aviation (Microwave Landing System) (item number 72) (id 9e37e51e-9244-4032-b0eb-63bce736eef7)
Shipbuilding (item number 74) (id a2a83db3-4846-4dcc-88ba-78e85b078522)
Post Office Workers (item number 75) (id 74c2e301-4413-4fb5-8b17-5662c5862667)
National Enterprise Board (item number 76) (id e4e99510-29c3-4bbf-a88a-774e8ae9770b)
Rents (Furnished Houses) (item number 78) (id c6dbb57c-a68a-4521-8a37-a6d20ffcb3c0)
Housing Expenditure (item number 79) (id 1c81b782-ab5a-47c6-ad6e-daf881c7a0ca)
Conservation Areas (item number 80) (id b0c6ccd4-c0a1-4539-940b-dc1d51d44ba9)
Listed Buildings (item number 81) (id 1766d799-23aa-4fa1-95a6-3f6f4d49b8ae)
Building Grants (item number 82) (id a48226dc-8958-4d7f-8c77-ceeff1556bbf)
Planning (Staffs) (item number 83) (id 601881fd-4541-4fbf-a430-b6d9c70f4998)
Prince Of Wales (Birthday) (item number 84) (id 19b53057-ec58-4d2c-8afe-88842f7b4216)
Waste Disposal (item number 85) (id ec9f89e1-bc17-4c60-8cc7-12af89948956)
Ministerial Residences (item number 86) (id 630dbec7-200b-435a-bc62-53b849a4650d)
Rate Support Grant (item number 87) (id ed5e6426-8226-4741-9c7f-d9903f21ff72)
Windscale (item number 88) (id 50f7de62-47cb-4d23-b294-9dfbfabdecc1)
Housing Associations (item number 89) (id 51535a02-a17b-4dc5-8a09-23f7f2ad488c)
Rate Support Grant (item number 90) (id 99dc0c8e-ef9e-4245-80a1-c60d7c6a89bf)
Liverpool Street Station (item number 91) (id 5b051956-8242-49cf-865f-dca858694033)
Bolton (item number 92) (id 8b846db5-0ba8-4212-97aa-fce09b42bc50)
East Anglia (item number 94) (id d4f96f53-1589-4015-bc47-1bb262b01ec4)
Motorways (Service Areas) (item number 95) (id a2a7c456-fcaf-4c85-bc57-97b77e2bdf2b)
M6 (West Midlands) (item number 96) (id f98b9c63-40e9-4467-a8b9-bf49033ffe52)
Road Construction (item number 97) (id fcb02003-9420-471e-bb6a-686ddea81cff)
Gipsies (item number 99) (id 11d9d025-d461-48ed-916c-7dfee298bdef)
Road Accidents (item number 100) (id c876668e-d2a1-48aa-8057-39ebd44111d2)
Social Priority Allowance Scheme (item number 101) (id 64d886c9-7b46-4799-b056-0b32c0c526c9)
Bexley (item number 102) (id ee73964c-ef07-4eac-9aab-47c0c7306039)
School Meals (item number 103) (id 0dcd903c-b3c9-48f0-8461-bee21a422b33)
School Transport (item number 104) (id 3c7fd172-701b-4973-ad50-ab2aa6718e22)
Dyslexia (item number 105) (id 2e813dda-f220-45e3-9ea9-35dd200bcf21)
Open University (item number 106) (id 651b3f97-c1ce-48d8-8dc3-0ac2f496041f)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 107) (id 9394171a-f81d-4e6a-9206-2725b181ee96)
University Teachers (Pay) (item number 108) (id 0f685226-e921-410b-8568-ea33d9c7758f)
School Building (item number 109) (id 6490229b-c70b-4a11-844e-6202323fd91d)
Social Workers (item number 111) (id b2c7e9b0-890b-491e-b22a-b60ca0335449)
Departmental Staff (item number 112) (id 06b9af6a-0038-46d6-8c63-23eefa6a8905)
Retirement Age (item number 113) (id 07ce4e88-7790-44f2-95d1-98279d56d00e)
St Albans And Hemel Hempstead Hospitals (item number 114) (id 270fc74b-1713-4b51-b044-fc79b992ecd6)
Self-Employed Persons (item number 115) (id c440f63e-f916-4795-8b96-c38b6f98b08a)
Christmas Bonus (item number 116) (id 14847a07-712f-486d-b5d6-22f4a4722b6d)
Spinal Injuries Unit, Stoke Mandeville (item number 117) (id ad265073-c253-4449-b665-c2a4cfda6e25)
Hospitals (Single Room Allocation) (item number 118) (id 54059b95-e542-4961-92c4-ba60bf853d4e)
Trent Regional Health Authority (item number 119) (id 303f451f-037a-4013-963b-b28bceeb7493)
Anaesthetists (item number 120) (id dea0da6a-8db3-41c2-bd51-afaafdc1931b)
Eastern Regional Health Authority (item number 121) (id ce464a27-3fb5-45b7-94df-6e52059b6d62)
Doctors (item number 122) (id d231fd4f-cde1-4f03-b061-2916d78c5170)
Child Benefit (item number 123) (id afb1f9aa-1757-4a09-8eb5-373b191d4ee3)
Down's Syndrome (Child Sufferers) (item number 124) (id 80d2c987-e7a5-4219-af7e-f8ddc35b1970)
Area Health Authorities (Use Of Allocations) (item number 125) (id 97318e95-ea0f-48f8-884e-5f9e351f1a1c)
Dental Profession (Dispute) (item number 126) (id 8c7a1768-1d12-4f7a-982d-b881f3a3f3b6)
Immigration Statistics (item number 127) (id 4c7a0a57-b825-4ade-9527-08648d6dafcd)
Non-Contributory Invalidity Pension (item number 128) (id c79ef812-753e-4c6f-bc67-407b88b0db44)
Mental Hospitals (item number 129) (id 44fb66ed-9704-4be8-9eb4-3cffa2cebe58)
Forest Hospital, Buckhurst Hill (item number 130) (id 8b609daf-a356-4ff7-9133-b6367831fbef)
District Nurses (item number 131) (id 46e2cff9-030e-4705-99eb-4ded50b131de)
Departmental Correspondence (item number 132) (id 0b37f990-028c-4d8e-83f6-c1a51c4ebd41)
Special Hospital Patients (item number 133) (id 42c705e3-7334-465b-9e1a-8563a9095acd)
Whooping Cough Vaccination (item number 134) (id c0a5222a-9f54-4b73-93ff-813c79e07363)
Dental Treatment (item number 135) (id 972b4858-f09d-4d98-b16f-f40e52d4fd36)
Hospital Nurses (Deployment) (item number 136) (id 02f02c50-2fc7-4313-9611-f9c4bca68419)
Asthma Sufferers (European Reciprocal Treatment) (item number 137) (id c7daa7c6-3660-4dbc-8636-ed82144656af)
Hospital Waiting Lists (Plymouth) (item number 138) (id 2e373366-c9f9-42b7-8ab2-484758955b4f)
Hearing Aid Centres (item number 139) (id c3344ac6-38b2-43bf-80ec-aa44414c4d95)
One-Parent Families (item number 140) (id fdd927e3-40e2-477a-9aeb-0061c9563bf6)
Wheelchairs (item number 141) (id 3e61aa4e-375e-4305-ac4e-27b3b0775676)
Invalid Care Allowance (item number 142) (id 23094c7d-9068-4b9e-9423-d0cc141e9849)
District Nursing (Committee) (item number 143) (id 3132cb97-5169-4ad0-9524-d0bddee118a1)
Area Health Authorities (Membership) (item number 144) (id 1d4fabab-60cb-4cd0-812a-97ec0e19a3c7)
Vaccine-Damaged Children (item number 145) (id 75962a7d-93db-4a99-80bf-220135a48909)
Supplementary Benefit (item number 146) (id 1f3a86c0-0795-4613-a90c-6a0bf5d22d5f)
Mobility Allowance (item number 147) (id 868a30d7-d1fa-4123-b229-ec4252cb1f04)
National Health Service (Royal Commission) (item number 148) (id 031bcf6a-215c-47ce-99e7-f5eafc7c1783)
Royal Eye Infirmary, Plymouth (item number 149) (id 69f882bf-86a1-4f42-96c4-1835ca9d5680)
Hospitals (London) (item number 150) (id 501faaef-898f-4617-bef9-dd9d803e2459)
Psychiatric Hospitals (Electro-Convulsive Treatment) (item number 151) (id 6de3ee08-7f02-4b0c-bdbd-eb4dc47f58ba)
Supplementary Benefit Claimants (Home Visits) (item number 152) (id eac70463-8485-4b79-8fc5-29046b556f2e)
Pension Fund Boards (item number 153) (id 891b2ddf-2e2c-4556-bf05-28875e123939)
Retirement Pensioners (item number 154) (id 9daddd73-7af3-46c4-bd75-c27b3dd6ee0e)
Hospital Service (Oxfordshire) (item number 155) (id 4f65e857-3b52-4221-a503-e3ee456f0519)
Disabled Persons (Vehicles) (item number 156) (id 38c901db-9e65-4b05-881e-c16d7b50467d)
Pay Beds (item number 157) (id 558f9f44-5598-4c3b-a922-3ecf811e88a5)
Community Health Councils (item number 158) (id 1bc3ba74-4b8c-4b06-a6d2-371781132066)
Abortion (item number 159) (id a0527bc1-fbfc-469e-baf4-9de148062b96)
Benefit Applications (Northfield, Birmingham) (item number 160) (id 40c0bf84-1533-4956-a05c-d2ca70b10dd3)
East Somerset Ambulance Service (Dispute) (item number 161) (id 0fc1fd98-426e-4e5b-8932-18a4f3f30f4e)
Upney Hospital, Barking (item number 162) (id b76c2da8-b8d9-4114-a8e0-690cc1d0c8a4)
National Health Service (European Reciprocity) (item number 163) (id 1295cf2f-43db-4ca1-91d9-364574f0d71f)
Watford General Hospital (item number 164) (id 994bceb0-ea7d-46b6-ac34-4ba6c028ffd0)
Pensions (item number 165) (id cf95b420-fa18-4af4-bf5b-23cb4e527686)
Food And Drugs Laws (item number 166) (id a022f0ee-0a14-445b-a51d-a87f9c932f63)
Hospital Medical Staff (item number 167) (id c31ef842-4c83-40bc-9c66-84a98f9892e5)
Supplementary Benefits Commission (item number 168) (id 38293737-0431-467a-8f91-902e53cd5300)
Departmental Investigators (item number 169) (id 5a1287d9-1ff4-4d12-8f93-28817db4417c)
Health Authorities (Chairmen) (item number 170) (id 7378daf0-ce7e-4ec1-b423-b9374e5fd1d5)
Perinatal Deaths (item number 171) (id 24414421-d507-47ae-82fb-d1c001bf9db7)
Unemployed Persons (item number 172) (id bfc1d23a-7555-469c-90b0-2da69182c42d)
Clinical Thermometers (item number 173) (id bfb535e4-78d4-4576-add3-2db0365e91ca)
Family Fund (item number 174) (id 18e6a7d0-dba8-4f3f-ac23-6f218b78f547)
Sickness Benefit (Blackpool) (item number 175) (id 210f53d4-d9f0-4bc8-a8c9-34bba5dda3ce)
Prescription Charges (item number 176) (id bcffbc2c-e588-4e63-8a75-cafa12da4ef7)
Students (item number 177) (id 0f3d89f2-c959-4b3b-83cf-eae31afb4819)
Fraudulent Claims (item number 178) (id ef2441d2-8a4b-48fc-a760-5a6dad31de61)
Benefits (Service Men's Wives) (item number 179) (id b0a9c7d0-1416-4df5-bfec-43395a73d870)
Vibration White Finger (item number 180) (id 10982115-7c2b-40d8-bf7a-ffb33b8d18bf)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 181) (id 94cec188-bf25-4d63-992f-5edb101ad07e)
Personal Incomes (item number 182) (id fa4da953-b59b-4da4-b6a9-7990d1e6ac89)
Children In Care (item number 183) (id fe8960ec-56d8-4bc9-b506-a16b96cf4f16)
Rents And Rates Arrears (item number 185) (id b3907f57-40a0-4bef-822b-74edc98f5258)
Fuel Bills (Arrears) (item number 186) (id 5c48d8e0-bd52-4578-bc06-9bfe87090c4a)
Disabled Persons (item number 187) (id 91553dec-6e2c-42e7-8e96-20c83b895f2f)
Sub-Standard Housing (item number 188) (id 3a9c5aa4-cb6d-4ea8-a59d-9da4086d5f31)
Small Businesses (Development Agency Charges) (item number 190) (id 39a76a5d-175a-40c3-bb37-dc5a6e0f4ab4)
Monopoly Situations (Retailing) (item number 192) (id 3d2ef503-a541-4a31-ab8b-7ebdd070c27e)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 193) (id 1acedb12-45b6-46e7-b4c5-131075d8f520)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 194) (id e841d250-a026-46a6-ae98-19f9c1838ae6)
Sterling Currency (item number 196) (id 18e6ee5d-3d8c-4a66-a790-a2ae337629bc)
Overseas Debt (item number 197) (id 9ed5b0bd-5408-4bce-ae50-181225fe8192)
Chancellor Of The Exchequer (Responsibilities) (item number 198) (id 46d07eee-20b3-4319-b0b8-030e3935257a)
P 11 D Limit (item number 199) (id 7c49102a-f906-4081-b48f-b91ba2bed2f0)
Income Tax (item number 200) (id 75adfb46-c005-4ef3-91fd-901288a53d1a)
Personal Incomes (item number 201) (id d088ccba-aebe-4114-a739-da467cfd8183)
Development Land Tax Office (item number 202) (id e7760a0e-206c-44a5-bf1f-441e41d2ec03)
Agricultural Investment (item number 203) (id 9a3b4ef5-3c9d-452f-861d-bb8ac4373be4)
Industrial Tribunals (Regional Office, Southampton) (item number 205) (id c76d7783-68c5-47ec-9a06-9fedd8071a83)
Dismissal (item number 206) (id d86aa9c1-34a1-4b33-8647-647d8578ac2a)
Unemployed Persons (item number 207) (id 0e4fa673-7768-40ec-a7f6-5cbd8e954cdc)
Professional And Executive Recruitment (item number 208) (id 18bd558b-d69f-46c8-8e7c-0372b24c1b2b)
Temporary Employment Subsidy (item number 209) (id d2bc99a6-feed-40b4-9e6a-64f3b395cd05)
Au Pair Girls (item number 210) (id 8301f5cd-76fb-4b88-8b5b-d02dd9efdbdd)
Disabled Persons (item number 211) (id 9eba17ee-7372-4593-8d83-642c518323c9)
Ministerial Responsibilities (item number 212) (id 2e801e7b-4d01-4b26-9fe7-acf6560a7c6b)
Manpower Services Commission (item number 213) (id d706bd0a-07f0-4322-8d83-a8a1dcdd250b)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 214) (id f5473188-be09-4be5-a63d-e23bc13c855a)
Northern Region (item number 215) (id 4fb81f93-f23f-40e3-be24-2ecfb9f0efb6)
Gateshead (item number 216) (id 38bb5eec-54dd-4c25-b269-c52444b0daa8)
Redundancy Payments (item number 217) (id 6c81ae8f-f6df-4a25-9211-12481d45f0d4)
Blaydon (item number 218) (id b990fb88-eec0-4fa7-9757-e144598e99d6)
City And Guilds Certified Persons (item number 219) (id c8df1fcd-fe32-429e-959c-a2b601f131b6)
Redundancies (item number 220) (id ecc55147-bd29-4105-93e8-3c9a926a33b5)
International Labour Organisation (item number 221) (id 63bb494d-3ee5-4263-86d9-063530555070)
Hotels And Restaurants (item number 222) (id a3c34614-5170-4dd4-b8c2-e107d39b4fff)
Industrial Tribunals (Appeals) (item number 223) (id 0ff4f8b5-7840-4b1c-a094-66015e9fb17b)


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