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Commons Hansard for 23 November 1977 (Volume 939)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 3.41am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 88ff0781-5630-4639-a980-581e2256ec3f)
Prayers (item number 2) (id f0ee04f1-c284-49d9-9259-115437605a99)
European Community (Council Of Ministers' Meetings) (item number 5) (id 5f6bafc9-b515-4c59-b02a-f7923ba53666)
Scotland Bill (Division) (item number 6) (id 07616fd2-6e0c-4fc5-bbd6-f894be2886dc)
Fire Service (Dispute) (item number 7) (id 1ced7381-d8f1-4109-850a-979baa3895ce)
Ballot For Notices Of Motions For Friday 9Th December (item number 8) (id 2e87d9b1-a7de-41ae-be1d-1cdcf0d0360e)
Business Of The House (item number 9) (id b362ba25-d65e-4174-9449-dc38d1d11a39)
Cattle (Artificial Insemination) (item number 18) (id c9caa29a-6f7d-4776-8301-0aeed2a9e504)
Parliamentary Commissioner For Administration (item number 19) (id 9b5260c9-965d-49dd-9ceb-208fe4337888)
Non-Contributory Invalidity Pension Scheme (item number 20) (id 278d1e0b-e299-4a57-99c5-f7670a51962a)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id b4e58e33-d089-490d-b019-800a6c778bdc)
Agricultural Development And Advisory Service (item number 3) (id 7b45d3c5-93c0-4ca2-9f12-8e0dab9b4a68)
Lord Advocate (Appointments) (item number 4) (id 24daf585-f2ca-4ded-9822-5af254205c07)
Lord President Of The Council (Responsibilities) (item number 5) (id 6ad1cb68-ef7a-464c-adce-9c7a60ff1ca0)
National Enterprise Board (item number 10) (id 265f8a74-3588-4ac5-9c1e-da2164d18065)
Business Statistics Office (item number 11) (id 88f35120-bb4c-4f4c-9ef8-a12503d12926)
Tourism (item number 13) (id eaa15c9f-2419-4064-b9e9-56c263c7a50f)
Retail Trading (Inquiry) (item number 14) (id a18fbaa8-df97-495c-97dc-7785be55c5b6)
Job Creation (item number 16) (id 2a89604d-9f4c-4ebb-84ed-005143a220f5)
Ananda Marga Sect And Job Creation (item number 17) (id d6551b39-b196-4174-86fb-96f864fb2298)
Thanet (item number 18) (id 73a52bca-12dd-49a7-b22d-2eb56c6a373e)
Jobcentres (item number 19) (id 7f921789-f086-4179-be4a-fef5cb21c554)
Northern Region (item number 20) (id 40649d29-662e-4e6d-a447-633c75d144c0)
Women's Training (item number 21) (id 9af5f5ab-52d7-4274-84bf-4cd5287523bd)
Scientology (item number 23) (id 4f4c1af3-f31d-40e8-b64e-6d0ccd7a4e4e)
Grunwick Processing Laboratories Ltd (item number 24) (id e3d27385-cbf0-42fc-a1a7-f41cee933b8a)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 25) (id 86ae387d-0ded-434d-b46c-09cf320fc512)
Television Licences (item number 26) (id 4fc64a1d-094d-4468-8ddd-a089dec9431d)
Tax Yield (item number 28) (id 9b4f3ebd-6a83-4355-9d70-e85d6a159307)
Treasury Staff (Pay) (item number 29) (id 0ff34a61-51d3-4c3f-b155-70eda640d9a2)
Overseas Visitors (item number 30) (id b8ab9066-3d85-48b1-8074-767add791cd5)
Value Added Tax (item number 31) (id cd0805da-cf81-424f-9eca-b636dec691b4)
Company Cars (item number 32) (id ff6a80f2-fbdc-4c47-84b7-0e55f4506f6e)
Personal Incomes (item number 33) (id 5141c9e1-e6b2-4842-ad41-dee226fb9b74)
Sheltered Housing (item number 35) (id c54f395d-7919-42ae-b9d6-37a440b9b27a)
Westray Pier (item number 36) (id e22200e4-369b-4990-a0f4-e7bf5142d4d9)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 37) (id 206c1456-86c4-48f5-a293-5794f874cb4f)
Alimony Payments (item number 38) (id 9297d899-562e-4fd2-9662-231f9cf93b55)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 40) (id 6de0cf9c-00dc-40ad-b4f8-57241b791af4)
Ormskirk Hospital (Waiting List) (item number 41) (id 9b7cd5a4-0df8-4a92-80cc-4eeb4d28cb58)
Disabled Persons (item number 42) (id 04cfbfa8-9ed8-4aa7-9ac3-7c03e0954be4)
Suicide And Attempted Suicide Cases (item number 43) (id 955e5c12-843f-4415-9d2d-63e1fb4e0146)
Unemployment Benefit (Seasonal Workers) (item number 44) (id 0ecc1a40-9056-480a-9136-240cf07a1bcf)
Regional Health Authorities (item number 45) (id 572c218f-cc5e-45c7-9ba6-10c5bebdf558)
Population Census (item number 46) (id a4cf8804-8889-4e40-83c0-20f002b429c1)
Hong Kong (item number 49) (id 67d7ca9e-f90c-4b62-a3a7-6158c3a51313)
Southern Africa (item number 50) (id e324f680-3d9d-4b31-a1d2-75d5017ba268)
Pakistan (item number 51) (id 0f4f6eae-e875-4613-b7b5-c6fe8150375e)
Secretary Of State (Photographs) (item number 52) (id 0a6d5e33-3234-4a69-a4f3-b74ad02c462f)
Egyptian Compensation Order (item number 53) (id 24910c2a-1c5e-4bc1-8591-52589f020221)
Gan (item number 54) (id 17f8b788-a093-4323-afee-cc7990db67cf)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 55) (id 61fb8142-f8b8-4383-a259-bd5f9bd8fdf7)
Departmental Abbreviations (item number 57) (id c2b827e5-1917-4233-88d8-f9c64a51afa2)
Truancy (item number 58) (id 1ccbb580-21e0-48f9-a358-c9049223d7e7)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 60) (id 56ce7af1-d7c5-4fe8-b490-1e1ff193b06a)
Supplies (item number 61) (id 51c8a161-46c8-4b24-803b-f87adef74c11)
Oil Production Licences (item number 62) (id 4c89fe1d-3fd0-4c57-93a5-750b7f11ae67)
Gas Flaring (Brent Field) (item number 63) (id e455d930-5459-4299-a266-30e02f1342ef)
Trades Union Congress (item number 65) (id 685087e1-24ed-482e-a15d-95fc0a403985)
British Voluntary Agencies (Grants) (item number 66) (id 09e37a71-ea47-4981-950e-bb17bf4dbfbf)
Plunkett Foundation For Co-Operative Studies (item number 67) (id 0ca038da-23db-477f-a590-298b7d3aa677)
Tourism (item number 68) (id 8fc4a0d1-954e-4287-a469-579bef90703b)
Housing (item number 70) (id 1bef4852-62d6-4dc6-b537-251a2f5ad25f)
Motor Vehicle Drivers (Medical Certificates) (item number 72) (id 39d7db8d-2b84-4d99-830c-72e161914752)
A419/A345 (Groundwell Corner) (item number 73) (id 92f5c835-e5e9-4ecd-ba3a-7a21a68bb0b0)
Road Building And Maintenance (item number 74) (id 705b9a08-cbf4-4766-bd3a-7ce025f6c50c)
Railways (Personnel) (item number 75) (id 637e5c17-bf81-4e3e-8be6-dc4f2c6874b4)
Steel Coil (item number 76) (id bc313be2-121f-4e39-ad1a-9ff0d149a1ea)
Driving Speeds (item number 77) (id 5c59b3a5-63d8-4575-81fb-3c0154b29ce9)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 78) (id a5676c42-6a55-459c-8317-dc2cac103f76)
Yorkshire And Humberside Economic Planning Council (item number 80) (id 90fb40bb-e572-4296-92a7-93f22e091acd)
Local Government Finance (Consultative Council) (item number 81) (id 211eca8a-a9b5-4378-ad6f-dd20ef27721c)
Air Pollution (item number 82) (id 4a4289fc-3417-4509-bf06-eb698654b501)
Rent Acts (Review) (item number 83) (id 373962c4-5a45-4001-8f54-6215d7ab1bf2)
Industrial Premises (item number 84) (id d7d5176c-44ce-47f2-a2da-aaa518f68e0c)
Electricity (Central Heating) (item number 85) (id dc10035a-a794-4471-bbdf-ba2fa5875173)
Liverpool (item number 86) (id 8e39709c-2f35-46e4-8e91-03e522c10b5e)
Cornwall (item number 87) (id 88267360-095d-4d15-a23b-b3bf7af2aacf)
Rate Support Grant (item number 88) (id 487f9486-dd77-4b66-b041-88e430ec6598)
Council House Sales (item number 89) (id 32861c8a-f9fd-409e-aa49-544116046ca1)
New Towns (Transfer Of Assets) (item number 90) (id c374d370-7f9f-4a15-b1c8-402cb588dd2d)
Housing (London) (item number 91) (id 104cffa9-21b8-479b-a6dc-f5a460546a88)
Mortgages (item number 92) (id b868800a-da3d-46e5-b273-4464a13c07b3)
Floods (item number 93) (id 307e5048-afdf-4063-9864-ea976dc76d43)
Development Commission (item number 94) (id 513acc7b-7a31-4cad-9031-9b4a55e427e0)
Local Government (item number 95) (id 09b76ec4-8875-4255-aa80-9fc1b6299e13)
Tenants' Charter (item number 96) (id b434577d-6599-4a05-9a48-6c60429509fb)
Rates (Arrears) (item number 97) (id c5383fcb-94a6-417b-81ab-15216f9796ff)
Dogs (Working Party's Report) (item number 98) (id 1d0110b9-b124-448b-bb6e-63248919a4ac)
Parish Boundaries (item number 99) (id 014d9bdf-58cc-4905-8f44-dfe81b39e905)
Inland Waterways (item number 100) (id 061b4735-235f-4053-b63f-91af5beca8be)
Housing Consultative Council (item number 101) (id e693cfb4-31b6-459a-a112-2262d9995716)
Residential Development (Planning Appeals) (item number 102) (id dc3df2fe-eb41-4a92-8aa1-f8a359997310)
Housing (Lancashire) (item number 103) (id 896bab4c-0e7b-423d-8fa4-07d6e00ad35c)
Housing Starts (item number 104) (id 1788b3a7-af6c-49e1-92a8-4b982104287c)
Thermal Insulation (item number 105) (id fc6e1fc3-996b-4528-bcc9-c2cf37650754)
Housing Policy (item number 106) (id 186373e2-fccc-4e07-ad6d-df2f093fe8cb)
Brent (item number 107) (id fddfa4a0-1cc4-4fc6-9e41-2927f1571f8c)
House Building Programme (item number 108) (id 0166c663-09ba-489a-a60b-1a74c80ab866)
Housing Schemes (Density Levels) (item number 109) (id c9e1391f-fdf3-4a4d-b3d1-3d66a357f193)
Partnership Agreements (item number 110) (id ec2b80fb-4ecb-4647-884b-6d7f6bd22016)
Pollution (Control) (item number 111) (id a238facb-506f-44a1-b8c7-eb3c18b3c338)
Property Services Agency (item number 112) (id 788f8b60-73af-4cff-9df8-07e3639ebc66)
Housing (Manchester) (item number 113) (id e55a34de-0fe7-4ae8-87f9-0503d147f76b)
Birmingham (Employment) (item number 114) (id 1226b68e-ea75-4dd9-8dd7-8a8ae9770d92)
New Towns (Tenants' House Purchase) (item number 115) (id e8cdfc58-0bd4-47bc-a87e-182fd3579d36)
Solar Panels (item number 116) (id 8389a496-53e0-4804-a93d-1d9a688a2baf)
Local Authorities (Accounts) (item number 117) (id 54ce9d16-3040-4909-af8e-11a26de9dc90)
Sandwell (item number 118) (id 0c9090e9-e0ac-488d-bbde-807af182147a)
Whitstable (Sea Defences) (item number 119) (id 73ec7da8-9a72-417d-b71e-d33034520e4c)
Home Ownership (item number 120) (id 14729341-dbe9-4b31-9159-2569ebd6e0ef)
Broad Sanctuary (Site) (item number 121) (id 19cb283c-d2fe-4d4f-950c-d8c7da6089d3)
Nature Conservancy Council And Countryside Commission (item number 122) (id 43667083-ac7e-4cb0-91be-8b4317a38cbc)
Planning (Staffs) (item number 123) (id 1697b0cf-5f44-4c1a-bbd4-3ce88807d50b)
Derelict Land (item number 124) (id eee20bc5-bb84-4537-b273-e0f008f99bbd)
Skateboarding (item number 125) (id be43cbda-294c-4322-a28b-bd8c46791a40)
Areas Of Outstanding Natural Beauty (item number 126) (id 37cc8a43-eb91-4495-8987-698a71a4dbaf)
Rents (item number 127) (id a9b6bf28-8840-4bf4-b7f0-9f33af4c164e)
Sports (Sponsorship) (item number 128) (id 4ac924d5-6334-44ae-8cab-5fbcd4fd4e50)
Ministerial Responsibilities (item number 129) (id e37b58dc-5bf3-4bd2-af9c-333e69811468)
Local Authority Lands (item number 130) (id a580f839-fc96-4159-9b37-cfefa81c317c)
Leaseholds (item number 131) (id 5e2d87d7-625d-46bc-9224-dd5eb898f316)
Sewerage Charges (item number 132) (id d2413e40-e2da-41c8-b469-75a54018008c)
Whitehall (item number 133) (id 6b9299dd-9254-43c4-8168-5f3ece0e31e3)
Planning Applications (item number 134) (id 378ed340-1ca1-48be-ab5d-c611b079a338)
Ministerial Appointments (item number 135) (id 53ed9d4b-7954-40de-96e7-8e7ad5480336)
Football Hooliganism (item number 136) (id a65b2dbc-faee-4d6f-be9a-6bb99ed0e16e)
Countryside Commission (item number 137) (id 24ad4a81-3e5a-4cab-b5a0-07225e80e492)
Self-Employed Persons (item number 138) (id 8b7cbf7d-fa4d-455e-94bb-d4117790996b)
Nature Conservancy Council (item number 139) (id 92137de3-bd18-46a1-ab29-9fea3a681c54)
Ports And Rivers (Dredging) (item number 140) (id 85d8a3dd-96a4-496a-be13-d0b800881784)
Structure Plans (item number 141) (id 4565738f-5101-4450-a349-44b0228b2eda)
Ministerial Responsibilities (item number 143) (id 29a8791e-0332-4120-b295-1bd64a01c517)
Pensions (Commonwealth Service) (item number 144) (id 76248c24-ae40-425f-bef4-46aed12aa487)
Fire Brigades (Substitution) (item number 145) (id 38bf1dc9-80c8-4679-8b28-6fee2d6c1472)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.