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Commons Hansard for 17 November 1977 (Volume 939)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 12 May 2018 at 3.39am.

Commons Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Commons main chamber.

House Of Commons (item number 1) (id 55d5f98f-b478-4e6f-8b9e-c0e11e5307f1)
Prayers (item number 2) (id d92732db-b9cb-4fd5-b783-96a1e4fb4ae5)
Princess Anne (Birth Of A Son) (item number 3) (id 0050ee67-ae0d-4d66-95ce-aa91d2542f8b)
Business Of The House (item number 5) (id 6547b05c-c76d-4bb7-884a-2868a5154fd4)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers To Questions (item number 1) (id 1df49966-2991-4637-b0d1-76ed58ddb69b)
Prime Minister (Engagements) (item number 2) (id 96a50b79-f5c3-4cce-b412-2df3dcb63848)
Inflation (item number 3) (id 952a03d1-11fb-4699-af33-e720a751cc95)
Kirkby (item number 4) (id a8bc282c-7358-4f48-8938-cdf3f174654c)
Cambodia (item number 5) (id bce87d24-6607-42e8-8820-958fd9d8d415)
Helsinki (item number 6) (id 518811f1-6520-448d-a224-d028346ea0b3)
Tuc (item number 7) (id f5aadf2e-33d5-4250-a0bf-e163330cd9fa)
Cbi (item number 8) (id 45acde46-a1c7-4ffd-9944-57874f199142)
Government Legislation (item number 9) (id 36581449-fb32-4abd-88cd-dbe483e7ac8d)
Rhodesia (item number 10) (id 071c471e-57ac-4afe-b8a3-40e3aac78c48)
West Germany (item number 11) (id b480b5b0-8971-4a90-8bec-c0823ccd051b)
Nationalised Industries (item number 12) (id b11b9daa-40f1-44ca-8025-c051eef7aa82)
Regional Government (item number 13) (id 6022a7be-cf38-4841-91b4-35b671f4e995)
Vandalism (item number 15) (id f8805ee1-dcfc-4d3e-818a-f4f3028960ed)
Mrs S Khullar (item number 16) (id d8c58e8b-fce2-4521-9c63-3a912c50b633)
Public Appeals For Gifts (item number 17) (id 0833ea69-2e62-42eb-b26a-13266305112f)
Schoolchildren In Custody (item number 18) (id 242acca8-979a-4126-b79a-9de746bc17fc)
Firearms (item number 19) (id b99d9511-f50f-449f-b09c-8ecfbfa7b7a8)
Probation And After-Care Service (item number 20) (id 56567792-dd39-4144-abfe-43e721430b2c)
Police (Pay) (item number 21) (id 31b90465-e30e-4ffe-9df7-6abe6277fa4f)
Metropolitan Police (item number 22) (id 3ec259ef-684c-4ed6-9431-48e3b706e80a)
Juvenile Court Cases (London) (item number 23) (id 61270d76-c867-46f5-b7e8-63865ee460c5)
Police (Recruitment) (item number 24) (id a4c0bac1-223c-45ab-a487-4d96d764afe6)
Zohair Yousif Akache (item number 25) (id 6417dd70-2480-4726-b299-741b02bb49a3)
Television (Wales) (item number 26) (id 1499967e-67c0-4d0b-9b5d-7607b3b4953e)
Police (Height Regulations) (item number 27) (id 8fe5b636-f5a8-4c00-8190-c58fd0ac92f0)
Custody And Care Orders (item number 28) (id 6693f72d-f422-4611-80e8-d551240943b5)
Radio Regulatory Department (item number 29) (id 5abde36b-54c9-4065-a3ad-eb90e74339e8)
Sex Film Clubs (London) (item number 30) (id f6ca3b33-de84-498c-a0d6-4c082cf28fcc)
Child Care (item number 31) (id baac6568-501c-4cd5-a696-ff0ec77824a0)
Urban Problems (item number 32) (id 7024c575-b483-433f-b4ee-12cea4bbbd2d)
Community Service (item number 33) (id 75c98c2d-1376-4081-a008-aa5a1a8777e4)
United Kingdom Passport Holders (Adult Dependants) (item number 34) (id 8a296a63-45f1-43b1-8351-be81158c7367)
Official Secrets Act (item number 35) (id 5540d830-0cb4-4756-acf0-e33350e63815)
Government Departments (Member's Letter) (item number 36) (id 7dd4f566-fd7e-44a8-8a20-3339e41c2ac0)
Police (Cheshire) (item number 37) (id f3c70f6b-793a-436f-97ce-ef508412a24e)
Pornography (Involvement Of Children) (item number 38) (id 830697bd-2f83-443d-b9d5-0564a508375e)
Citizens' Band Radio (item number 39) (id 8e9af4aa-95be-4abe-ae45-0457c1960b79)
Paedophiles (item number 40) (id c0262293-8b04-4322-a9b8-ead78b3f38e8)
Rape (item number 41) (id 98574eb5-5f5d-498c-b20b-cf1941628730)
Prisoners (Education) (item number 42) (id ee910cf6-2b39-448a-8a2f-43bda6c658fc)
Albany Trust (item number 43) (id 2b281c82-bb76-4e5b-a434-e0291b18057a)
Civil Contingencies Unit (item number 44) (id b9c59b8d-ca9b-4e36-bd99-4bc0225be189)
Prison Governors (item number 45) (id e7626dfc-6781-4726-b4f7-e1dfb9b5779c)
London Hospitals' Broadcasting (item number 46) (id b527ec2c-59f1-4664-964c-f263355fb5d2)
Grunwick Processing Laboratories Ltd (item number 47) (id 9a555f0b-a3f1-431c-b17b-f40d5f9776dc)
Remembrance Day (Cenotaph Ceremony) (item number 48) (id 33aacbda-544c-4e9b-9303-ec568aac86eb)
Firemen (item number 49) (id e2723fc9-014f-4598-8dc8-a2cd7e4b874d)
Swartzsturm (Book Sale Promotion) (item number 50) (id aca60547-60a5-48ff-a151-ae154a41df56)
Police (Complaints) (item number 51) (id 1f43be06-55af-4a20-ac8e-76c9c1221ef2)
British Leyland (item number 53) (id 555a8bc3-9255-4a98-81fb-cb714ab88f28)
Money Orders (item number 54) (id 16a1f7d4-fe0b-4631-8a21-ff25cbb9a5b6)
Regional Policy (item number 55) (id 9b7fafa0-f3bd-4176-b033-f6705c9b6e1b)
National Enterprise Board (item number 56) (id bf2ecdc6-a19c-469e-8b09-c8f260336f93)
British Shipbuilders (item number 57) (id e6e688d5-2c0c-424c-a7e9-a2545c6400b2)
Regional Aid (item number 58) (id ea961437-3e10-4a37-8292-4c81e71511dc)
Textile Mills (Huddersfield) (item number 59) (id 3c409131-1894-4c78-9ea3-ca04236b8fe9)
Steel (Scotland) (item number 60) (id d126163e-7f3b-44cb-9daf-3673ee68bceb)
Yorkshire And Humberside Development Association (item number 61) (id fd1e03fb-4c0c-4bea-a00f-471511ec66b4)
Electricity Generation (Dispute) (item number 62) (id dc4a943f-6f99-4a2c-96b5-9ea641b5c2ac)
Telephone Kiosks (item number 63) (id 613e7e2a-5929-4214-b207-b90299b575a5)
Chrysler United Kingdom Ltd (item number 64) (id 28673cf7-7018-4ee4-879c-5daf0460208b)
Court Line (item number 65) (id c6e138c5-25ba-4a40-9c9b-9b17527a406e)
Concorde (item number 68) (id 4e2e4aee-069b-48e8-bf52-2972c2262882)
Comecon (item number 69) (id 75e24948-6517-433f-ae25-a2f07e94c7f1)
Horticultural Exhibitions (item number 70) (id d60f54c6-8b24-4f92-a88a-a8f0527dac25)
Textile Imports (item number 71) (id a8e74391-093a-4751-8c94-6fb839a420f1)
Airport Strategy (White Paper) (item number 72) (id b95f2311-9a1a-46b5-93c3-229e2bb16a9d)
Prisoners (Parole) (item number 74) (id e857d8f7-fe02-4e43-826c-0a81e5145245)
Alcoholism (item number 75) (id 27968b60-7fbe-4183-a3be-d62d07c563b2)
Prisons (Costs) (item number 76) (id 73d4a4bb-b424-4ad6-85af-06f27410fade)
Prisoners (item number 77) (id bbee227c-69b7-4072-bcf9-25befb190218)
School Building (item number 78) (id ec72fe12-ac3e-4774-b9b9-5dae13dbace6)
Fire-Fiighting (item number 79) (id d2edc5b1-8333-4e2e-9f7d-6a96a88540c0)
Property (Title Registration) (item number 80) (id 7dafa2a1-1d8c-4ca1-9a63-3cd96952be7d)
Fish Catch (item number 83) (id ae32be1b-a0a7-42a2-94c0-953587b37cbb)
Bee Keeping (item number 84) (id 7abfb759-b79f-4556-a0af-414f4b1de0b4)
Brucellosis (item number 85) (id 3dd02cfc-04e5-4361-a7e3-7baf8b5d22be)
Thermal Insulation (item number 87) (id b4b48f51-bbb4-4cd4-a4c6-23fb69fd1320)
Disabled Persons (Vehicles) (item number 88) (id 005e3315-05d6-44c8-8fbe-4c9cf2f6a804)
Thanet (item number 89) (id 2698908e-82e0-4483-940f-3e6d765c2aa5)
Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford (item number 90) (id 57564a35-70fc-400b-8788-e2fd14d6bba5)
Hospitals (Closures) (item number 91) (id e70695f3-19c9-4c44-abbc-bf47159b63bd)
Rathbone Hospital, Liverpool (item number 92) (id 075e4faa-faec-4f48-87f6-307538c19209)
Chiswick Women's Aid (item number 93) (id 15362069-c77b-460a-949b-cfcfd5679fc7)
Family Fund (item number 94) (id 64ac9cbb-56e6-47fa-8ad6-573e74696b4a)
Food Hygiene (item number 95) (id 3218ef32-9d79-4abf-8cf4-77aa3da32fc8)
Cambodia (item number 97) (id 2f1e7b1f-0bd5-4685-b801-d5652c950247)
Nuclear Suppliers Group (item number 98) (id 135e7ec6-f583-4033-b013-e95f4ab9ed40)
Mr Frank Shuttleworth (item number 99) (id c210c83b-67c5-4e93-bedb-fed52926b053)
Concorde (item number 100) (id 5b87e404-a219-4056-b7d4-008cc86ed9ce)
Immigration (Indian Sub-Continent) (item number 101) (id c8e3496a-a57c-410f-b8b4-249c9fd3eedc)
Mozambique (item number 102) (id 9746d0b9-eadd-4c68-b9f9-b068bc1be089)
Burglar Alarms (item number 105) (id 1daa56da-e5a5-48ae-904d-f42002c1feec)
Construction Industry (item number 106) (id 85fb4683-e7d6-4180-b7cc-28e38ec53bb7)
Inner Cities (item number 107) (id be1b5beb-0261-408c-81e3-5a1de3fec950)
Community Land (item number 108) (id eff3491a-aab1-4547-94f9-6f4efdc73073)
Middlesbrough (item number 109) (id 11d72a14-6527-433f-978b-11ae612080e0)
Planning Inquiries (item number 110) (id 7ba1faa2-fa89-4535-8250-efdd41a4e7e3)
Yorkshire And Humberside (item number 111) (id 4d16a2cc-af29-40fc-9183-50a6c0fe3bc1)
Launderettes (item number 112) (id 8e2799aa-825b-4f08-b29f-0de0ce46e080)
Mortgages (item number 113) (id 306206d4-1d26-423a-ad1f-028a9d6cf54b)
Voluntary Organisations (item number 114) (id a6eb9034-bb4e-4ff3-9ac9-98369f2b32de)
Departmental Co-Ordination (item number 116) (id 5402d7d7-0909-4fb7-b4e1-6b760e203219)
Freights (item number 117) (id 53cba5ff-c117-4db0-a76c-55e9ec378ef9)
A405 (Noke—A5 And A1) (item number 118) (id 6e593ac9-78cd-4bbe-92da-3323c9c82647)
Roads (Expenditure) (item number 119) (id ab0d746d-9111-4d63-a34e-b91e4243fb72)
Roads (Hertfordshire) (item number 120) (id 4d62447b-b90b-4915-95e7-6470c90ca0a6)
Road Traffic Acts (Insurance Requirements) (item number 121) (id 6b3aff9e-e172-4a2b-8dc9-d22e98396dfa)
Road Accidents (item number 122) (id e689323f-71d6-430b-9ea3-eccc127b437d)
Personal Incomes (item number 124) (id 2bcb82b0-4345-4a3f-a06b-4e8fd5c1999f)
Public Expenditure (item number 125) (id 1464deb0-f6fc-4a04-a39e-a164dd51cbca)
£ Sterling (item number 126) (id 9b274e61-938d-4195-bc67-29a2215344db)
Coinage (item number 127) (id 2fa5f683-dab4-45f1-bf77-3fc35fc157e6)
Personal Allowances (item number 128) (id 5c2a741d-7fa2-4860-91d6-8afbd40ea605)
Inland Revenue Staff (item number 129) (id 53cefd7a-889b-4f35-a208-87f04f54aeee)
Kirkby (item number 131) (id 6496b0b7-9150-4b40-9697-34275a49108e)
Manpower Services Commission (item number 132) (id 5530736d-c2c7-49a2-9ca7-8c0e96dab19e)
Wool Trade (item number 133) (id 1177b1ee-fa63-4ffe-b45e-7aefe5be6215)
Merseyside (item number 134) (id 845800ea-28bd-4280-958a-ef87e95ecb43)
Edinburgh "Evening News" (item number 135) (id 75711b4f-35ce-423c-b03f-ccc9e53f06ed)
Income And Wealth Distribution (Royal Commission) (item number 136) (id 126be181-5148-43b6-926e-11c30539f795)
North-West England (item number 137) (id cf3377ac-89d0-434f-9da1-81df86db27f4)
Provisional Ira (item number 139) (id d40c1018-78c1-4912-80c7-5d7bae952555)
Official Information (Access) (item number 141) (id 9f7b12b2-f21e-4ddc-b07e-48beefd111ac)
Peers (item number 142) (id f64d1113-967e-494c-a998-675b383828a9)
Press And Information Officers (item number 143) (id e045f555-eb06-42be-94ae-5bbd237a0608)
Greenwich Hospital Estate (item number 145) (id b0ab4248-5baf-4602-adac-16d6efdd67b3)
Helicopters (item number 146) (id a9279377-433c-4058-a938-d043f4ecb4a8)
Sir Shapoor Reporter (item number 147) (id c5531d58-0006-4a14-8256-e2452fd5d174)
Aviation (Microwave Landing System) (item number 148) (id 5b4abfa0-af07-4cf9-9238-5270eb8c72fa)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.