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Lords Hansard for 7 July 1998 (Volume 591)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.00pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 52211ac8-7326-4b47-8b4b-298894f4a97c)
Addicts: Residential Care Facilities (item number 2) (id 80fc811f-a676-4ea3-b5d4-bb32c772e457)
Housing Benefit Review (item number 3) (id a1d01e77-ea30-4d90-acec-7cae99b566f7)
Diana, Princess Of Wales: Memorial Gardens (item number 4) (id fef03545-1aaa-44bd-ba31-92abf1cf8bb3)
Teaching Profession: Public Appreciation (item number 5) (id 3651ad8a-749f-4ae8-bc04-a7cc8f126d6a)
Teaching And Higher Education Bill Hl (item number 6) (id 9b484ceb-75bf-458c-92ba-71920bbb30d1)
Motions To Be Moved On Consideration Of Commons Reasons For Disagreeing To A Lords Amendment In Lieu Of A Commons Amendment And Insisting On Commons Amendments To Which The Lords Have Disagreed (item number 7) (id 9d762270-6dd1-46f9-b629-9987487ff369)
Commons Amendment (item number 8) (id 308ca819-38b3-46af-bbb0-8e418e8f6b8c)
Lords Amendment In Lieu (item number 9) (id 8b555cd3-3dd0-4266-8d76-6acf1100db2b)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Reason For Disagreeing To A Lords Amendment In Lieu Of A Commons Amendment (item number 10) (id d310ded0-ebdb-4335-afd2-4f05c5a5375b)
Commons Amendment (item number 11) (id 7a855c4f-ca2d-47c3-ac83-dd8695a587e4)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Reason (item number 12) (id a8630784-0c95-40e7-9d62-531036912a8f)
Lords Amendment In Lieu (item number 13) (id 3c53fd79-7554-4aed-9251-a66b6ea14409)
School Standards And Framework Bill (item number 14) (id 1bc410c2-1ab7-4fcb-9706-e67b4ce58d3b)
Welfare Of Livestock (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (item number 15) (id fef56818-f61e-4a76-bafc-e8db3fae832c)
Air Carrier Liability Order 1998 (item number 16) (id ed3d8c0d-8dc0-4d73-807b-d4ff444a271f)
Deregulation (Taxis And Private Hire Vehicles) Order 1998 (item number 17) (id b547bb2b-bcfd-46d2-8baf-3296ab750570)
School Standards And Framework Bill (item number 18) (id f2ea1bbf-0e20-41bb-ba28-c21a74ca9fcb)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 414e4a6c-f5ad-4758-b219-95735781643d)
Agriculture Council, 22–26 June (item number 2) (id 1abac479-341c-46ae-82be-1df32446a9e1)
Tb In Cattle: Research Proposals (item number 3) (id 40c57ed4-e841-49dc-90d2-f664863891a4)
Organophosphates: Questions To Cot (item number 4) (id 9f258484-4183-4536-85dc-1802c43502f2)
Organophosphates: Research (item number 5) (id 1662b64a-c76a-4c25-81dc-87f581f6bef3)
Indonesia: Payment For Armaments (item number 6) (id c159893b-67a3-49d0-a6ec-efb887159a89)
Campsfield House Detainees: Removal From Uk (item number 7) (id 323caf60-cee6-415a-be6e-53ab61ddf8b8)
Independent Commission On The Voting System (item number 8) (id 050dc0af-39a4-4594-9435-6e49e570661f)
Mr E J Esemuze (item number 9) (id ac7fe546-e169-459f-bcdc-32af595691cb)
Prisoners On Cellular Punishment: Reading Matter (item number 10) (id 8f6d7ddb-087b-4750-93ca-1af7433287b4)
Prisoners: Incentives And Earned Privileges Scheme (item number 11) (id eeff4b89-3b8b-4a75-a2d2-df67e8bda1f2)
Rough Sleepers: Social Exclusion Unit Proposals (item number 12) (id 451b8403-2641-4cf1-9c8d-df484dff98b7)
British Library: Adjacent Land (item number 13) (id 3d7998ed-2e41-4762-852a-f925daf54d7b)
Arts Council Chairmanship (item number 14) (id d9b81ccc-5d02-4939-9682-4f512a902732)
Building Regulations Amendments (item number 15) (id 4672b48a-a57c-42c2-ab4b-680c2f46bdcf)
Housing Applicants: Immigration Status Checks (item number 16) (id c398bf81-d0ca-454c-bc98-b49d90010053)
Rail Subsidy Payments (item number 17) (id 152ea43c-5590-49b2-b007-d3b12e4ec0c6)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.