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Lords Hansard for 16 July 1998 (Volume 592)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.12pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 08d32f2d-ef17-4438-a411-2b500fe2e2e0)
Refugees And Asylum Seekers (item number 2) (id 1b7fe1b6-2147-469b-af36-1c97ba44c467)
Building Society Repossessions (item number 3) (id 8bb304f0-ecb2-4536-96da-bdabcb9da44a)
Kensington Gardens: Princess Diana Memorial (item number 4) (id 52e695be-9af0-4196-94f0-ed98102d524d)
Speed Limits (item number 5) (id e61f4bb1-50de-4788-b053-2d5749a5ea01)
Business (item number 6) (id 26c99446-8b36-494c-b47d-d52d2399e460)
Business Of The House: Standing Order 44 (item number 7) (id 8028bd47-ff64-42f2-ab43-a709456bbcdd)
Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No 2) Bill (item number 8) (id 57b53018-d043-4e8e-9b4a-f24ef19b7915)
Northern Ireland (Sentences) Bill (item number 9) (id 404ca300-1b6d-4bfc-89a7-0a1cabbf75e0)
Health Expenditure (item number 10) (id 734cb6a9-93d5-4028-9ebb-745cb6d87c95)
Northern Ireland (Sentences) Bill (item number 11) (id 2ffc6101-874d-4ffd-8cbe-37d63c9fd283)
Release To Be Subject To Approval Of Secretary Of State (item number 12) (id 3bd4bddd-b759-4f19-84ad-ca64815cd8b6)
Interpretation: Terrorism (item number 13) (id fd4ed671-a55b-458c-9dfc-40c376a5567b)
Royal Assent (item number 14) (id 59ab2906-f62a-48c0-a784-a2fd5c4fc151)
Scotland Bill (item number 15) (id 9479581e-1f76-4d4f-bc54-cd372816b874)
Houses In Multiple Occupation (Charges For Registration Schemes) Regulations 1998 (item number 16) (id 4c128bb0-33cd-4b9d-af2e-179c2e4707dc)
Pneumoconiosis Etc (Workers' Compensation) (Payment Of Claims) Amendment Regulations 1998 (item number 17) (id 20506e62-1bd7-4857-bd35-00dbcc83b8de)
Community Drivers' Hours And Recording Equipment (Amendment) Regulations 1998 (item number 18) (id b6ad386a-1756-4121-af2f-57f08a38a863)
Deregulation (Exchangeable Driving Licences) Order 1998 (item number 19) (id 8b78d786-3efc-4a38-92b9-37acdc550f93)
Scotland Bill (item number 20) (id 39123850-69d0-4b83-bf0f-0c4c49fdf478)
Teaching And Higher Education Bill Hl (item number 21) (id bfa8f0f0-42d8-44ed-aae1-921c17ffa62b)
School Standards And Framework Bill (item number 22) (id da298896-85bf-4e75-aa9d-b02906c8e6da)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id ea14bfc9-4312-4d9e-b588-f267f6c8f8e9)
Medicines And Pesticides: Authorisation (item number 2) (id b3c18158-eac6-4823-8383-449f29049e96)
Op Sheep Dips: Suspected Adverse Reaction Cases (item number 3) (id 952da1f1-42b7-4789-92bb-c9e34550875d)
Pirimiphos-Methyl (item number 4) (id c0ae1b66-2fef-472a-afc2-0c63cb60ad80)
Copper And Selenium Deficiencies In Cattle (item number 5) (id 8e5ca94b-2925-430f-9ea4-d348f405f2a8)
Pesticides In Animal Feeds (item number 6) (id b5209fe7-fba1-490a-a174-1c4695e64c0f)
Guide Dogs (item number 7) (id 300fc9cb-382b-4fc7-bb96-eb73821deb0f)
Pig Tail-Docking (item number 8) (id 1e55409d-3bca-43ca-81fa-4f2fa7c4b0bc)
Live Animals: Pre-Export Procedures (item number 9) (id c7b91e30-29ec-47b0-97d2-83825c8a0c59)
Expert Group On Vitamins And Minerals (item number 10) (id 1a8f9e3c-641b-4a93-967d-82c3c643c122)
Conditional Fees (item number 11) (id 7711e2b6-f412-4d9e-8dc0-e9e28dcfb6f1)
National Curriculum (item number 12) (id 11e4112e-4493-4c9a-97d8-bde3763027e0)
Teaching And Higher Education Bill And European Human Rights Convention (item number 13) (id 31b94b50-4b81-4ba6-8652-2b714bc7578f)
General Affairs Council (item number 14) (id 91ecfa6b-d808-464f-9839-932d023a2e9d)
International Fund For Needy Victims Of Nazi Persecution (item number 15) (id 835486ae-0394-4b5d-aa4b-7f986658ac66)
Poland: Outstanding Debt (item number 16) (id 5f6e958e-a380-4166-bb95-da6947b31552)
Attorney General's Office: Reviews (item number 17) (id a0d61d3b-96b5-4340-8e3d-63865d0e6ac7)
Sfo: Disclosure And Statutory Superintendence (item number 18) (id cdd1fc18-cf0e-4e79-8e6b-4c158b1d289b)
Corporal Punishment (item number 19) (id da18261f-384f-4c45-bb3a-9f0f00154e8a)
Aids: Deaths Of Homosexual Men (item number 20) (id 3959e33d-4c10-4084-b3d0-e179f6499704)
Aids Death And Age Of Consent (item number 21) (id 55da137d-0f21-4ad9-afd4-d9a6be0d1780)
Powered Indoor/Outdoor Wheelchairs (item number 22) (id a33215f6-616f-448d-a43c-6e9aaef52357)
Duckett's Cheese (item number 23) (id 988e4f98-fe64-428a-a30c-d87c84bffe14)
Ecoli 0157 And Duckett's Cheese (item number 24) (id 925a87ea-8574-4125-bb82-a085dd5f8b29)
"Emergency": Definition (item number 25) (id 43d6f4d4-28f6-4555-8500-74e17974c064)
Donepezil Hydrochloride (Aricept) And Alzheimer's Disease (item number 26) (id 3b90e1f4-c615-4870-bcfe-44c49d55ab59)
Prescribing Of Medicines: Age Discrimination (item number 27) (id 31ef2f30-0b87-4886-8e75-9167933c7fb4)
Nhs Prescribing Costs (item number 28) (id 0e443c97-3264-4b89-be98-b44e089c76f8)
Association Of Chief Police Officers In Scotland (item number 29) (id f2de67c2-2bbd-428b-bdbe-5808e299ba39)
Child Support (item number 30) (id 7bb7c930-78b2-42ba-86b9-2f5caa7c528e)
Manchester: Commonwealth Games Stadium (item number 31) (id 7bcae11e-66ae-4669-b1dd-2618c90cf372)
Asylum System: Inter-Departmental Study (item number 32) (id 5e70daab-f4f5-48e3-9fae-edcf35954b23)
Privy Council Office: Reviews (item number 33) (id afeb042d-2d7c-49bb-9a06-dccc41f2b891)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.