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Lords Hansard for 21 July 1998 (Volume 592)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.13pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 18a020c5-f588-40f9-923f-17048da746b4)
Baroness Uddin (item number 2) (id 98ab665e-8ecd-4886-8596-159593e383d1)
Lord Alli (item number 3) (id c8b2a926-8a21-4671-9d57-1decfc264bcb)
No 10 Downing Street: Security Gates (item number 4) (id 4fa95fdf-3d25-4caf-b28f-691c52728834)
Social Security: Serps (item number 5) (id 5f060a42-5998-4268-8f33-1aced2908724)
Japanese Economy (item number 6) (id 1b896c0b-2fbb-46aa-9003-0a231710ce52)
Nigeria: Visa Restrictions (item number 7) (id 5e7175d2-d7b5-4888-abf9-58989323393a)
Business (item number 8) (id 9994049b-f8d4-47a1-956d-de4529cf7870)
School Standards And Framework Bill (item number 9) (id 60c48f65-dd58-47d9-88e5-2e7fd4c14e3b)
Commons Amendment To A Lords Amendment, Commons Amendment In Lieu Of Certain Lords Amendments, Commons Reasons For Disagreeing To Certain Lords Amendments And Commons Amendments To Certain Words Restored To The Bill By Their Disagreement To Certain Other Lords Amendments (item number 10) (id 6ea2465b-ec01-468b-8159-714982f82828)
Lords Amendment (item number 11) (id 0b6f0b11-b558-46db-8d37-7125f7f27c54)
Lords Amendment (item number 12) (id 80abdc18-c088-43eb-a453-c07c182a7211)
Lords Amendment (item number 13) (id 2f3f8de7-cf6e-48d5-a006-fa89cab27b43)
Lords Amendment (item number 14) (id 96294c7f-2749-4c4a-9173-8e007ee25a81)
Grouping Of Community, Voluntary Aided, Voluntary Controlled And Community Special Schools Under A Single Governing Body (item number 15) (id 55514c00-4c5b-4753-aa9c-aef905f1bdd0)
Lords Amendment (item number 16) (id 9dcd1a41-ec60-4a94-9652-633d2264fdcc)
Consent Of Secretary Of State As To Grouping? (item number 17) (id 594e4805-091e-4bb2-a117-b79c3be982b5)
Lords Amendment (item number 18) (id b85a9150-a515-4f5f-8d03-b2c58df9175a)
Lords Amendment (item number 19) (id f6a51c17-b4a6-42b6-aed1-2f7020ccd3dd)
Lords Amendment (item number 20) (id ddbb1bd2-388a-422d-9a87-008783e9a34f)
Lords Amendment (item number 21) (id d1686d62-9d1e-4188-96c7-a39c310bafed)
Lords Amendment (item number 22) (id 710e261e-7772-44aa-8787-0c78599256f8)
Lords Amendment (item number 23) (id 2f4eaae4-eb0a-4c5b-badb-c939fda3dfc5)
Lords Amendment (item number 24) (id f66efbca-9124-4da6-a81b-c443147594e8)
Lords Amendment (item number 25) (id b80346b0-8633-40f0-947e-4299c4d9c59d)
Lords Amendment (item number 26) (id abb0d21a-c4ff-4b2e-983e-c876b6bab842)
Lords Amendment (item number 27) (id 90b9499b-e365-4038-a8f0-b81a5fcad012)
Commons Amendments To Words Restored To The Bill By Their Disagreement To A Lords Amendment (item number 28) (id 07d344ed-25f9-4b2e-a61f-9dff177b80bf)
Lords Amendment (item number 29) (id e975f565-39af-4767-a29e-f32e61ded4cf)
Commons Amendment To Words Restored To The Bill By Their Disagreement To A Lords Amendment (item number 30) (id dd59df7a-37b0-4eed-8126-be60956f3b00)
Lords Amendments (item number 31) (id c02a1f36-4464-430b-be29-1ad90dde9dd3)
Commons Amendment In Lieu (item number 32) (id 223001a2-4a69-40c4-ba5c-877251d7b122)
Business (item number 33) (id fad39418-b1f2-4818-a796-7947f6703b70)
Comprehensive Spending Review: Criminal Justice (item number 34) (id 088d5b11-e359-4c3f-808c-49b4d06cb4f6)
Scotland Bill (item number 35) (id 032d4e8e-c217-47c7-ba4f-a3989c96705a)
Arts Strategy (item number 36) (id 154f8567-9c5f-4e8a-8160-ce1255d39eec)
Scotland Bill (item number 37) (id c2fa285d-6177-4ca2-a1ce-7d3d694daa7a)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 9fdf085e-d69c-40fe-a953-c7a12398b0fe)
Dfid Reviews (item number 2) (id 458ce429-f0f3-48d8-a917-ac759b870371)
Gaza: Airport And Hospital (item number 3) (id d929ab4e-ce7e-483e-bf6c-f7905b273392)
Unesco: Uk Commission (item number 4) (id 54d6b65f-5a3c-4840-95f5-f7c15cbd4eaf)
Beef: Export Ban (item number 5) (id f994f9ab-2a16-401c-a31e-519d27e22923)
British Cattle Movement Service (item number 6) (id b1712076-18c3-4115-9f70-04315f327f00)
Asylum: Bahraini Applicants (item number 7) (id aefedb57-ca06-4adf-8191-190d4303e794)
Asylum And Immigration Appeals: Adjournments (item number 8) (id 75b04481-0358-4b38-9105-987b81199b5c)
United Kingdom Passport Agency: Performance (item number 9) (id 85e428f4-c73d-48b9-a8a5-71378efe9680)
Anti-Smoking Campaigns (item number 10) (id 7b586f6a-c440-450f-b2b1-54e97b5f0688)
Public Health Safety: Green Papers (item number 11) (id 64f0ed9d-2038-4d04-90d5-f3418d290d8a)
Aids And Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Nhs Costs (item number 12) (id 076b877a-4043-4019-9639-776056cafde6)
Cancer: Minority Ethnic Groups (item number 13) (id b1bb1279-0d9e-4dfb-9312-6d24ee6044e3)
Human Fertilisation And Embryology Authority (item number 14) (id 86b1d0cb-262a-4a0f-ae95-9e3ef0307f7d)
Pensions: Contribution Records (item number 15) (id e37876cf-576a-43b1-8f4a-7279d84f5ac4)
Child Support Agency: Leaks (item number 16) (id 6882cac3-05bb-4121-849c-01a4e6458dd4)
Disability Rights Commission (item number 17) (id 95b3576d-8417-42e2-bde6-7b58b5933e46)
Strategic Defence Review: Nuclear Weapons (item number 18) (id 0e6a28b2-b238-408f-b140-0c52c15fa072)
Iraq: No-Fly Zones (item number 19) (id 5753ba32-15ec-4f65-b282-1dc447dd10de)
National Museums Of Scotland (item number 20) (id 776feea4-310e-4b27-a983-c5b5ee1c9c46)
Salmon And Sea Trout (item number 21) (id 0b619113-7d06-47d5-a3e1-82165784b941)
Freedom Of Information (item number 22) (id dfd976c4-d68b-43ee-9067-b8752ab965de)
Mothers: Definition Of Work (item number 23) (id 76cb22e6-0c9a-46f0-9494-358c1156e36f)
Guatemala: Human Rights (item number 24) (id 1daa30b0-9a1e-45e3-9e9d-ec10d5b58b34)
Arms Sales: Licences (item number 25) (id 47a83985-868a-4d2c-9667-7df7fcecd710)
Hong Kong (item number 26) (id 434c4b92-0fd5-4ee1-9445-74ca0242a00a)
Diplomatic Missions: Parking Fines (item number 27) (id fbfa3c1a-4f32-4cb0-80a3-e99334b6c0b1)
Housing And Regeneration Policy (item number 28) (id 8333e9d5-eb52-4231-ad44-553f57a49241)
Service Charge Disputes (item number 29) (id 35c865ce-4349-4411-aff3-dc148833af09)
Environmental Impact Assessments (item number 30) (id 23a2a322-c546-46cf-857b-ef24bc0e8438)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.