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Lords Hansard for 29 July 1998 (Volume 592)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.21pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 28e2811e-1859-4750-80c8-748aef4ed41a)
Lord Laming (item number 2) (id 2fed3a0f-03af-439b-8cd4-5bb3bf0c6722)
Lord Burns (item number 3) (id ee86cd2c-2076-4331-81c9-2f4c542747c8)
Diplomatic Posts And Comprehensive Spending Review (item number 4) (id 04f3b236-b6e4-48d2-bc21-64cd44c07dde)
Welsh Assembly: Translation Of Documents (item number 5) (id b3d840ff-2afe-4760-b49c-bbc79e0de94b)
Israel: Us Transfer Of Strike Aircraft (item number 6) (id fc087a16-ef02-48ae-b417-7fbd30673064)
Private Sector Executives: Remuneration (item number 7) (id ad077dea-eec3-47a3-bd97-2d91a1cae5d7)
Energy Efficiency (No 2) Bill Hl (item number 8) (id 404e16c1-6591-4211-b006-bfc14986a858)
Business Of The House: Standing Order 70 (item number 9) (id 408aabf3-6056-447d-92db-8f3c93e8a813)
Liaison: Select Committee Report (item number 10) (id 1ec601cb-045d-4653-b82a-7950d04eb0af)
Pensions (Amendment) Bill Hl (item number 11) (id 40e23e6e-5815-4384-9954-966d579efef6)
Government Of Wales Bill (item number 12) (id ebf4ec4d-2895-4308-99ca-4318acc1e778)
Motions To Be Moved On Consideration Of A Commons Amendment To A Lords Amendment And Commons Reasons For Disagreeing To Certain Other Lords Amendments (item number 13) (id 8ddf76a0-e092-4db5-b0bb-c3687c5c445f)
Lords Amendment (item number 14) (id e3738907-6706-43cc-ada9-20b6a824ed39)
Lords Amendments (item number 15) (id e009bcc0-8897-4269-883d-a4e223230906)
Lords Amendment (item number 16) (id 7447f1a9-7577-4ad5-ae0f-da82995322c1)
Commons Amendment To A Lords Amendment (item number 17) (id 445eebd7-e9b4-4a4f-b809-4389fd71c761)
Lords Amendment (item number 18) (id a0829ad2-452c-4cfa-af2b-3520934c1343)
Lords Amendment (item number 19) (id d980c3c2-8fcc-4eb9-96a7-191bdf596e33)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Reason For Disagreeing To A Lords Amendment (item number 20) (id 3eff857b-bd49-46f5-8cbd-94ef36eb1f2a)
National Minimum Wage Bill (item number 21) (id 4fbb81fa-efa1-4dc6-963c-31ba4b84523e)
Commons Consequential Amendment To A Lords Amendment And Commons Reasons For Disagreeing To Certain Other Lords Amendments (item number 22) (id 5c044c19-bac1-4168-aa5a-7ee770fdd4e1)
Lords Amendment (item number 23) (id 1b010970-cafb-4495-b4b6-22e539818b14)
Exclusions (item number 24) (id 1c3c86a1-0967-4776-9732-16fbfcd46313)
Lords Amendments (item number 25) (id 72b74cb0-905b-4087-a356-24fc22ddbe79)
Lords Amendment (item number 26) (id 0ec683f2-3eec-4d76-8890-da2860619222)
Commons Consequential Amendment To A Lords Amendment (item number 27) (id 98dcc9f9-5d6e-4206-8c2c-e79dc27b0b9b)
Finance (No 2) Bill (item number 28) (id d61a2683-ad27-4aef-b5ff-3567ba7f19f3)
Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Procedure) Rules 1998 (item number 29) (id 095b7bff-3f1d-4e29-9060-5ca3e2e8296d)
Criminal Appeal (Amendment) Bill Hl (item number 30) (id 3b490299-eb35-47c9-8af0-dc916a3db7d4)
Civil Procedure Rules (item number 31) (id 45381547-a4ca-4ba6-abf6-5c49e6a125aa)
Lloyds Tsb Bill Hl (item number 32) (id 760b3575-d111-4ddb-8a1f-95775000b4a4)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 0f7c7e0a-af44-484d-b7f9-ba2b810ee953)
Security Commission: Membership (item number 2) (id 581bd68f-63ce-47bd-b48d-15bc5d56ad34)
Continental Coach And Lorry Drivers (item number 3) (id 7ef6f87c-efe0-43ce-918c-23a683286942)
Vehicle Recalls (item number 4) (id ebc2e831-d9ef-4b2c-925a-14407c902120)
Allotments: Report (item number 5) (id 140b9674-da8b-46d8-96d6-c456702d4117)
Customs And Immigration Facilities: Cost (item number 6) (id f5200a8e-6e7a-452a-9a96-abed1fb63eb3)
Entry Clearance Refusals: Independent Monitor's Report (item number 7) (id 07d90542-faed-411d-ba1f-a7260833e67c)
Burma (item number 8) (id 8ccdf434-7a71-4da5-9887-6f5488ce27d4)
Wilton Park Executive Agency (item number 9) (id 3b0c502d-d061-4090-b6a8-34e50af33876)
Panel 2000 (item number 10) (id 7857a07f-fbeb-4fba-a4c5-5e7c99e4bb87)
Sudan: Supply Of Trucks To Church Ecumenical Action (item number 11) (id 206287b1-75a6-4533-8839-e9c070298ef8)
Law Commission Reports (item number 12) (id d1c0df83-f3ba-4d0f-9857-100691929b1a)
Prisoners With Disabilities (item number 13) (id 7099a587-10be-4f15-ab04-9f740ca35335)
Police Service: Sickness Absence (item number 14) (id bfce5046-034a-446e-933d-abe33242a58d)
Prisons: Private Finance Initiative (item number 15) (id 4583c104-1baf-494c-96df-efe9f0f99dd4)
Metropolitan Police Committee: Membership (item number 16) (id 44212225-2050-4916-9bfa-2a6ad8f58006)
Security Service: File Holdings (item number 17) (id 1fd90d67-a278-428b-8936-013e45ee9084)
Police Complaints Authority: Appointments (item number 18) (id 37f062a1-f92b-443c-b78f-2ee8450c6419)
Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (item number 19) (id 011823db-28a7-4619-ab4a-73c4c8cd4b87)
Plant Breeding International Cambridge Ltd (item number 20) (id 753be0af-607a-400b-b2b0-72ac19a5a88b)
Household Division Ethnic Minority Soldiers (item number 21) (id 68d26617-6a82-4261-b512-2dacdc8d4a89)
Scholarships Provided By Public Bodies (item number 22) (id 614b4cb2-caa1-4d60-9193-7a06ac7526f7)
Rough Sleeping: Single Room Rent Restriction (item number 23) (id 1083e6f2-1a26-4e74-8b94-578cb6ddc7dd)
Rough Sleeping: Housing Benefit For Prisoners (item number 24) (id 9f328223-bc37-438a-ac8d-a1eb0c80da1d)
Northern Ireland Assembly: Briefing Programme (item number 25) (id 0fe0134d-f372-4b6a-956b-8659e0da8c34)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.