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Lords Hansard for 27 July 1998 (Volume 592)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.17pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id d6b06ba0-acf3-4eaf-8d7f-d22bd498903d)
Baroness Goudie (item number 2) (id 37027ea3-5b1f-4b8c-81de-b8219c29fda1)
Baroness Thornton (item number 3) (id f46c179c-0583-42d2-ad3e-1a9656aa9f3b)
Labour Standards: Overseas Workers (item number 4) (id 060f1089-293d-45d0-a9fc-1d8dc00ea84f)
Car Prices In The Uk And Europe (item number 5) (id fee6a0dd-c987-47e1-b014-3d4d439502ca)
Cs Sprays: Police Use (item number 6) (id f1cad9bb-cada-478f-845b-4c95877bc0e4)
Spitting In Public (item number 7) (id 02384ec6-90ea-4354-9068-717037e54184)
Business (item number 8) (id 4f00532f-1189-4273-b11c-b49d9acbdacf)
Lord Richard: Tributes (item number 9) (id dd32fc00-40a5-41c1-8876-987f96e784db)
City Of Edinburgh (Guided Busways) Order Confirmation Bill (item number 10) (id 8c20c0de-989a-4eaf-ad2f-2aba1738f949)
Private Hire Vehicles (London) Bill (item number 11) (id 6a8e4471-af2b-45f3-9ec8-11ee50b8422c)
National Minimum Wage Bill (item number 12) (id b8b0b2f2-cee2-4479-a2fa-e98cb9969224)
Business (item number 13) (id 40f6c9d4-3c51-4ba0-9db3-158446ed42aa)
The Legg Inquiry (item number 14) (id 80865411-9727-4d51-8be0-c200f49e4760)
Immigration And Asylum White Paper (item number 15) (id 028e1d28-09be-437a-b940-f98d7f528d4f)
Business Of The House: Scotland Bill (item number 16) (id 9d4f1ebd-29ac-4e9d-9e0a-9d89c15e0c1d)
Education (Student Support) Regulations 1998 (item number 17) (id 40aee651-29c1-4339-a252-f4f4b7352b89)
Education (Student Loans) (Scotland) Regulations 1998 (item number 18) (id 6b6cb0ce-c47a-49f7-881c-5b0d2664756e)
Scotland Bill (item number 19) (id bce46d6a-e2c4-44c6-97f6-1634df98742e)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 6190950e-a279-4dec-a8c1-f53b84ee87e1)
Parliamentary Candidates: Propriety Of Undertakings (item number 2) (id 0b953254-b5e3-4d58-b4aa-5bb9d2c09fc8)
Medway Secure Training Centre: Disturbance (item number 3) (id 452eb1cc-d9d3-4b45-b532-44b5b4016004)
Immigration And Asylum Cases: Explanatory Statements (item number 4) (id f6478fda-a9c9-4b6d-95e6-2d2871931a19)
Home Office: Reviews (item number 5) (id b3bae2d6-bebc-4c0b-adf5-bef9a503ab10)
Rough Sleeping In Central London (item number 6) (id fdabd467-e2b9-46ee-be2e-a15ddd10bb8c)
Human Rights Convention: Channel Islands And Isle Of Man Incorporation (item number 7) (id b7e46f00-df9c-4c78-b0e3-7d18ff4ee1ab)
Independent Commission On The Voting System (item number 8) (id 6af954b0-270e-46ce-9124-3031efe06c3c)
Displaced Persons: European Commission Proposals (item number 9) (id 37b0e22b-fd82-46ef-b84a-4f52308cb66f)
Stephen Lawrence Inquiry: Home Office Evidence (item number 10) (id 850f8f21-3ab5-4e87-a721-93958dd3effd)
Department Of Health: Reviews (item number 11) (id 911690d1-8e60-4038-a033-acf671754147)
Acute And Rehabilitative Care For The Old (item number 12) (id 6c5da1f5-84dd-476e-b260-ba6ed1b8799a)
Breastfeeding (item number 13) (id 840c4895-dfdf-4ecd-930d-2d4051039d95)
Duckett's Cheese: Sampling (item number 14) (id c45111e8-84f7-4a49-926d-8a5627cde3e5)
Medicines Commission: 1997 Annual Report (item number 15) (id 419d0f1b-22ea-4662-bf48-7e6d6993d6fd)
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Teenagers (item number 16) (id cbb7beee-ba63-4043-9ea2-af65ce98118a)
Animals In Quarantine: Welfare (item number 17) (id 3388273e-68f0-4127-9a6c-d7e999d7c069)
Ministry Of Agriculture, Fisheries And Food: Reviews (item number 18) (id 293216c9-1a80-46d2-8df0-794b63c0be53)
Veterinary Residues: 1997 Annual Report (item number 19) (id 6d1b856d-e63d-4c55-83bb-5407b3358b16)
Intervention Board: Performance Targets (item number 20) (id 820cb66e-464a-4acf-914a-0e5adc76ced3)
Agriculture Council (item number 21) (id dd266dd4-3c97-497d-bec6-c0a0f5200ddc)
Bovine Tuberculosis And Antibiotic Resistance (item number 22) (id 1427c448-a53e-4de6-9b55-7bc092fad1d1)
The Shikimate Pathway (item number 23) (id f4d6ef99-e4fb-4fc4-9b41-d287136f3917)
Op Sheep Dips: Classification (item number 24) (id e113706d-c5f0-4b54-b338-37ce360acf42)
Op Sheep Dip Manufacturers: Inspections (item number 25) (id 3bf8c05c-a351-4ce6-8636-7a1a2308d63d)
Op Sheep Dips: Suspected Adverse Reaction Cases (item number 26) (id c3339d73-4d1b-4e2e-91bd-c4a4f003023b)
Northern Ireland: Civic Forum (item number 27) (id 69e1b638-fa1f-4373-9855-2c2da1865ae2)
Disabled People: Personal Adviser Pilot Projects (item number 28) (id 8c01995c-526f-425e-92d8-de0203f10463)
Pensions: Contribution Records (item number 29) (id 7f250cbb-5b3b-4461-a222-2f5a8f6f4ca3)
Association Of Chief Police Officers, Scotland (item number 30) (id 7482e374-3b68-4c7a-991f-60ad728a8d0e)
Ivermectin (item number 31) (id b11c3b2a-f3c1-4619-8183-8f6b3ea35ec0)
Chemicals In The Environment (item number 32) (id 1d4bb616-beb3-47a8-8ec7-8baa678b75f0)
Building Regulations Amendments (item number 33) (id 7997da4e-ea03-4330-be4c-489c057ee3ed)
Provisional Motor Cycle Licences (item number 34) (id 3c2edbfb-2730-420b-b840-4aa92631c924)
Homosexual Rough Sleepers (item number 35) (id 652046dc-c082-4c20-9e02-b00ad0c137c8)
Merseyside Development Corporation (item number 36) (id cdf37978-edf2-4070-96e6-537663a79fee)
Motorway Fencing (item number 37) (id 00018ed2-f68a-4433-ad0e-d5d46fbc958f)
Eurostar Trains (item number 38) (id d37a4144-e531-41e1-80c5-4f7c493b13c0)
Eurostar Services North Of London (item number 39) (id 606e4f49-fb15-4367-a102-5bef1991d3d9)
Customs & Excise And Immigration Service: Charges (item number 40) (id 2e406f36-6fff-4904-8ed4-733172e9c6ee)
Health Spending Per Capita (item number 41) (id e4686050-f07b-4c9d-96d3-1e79356c77ad)
Spending Plans: Breakdown (item number 42) (id bb2e71eb-2cf0-4b70-8876-2a5844890faf)
Office For National Statistics: Review (item number 43) (id 12dd25a2-0d8d-4a28-9a64-930ef28b69fb)
The Public Service: Response To Select Committee Report (item number 44) (id 72403e2e-6d4f-43a1-8e3e-f77efbfdc53f)
The Arts Council: New Chairman (item number 45) (id 74da6497-637c-43be-a7ce-c2236c6f2b73)
National Museums And Galleries: Key Achievements (item number 46) (id 761b1c55-9621-49ca-bbdc-fb5919e1bdb4)
Department For Culture, Media And Sport: Reviews (item number 47) (id 6bf219c7-026f-46eb-9266-24a076172df3)
Church Conservation And Amenity Societies (item number 48) (id 8b93133d-6e8f-4774-bafe-3d64cd8f68b5)
Works Of Art: Export Regulations (item number 49) (id f437c2ed-b37b-4538-b498-8cbf902914b2)
Cloning (item number 50) (id f0ed0890-9956-4ea8-8140-a5a2f2b6611c)
Coal Burning: Policy (item number 51) (id bcd59d9d-0c2f-4bee-8af2-0e3f44d79205)
Energy Policy (item number 52) (id 0e604eb7-f01a-4029-a87f-287671c119ad)
Department Of Trade And Industry: Reviews (item number 53) (id b0248e61-f020-4d44-9958-6b39cd80813b)
Lord Chancellor's Department: Reviews (item number 54) (id d3ee67e7-2ae4-42ca-aa25-9bdf6a310eb8)
Unbleached Cotton: Anti-Dumping Duties (item number 55) (id 585574fc-c5f0-4044-8d3c-9d5e44d2c114)
Anthrax Immunisation (item number 56) (id a3e445b6-025b-4121-8695-df030f5c10dc)
Nato Strategic Concept (item number 57) (id f5e378bf-d8bb-4ccf-86ba-43d121c8ec56)
Iraq: No Fly Surveillance (item number 58) (id b41d94d9-9a6b-4c48-92ac-a88f4efec2b4)
Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles (item number 59) (id 8ffbc6e3-b938-472d-aa98-81dc5ae26377)
Ministry Of Defence: Reviews (item number 60) (id 3b8a8f8d-912b-4c84-b440-adac263d546a)
Defence Diplomacy (item number 61) (id 89ced1fc-b0c3-44ba-8594-bb2678ff0be1)
Territorial Army (item number 62) (id 37af0e89-773d-4458-bb53-93f14ba05828)
Raf Northolt: Valuation (item number 63) (id 2560866e-b710-4db1-810d-dfe4872d3552)
Education Ssas 1994–96 (item number 64) (id 8e36aa8b-dc00-4ea0-8cff-4e26f7577db8)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.