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Lords Hansard for 22 July 1998 (Volume 592)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.14pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id 69380b76-d6a9-4071-931d-c40e738bd04a)
Lord Marshall Of Knightsbridge (item number 2) (id b2bba1f7-31d2-4241-96b2-49c7c49b9393)
Lord Tomlinson (item number 3) (id cc592d71-8d0c-432e-b7e8-3accb80cd3ad)
Scientific Advisory Committees: Membership (item number 4) (id 7b881ede-c6d5-4019-aa8e-783c6e5e6df6)
Rabies: Quarantine Report (item number 5) (id 71951d8a-d769-440c-a75d-3c46d20e14a0)
Derbyshire Magistrates' Courts (item number 6) (id 3629dd44-45f3-486f-951b-62d4bd32b2bb)
Railway Land Sales And Future Freight Needs (item number 7) (id 7eb63906-4091-42c2-8161-868780380be9)
House Of Lords' Offices: Select Committee Report (item number 8) (id b2af5c5e-8278-4ef3-93a5-049e851b13cf)
Northern Ireland (Sentences) Bill (item number 9) (id ae05d2cf-aed6-4d89-812d-8bfb20088c2b)
Crime And Disorder Bill Hl (item number 10) (id 9f490afd-afbd-43a2-8cbb-58494fe0577b)
Motions And Amendments Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendments (item number 11) (id 0f940e6c-817d-4834-9ac3-95c1431be8ac)
Commons Amendment (item number 12) (id 7ba1da97-7863-4a9f-be0a-832fb7688464)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 1 (item number 13) (id 8365e486-df62-4d77-a055-76a574cc53ba)
Commons Amendments (item number 14) (id 7693721b-349d-4bc3-8ea0-2fd8d5ef9864)
Commons Amendment (item number 15) (id c3dfa535-819e-43f7-8dd9-6c8e3deb78db)
Powers To Require Removal Of Masks Etc (item number 16) (id 4d66dc16-5d12-4b65-83c1-09545608ca1d)
Commons Amendments (item number 17) (id efacfa6a-8554-429c-99c6-774e0aa40119)
Power Of Arrest For Failure To Comply With Requirement (item number 18) (id 8c852d4a-6bb8-4029-b64a-a5f25034dc05)
Commons Amendment (item number 19) (id fc245071-3b23-4d6e-8b5f-73c53a32ad29)
Commons Amendments (item number 20) (id bf1ce795-5d02-4b53-b31f-95845749b406)
Commons Amendment (item number 21) (id 719fd5b6-c6c2-4149-bc70-bb82e9fd3f22)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 14 (item number 22) (id 3cd2ba2d-91e9-4835-ab18-06543d4b5e5e)
City Of Edinburgh (Guided Busways) Order Confirmation Bill (item number 23) (id 6f8d5adb-9648-437c-afd5-0ece5ea6db7d)
Police (Northern Ireland) Bill (item number 24) (id 896ab961-ce5c-4bd6-bb40-146f0d97e9f8)
Crime And Disorder Bill Hl (item number 25) (id f687e7e5-4d36-4ffe-834f-7ebba846fd50)
Commons Amendment (item number 26) (id 4ed92353-73ae-4bdb-a275-7ffef22cdcb6)
Commons Amendments (item number 27) (id 80b8cc2d-53c7-4b70-bb1d-401be10293a4)
Commons Amendment (item number 28) (id 5091ef0b-4e3f-429c-b717-1d8f1bf76b85)
Commons Amendment (item number 29) (id bd9d0286-a920-4312-8a8c-d000c7e7697f)
Commons Amendment (item number 30) (id 974be103-f9dd-4a81-9636-9a86734b0c87)
Commons Amendments (item number 31) (id 7814d9cb-4757-45d0-9f1b-17739b96d4e1)
Commons Amendment (item number 32) (id 14fc9d4f-cb6a-450e-8da7-cd6426d1314a)
Commons Amendments (item number 33) (id efc8b163-8621-430a-be3a-d4119b100e06)
Commons Amendment (item number 34) (id 2f756e51-1233-4ebe-9167-912e94852e63)
Commons Amendments (item number 35) (id 7d87c1ed-e901-4af0-b7e6-9d37efafb9bf)
Re-Release Of Prisoners Serving Extended Sentences (item number 36) (id a900a81f-6f7f-4067-84d0-b02a49deca3b)
Commons Amendment (item number 37) (id 1706c8c6-6cf0-44f7-9116-811096daf776)
Commons Amendments (item number 38) (id df574ce0-1963-4da3-a338-f378a233b21f)
Commons Amendment (item number 39) (id caeb0c7e-ac53-49ba-84bd-5aaa818c806d)
Commons Amendments (item number 40) (id 6e8ce79e-0c78-4a39-9272-480d60b4bd65)
Commons Amendment (item number 41) (id 576cb516-3d30-4846-b244-1eedfa0da738)
Commons Amendment (item number 42) (id 2d10b8aa-e585-400c-8877-616cf6ce69f0)
Commons Amendment (item number 43) (id b0bb92e4-7000-4583-b986-42246740bfab)
Commons Amendments (item number 44) (id 9f18c697-5c80-48bf-89fe-01a0f7d8bffc)
Interaction With Sentences Of Detention (item number 45) (id 9ea52163-2be3-4a1b-b795-d16a3f68986b)
Commons Amendments (item number 46) (id 3876f137-1a5c-49a7-83bd-268f2aaa7d28)
Commons Amendment (item number 47) (id 75e7db2f-d4e8-4cc4-b91f-980b28ea4c81)
Power To Make Confiscation Orders On Committal For Sentence (item number 48) (id abda3a82-b501-4abe-8fa1-95c1ff382eb7)
Commons Amendment (item number 49) (id 9af809d3-deae-4990-a75c-ee39d404b075)
Football Spectators: Failure To Comply With Reporting Duty (item number 50) (id d0e5bde4-1a96-4dcc-a70e-6cd6ec41491b)
Commons Amendment (item number 51) (id a81da051-42ac-46a1-99e4-2802618876d3)
Commons Amendments (item number 52) (id d21021e1-0ef4-42fc-88da-01eac2b0be62)
Re-Release Of Prisoners Serving Extended Sentences (item number 53) (id fa04ae1c-2b26-406e-a830-e05ff60ce545)
Commons Amendment (item number 54) (id da1c1531-b2cb-4f22-b85d-819258f56775)
Commons Amendments (item number 55) (id 5285e6d7-8cec-41a9-beab-dc27b08d760b)
Commons Amendment (item number 56) (id eb2092f8-c9b9-47c6-b52e-611d2852b1cc)
Commons Amendments (item number 57) (id 76285bb4-0186-4c8d-ad6d-532bdc4485ed)
Early Release: Two Or More Sentences (item number 58) (id 2f7b5bc5-3b8a-4630-b070-ad6bab6efbcd)
Restriction On Consecutive Sentences For Released Prisoners (item number 59) (id cb2bc5d6-e411-4de6-a31f-6096459497c4)
Commons Amendment (item number 60) (id b38fb1cc-ec7e-48c6-8f7c-1b4ff865bcf6)
Commons Amendment (item number 61) (id e07c4c71-a01c-4710-a486-66694cc6c22b)
Commons Amendment (item number 62) (id a5d23458-0dee-4797-839d-d5ce528c7ab1)
Commons Amendment (item number 63) (id b8290a22-d94c-40c4-96e1-e629ce90a23b)
Early Release In Scotland: Two Or More Sentences (item number 64) (id b04898e3-2166-432d-a2f9-280cd19db4b1)
Commons Amendment (item number 65) (id 906f75e1-52c3-47ea-9381-51bdf9de99dc)
Restriction On Consecutive Sentences For Released Prisoners: Scotland (item number 66) (id d0e12f40-b6e2-407d-a36d-6f8205e808a4)
Commons Amendment (item number 67) (id 22b6c58b-6c59-43f4-99bf-0bc139125558)
Commons Amendments (item number 68) (id 1b7efe4c-462a-42f6-b9b7-4dec45d8c2e6)
Commons Amendment (item number 69) (id 47ad56ea-a793-47f7-87c2-48820fd0a19e)
Commons Amendment (item number 70) (id c16c3410-f3d3-4ac1-a2bd-90d871d97be2)
Commons Amendment (item number 71) (id 9ea234c9-3c1b-4415-886d-afff17142e07)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 98 (item number 72) (id 542ffe97-3fe2-4b6e-a7d0-283e7b899119)
Commons Amendments (item number 73) (id 66c21346-145b-44b4-a8e2-54a66c37824a)
Commons Amendment (item number 74) (id 9f9c8aae-62ce-42d0-8bef-d9a724f0439d)
Commons Amendments (item number 75) (id c3431281-a58d-4241-a33c-9b23cf1cca51)
Commons Amendment (item number 76) (id 72a77fc9-d571-45b2-940f-7682e0c40c80)
Commons Amendment (item number 77) (id 84711c55-661f-4ed0-afc9-5f0fe4399ada)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 107 (item number 78) (id b2089c73-d1c1-46d5-be09-b1fcf321c5cc)
Commons Amendment (item number 79) (id 1f7786bb-dd03-4625-a5b4-b914f4054ce5)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 108 (item number 80) (id 77877d65-5dfc-4466-9fd8-2180deded6d3)
Commons Amendments (item number 81) (id e73c7473-686d-40e9-806c-012596c822d5)
Commons Amendment (item number 82) (id 641ef12f-2d0e-4357-9612-7122f273b902)
Commons Amendments (item number 83) (id 5bc96ba1-05ac-46e5-9133-2f5585e0bc25)
Commons Amendment (item number 84) (id 2d3003a4-c60c-4057-8d75-ff9ccd9f6b37)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 140 (item number 85) (id 065546e9-d267-4fe3-8289-820b24fb8645)
Commons Amendments (item number 86) (id 17a20e9c-99e4-454e-86f5-9d2f55af3e1e)
Commons Amendment (item number 87) (id bb32df4a-f89e-424f-88bc-ae281a6c91ab)
Commons Amendments (item number 88) (id d39fdaa1-5769-43a2-ae80-89305fd4ac2d)
Commons Amendment (item number 89) (id 0764e393-dde0-48b7-8619-d03cb26eead6)
Motion Moved On Consideration Of Commons Amendment No 237 (item number 90) (id 90914606-fc34-4768-8a66-2aee9095bcfe)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id f87cb330-0b48-47d0-97cd-6b7ba9fb34eb)
Tobacco And Alcohol Imported For Personal Consumption (item number 2) (id 9535fc10-daaf-4f51-9109-c914adff8ea6)
Serps And Tax Relief (item number 3) (id 51b482a2-d6e3-4baa-a476-85b305cca3bf)
Ecoli 0157 (item number 4) (id 18e50f0f-dcec-4b4c-ac04-0537e571fe71)
National Museums And Galleries On Merseyside: Pass (item number 5) (id 24139f8c-9f16-456d-b938-fbe6f8b1b7fa)
Parthenon Sculptures (item number 6) (id e0525877-e26f-437e-899e-91f273abcb5d)
Zimbabwe: Compulsory Acquisition Of Farms (item number 7) (id 030298c4-6fa2-4942-8b92-1e38f8f34cf1)
Foreign And Commonwealth Office: Staff Numbers (item number 8) (id 33580564-1e9d-48fc-9dfe-2f329e90983e)
Nuclear Weapons (item number 9) (id fed4be49-556f-4451-ab9a-e75f5b90e5b7)
Airborne Lasers (item number 10) (id e35f9066-14cd-499c-bda1-684d06268445)
Minimum Wage: Impact On Benefits (item number 11) (id eb92956b-872a-431f-ad45-402b9972d6ff)
Viagra (item number 12) (id 9e5c6b9c-f634-42f9-bc33-bd9650b279bd)
Medical Workforce Standing Advisory Committee: Report (item number 13) (id f54d4773-3732-4a7d-a5ef-cab944a754d7)
Department For Education And Employment: Reviews (item number 14) (id ed62657d-599c-4829-83c8-6f7e09aa565a)
Recruitment To Eu Academic Posts (item number 15) (id a4322afc-89c8-4b39-a3ba-5a9469637972)
Strangers' Galleries: Visitor Numbers (item number 16) (id ce7eb054-75c6-48d4-908e-65ddda422962)
Forestry And Sustainable Development (item number 17) (id d0ba553e-54df-4f65-b08c-59781ac8bb5a)
Powers Of Entry Without Warrant (item number 18) (id c7e899dc-7ba0-4540-af57-49faeca5aa77)
Secure Accommodation For Juveniles (item number 19) (id 06c05b54-9d4a-4383-8e16-2e567e3a8e5e)
Prisoners: Release On Temporary Licence (item number 20) (id af394ef1-a6b4-4ce6-968f-2d656e0896c9)
Criminal Memoirs: The Mary Bell Case (item number 21) (id 0d98efc7-550d-4d90-a62f-be6c85f23528)
Metropolitan Police: Reports (item number 22) (id 767444c8-2bf9-48b4-b0c1-91916559436f)
Asylum Directorate: Instructions (item number 23) (id 8b385108-53f5-47e8-8586-f47d63813f5c)
Youth Offending Teams: Secondments (item number 24) (id 018e93cc-c2e8-46c0-963d-0bc5f1c8b50c)
Firearms And Shotgun Certificates (item number 25) (id 2ae2d5a8-f858-4120-9ecb-2993aed4298f)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.