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Lords Hansard for 28 July 1998 (Volume 592)

From the digitised editions of archive material. Last updated 11 May 2018 at 3.19pm.

Lords Chamber

Record of debates that happened in the House of Lords main chamber.

House Of Lords (item number 1) (id bdecf55a-d984-4043-9f7a-30db9aa1c3ee)
Baroness Buscombe (item number 2) (id 37bf882b-28d8-4835-9a1b-9de2fa4f360b)
Lord Bach (item number 3) (id 9d33a8f6-dace-45a5-b507-97bc174c3cae)
Scottish Universities: Support For Students (item number 4) (id 965cc77f-4042-48fa-af43-1f5deb2be010)
Scientific Advice To Government (item number 5) (id 678f74a9-c62b-4354-bb5a-bdb3cd86b614)
Asylum System: Abuse (item number 6) (id c7a059bb-342f-4836-968d-e6c5cab22e03)
Hearing Aids: Nhs And Private (item number 7) (id 3f0ede67-0ba0-4f1a-9903-ba3aba81ae3c)
City Of Edinburgh (Guided Busways) Order Confirmation Bill (item number 8) (id 181cbc1b-f291-4046-aafa-6a9eed90c2f8)
Scotland Bill (item number 9) (id 40be2d00-8ae3-4a1f-ba48-95856398ac57)
Royal Assent (item number 10) (id 8b03bf1f-3bf6-459d-a8a3-bfaef1b52971)
Economic And Fiscal Strategy (item number 11) (id 0945aaa4-e00d-47db-960e-df3319840b1a)
Scotland Bill (item number 12) (id c6af1253-284f-48ca-a28d-9b410ac1203f)
Council Of Ministers Of European Union: Accountability To Parliament (item number 13) (id 6f6956ae-523d-4eba-9734-aea28476c3fd)
Role Of Secretary Of State For Scotland (item number 14) (id 2f23e81d-92be-45ae-9b05-83d8718ef265)
Power To Change Titles (item number 15) (id ad88dbe9-3fa0-44e7-96f1-9a8780e2e8c0)
Interparliamentary Consultative Commission (item number 16) (id 05b96852-9e58-4a36-b85c-ebe8b44d82b0)
Equality Of Opportunity (item number 17) (id 05f489ed-2f41-4a8c-b89e-fd7f0c74f804)
Northern Ireland (Sentences) Bill (item number 18) (id e440f2cd-622a-4432-ac99-fc96cd544638)
Tamar Bridge Bill (item number 19) (id c9bba275-f4fb-4b0b-99fb-ecd8493bc85f)
Crime And Disorder Bill Hl (item number 20) (id f3fb0166-752f-43da-a5c7-318ed18506c5)
National Minimum Wage Bill (item number 21) (id 83e34bdd-127c-4577-8ebd-60e4890c2295)

Written Answers

Content for Written Answers.

Written Answers (item number 1) (id 9a0bc04b-f636-4c38-8731-82b2bd29f70c)
Kosovo Liberation Army (item number 2) (id a88c2b1d-ff6a-4b4f-8107-9b53a0abbb57)
Un Security Council Members: Nuclear Force Readiness (item number 3) (id d12b643b-fff6-494a-a1e4-7a2402ff13ee)
Un Staff: Peacekeeping Training (item number 4) (id ea46109e-56fa-47c9-83df-135a92d65106)
Nato, Weu And The United Nations (item number 5) (id fe235d21-ca15-4b90-8c30-fa145dbe9186)
Nato (item number 6) (id bc5d4dfd-4db4-413d-805a-7e3cefb3c8b7)
British Forces And The Un (item number 7) (id 67362b4d-00bc-4b49-87bf-22c076e69c7f)
As90 Regiments (item number 8) (id 120d1eaf-a6b0-44bd-b98f-c02e82ebb287)
British Servicemen In Cyprus: Assaults (item number 9) (id c0ebd867-9e66-44ca-a537-80a57e9c4e81)
Youth Fm (item number 10) (id 33e2362d-d07f-4c0c-8753-d48f1eb36b11)
Medical And Dental Officers: Pay Recommendations (item number 11) (id f6141684-f9ea-464b-b6c6-fb7ac7ad2821)
Advisory Committee On Business Appointments (item number 12) (id e045ba79-a09f-4c8b-9263-bcc4b3607c62)
The Cabinet Office (item number 13) (id 488a4ab7-d253-407b-ba10-dfe66aad3ffd)
Haemophiliacs With Hepatitis C: Financial Help (item number 14) (id aa8c95a4-10c2-45c0-b0ac-737645de6017)
Building Control Performance Standard (item number 15) (id 8b3cc9e8-e403-470f-9931-77c6dbade35b)
Pilotage Act: Review (item number 16) (id 3c5ece6b-e520-4566-83d8-3c2a946b4b2a)
Right To Buy And Buy-Back Of Former Council Housing (item number 17) (id 570b02ec-cc08-40ff-adda-e67d54e8f8a5)
Leasehold Enfranchisement: Review (item number 18) (id 3458b2af-9e26-4ab3-8dfb-45d981f57b1b)
Planning Inspectorate: Annual Report And Accounts (item number 19) (id 378a513f-93f5-4583-b933-891ee2329c41)
Ghana: External Debt (item number 20) (id 42c06b73-1eb2-4d59-9e6e-b9cff68d9cf8)
Kensington Palace: Memorial Proposals (item number 21) (id c86cda2c-357a-4c9e-a5f2-f17e83d738a2)
Millennium Dome: Commonwealth Presence (item number 22) (id 9494c66c-9ae9-463e-acc9-7c7a8111d385)
Emu: Preparations (item number 23) (id 7d76b838-d0f9-42b6-ab67-6fee697191b6)
Education: Government Spending (item number 24) (id 7e56f92c-503b-4d7b-8bbc-4ad54b42b8db)
Association Of Chief Police Officers (item number 25) (id 01fbc677-f5ef-4356-afb7-4f92a43cdbfb)
Foreign Motorists: Speeding Penalties (item number 26) (id 93019b05-2af9-485d-a44d-7471de89a9b1)
Indictable Offences: Crown Court Trial Election (item number 27) (id 686005cb-634b-4304-99f2-349a4977ab9c)
Boards Of Visitors: Publication Of Annual Reports (item number 28) (id dc28174a-d71e-4f37-918a-e4d9683c49d2)
Passenger Arrivals In Britain 1990–97 (item number 29) (id 0689a930-83f3-4142-a36f-cdd50ac3561f)


Download content and documents relevant to the day's proceedings.